Despite some uncertainty and trepidation leading up to game day, Kimmett Cup 2022 was a complete success. We kept participants safe while raising a lot of money for some great causes. Twenty-five teams and 227 players competed for this year’s Kimmett Cup. When the final horn sounded and the champions hoisted the Cup, over $130,000 had been raised. This is truly a monumental accomplishment considering the limitations posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Thank you to all the players, volunteers, and sponsors who make the Kimmett Cup a success year after year.

KC13 – Feb 4-6, 2022

25 Teams
227 Players
85 Sponsors
50 Volunteers
$139,000 Raised for Children’s Wish, Children’s Cottage Society and the Lindsay Leigh Kimmett Memorial Foundation


Competitive Winner
Tofield Fighting Snowgeese
Spirit of Kimmett Cup
Last Minute to Win It (team)
Joe MacLellan (individual)

Team Stories and Rosters

Competitive Division

Cochrane Cruisers

The Cruisers are back for their 13th Cup, bringing with them a losing tradition which will likely continue this year. That being said, with the acquisition of the ‘Cousin Line’ featuring Lindsay’s young, spry and talented cousins who have been instructed to avoid line changes, the Cruisers may stand a chance. If not, we’ll just have a few beers and raise a couple bucks.

Taylor Kimmett (C)
Carly Kimmett
Dave Marcial
Haylay Gordon
Hunter Kimmett
McConnell Kimmett
Chad Kossowan
Owen George
Heather Fidyk
Craig Vassie

Evermark Mortgage Group

We are a group of caring individuals who like to give back to the community and who enjoy the sport of hockey. We love supporting worthy causes, and the doing that while playing the sport we all love is a win-win scenario.

Taylor Breckenridge (C)
Nikkie Breckenridge
Mick Bronson
Brent Kimpton
Sydnie Ronyk
Tyler Ogrins
Scott Hutchison


Keeping the streak alive – year 13!

Garry Roberts (C)
Dustin Daub
Erin Roberts
Myles Jenken
Mike Mousseau
Pete Nielsen
Jodi Maetche

Mabbott and Company Law Maurauders

M&C Law is excited to welcome the return of the Kimmett Cup, not only as a proud sponsor but also as a participant of this great event.

Matthew Kirk (C)
Clayton Hall
Rob Agnew
Sean Donnelly
Loretta Lucic
Glori Crerar
Selina Novello
Christopher Vansickle

No Regretzkys

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Shooters shoot. YOLO. No Regretzkys!

Team compiled of mostly Garmin Canada employees (+ a few family & friends) looking to support a great cause in our local community, have a good time, and ~*maybe*~ defend our recreational title win from 2020 😉

Sydney Low (C)
Ben Primeau
Brendan Williams
Garett Favero
Kieran Armstrong
Lindsey Cunningham
Richelle Moore
Simon Lefrancois
Spencer Loewen

Puck Junkies

Puck : A round , vulcanized piece of rubber that all hockey nuts dream of taking end to end & putting it top shelf or five hole or wherever Mama keeps the peanut butter

Junkies : People like us who are hooked on Pond Hockey

The Puck Junkies started 12 years ago at the first Kimmett Cup: Two families with a passion for the “Best Game You Can Name”. Eleven Kimmett Cups later, many more families, friends and kids have become part of the Puck Junkie story. We are all here for the same reason: A chance to play out our Pond Hockey passion with our kids and friends. Regardless of age, gender or ability, the thrill of competition and the satisfaction of being part of a team is the same. And maybe if you’re good enough and the Hockey Gods are on your side, you get to sip from the Shottie Stick (Yeah Baby!)

But the reward doesn’t just come from a Win. It comes many times all through the game: That “Wow” moment when a teammate or even an opposing player makes a sick move and puts the biscuit in the net. Or the tick -tack -toe passing play. Or maybe the poke check that broke up the 3 on 1 and saved a goal. The laughs when we screw up.

There’s usually some pain along the way too: The gasping-for-air feeling after a shift too long. A whack on the shin by a puck or errant stick. Or when your skate catches a crack and you splat on the ice? All part of Pond Hockey. All part of why we love the game. You pay a price but it’s always worth it.

And along the way something very special happens: You get a chance to be part of making something special happen. You get hooked. It’s contagious. You feel it: How much fun it is to work with old friends and new friends to make the Kimmett Cup happen. Yeah it’s a lot of work but you almost feel honoured to be a part of it. And then we see what fantastic things we accomplish when we work together: The smiles and stories from the Children’s Wish kids. How much it means to their brothers and sisters and Moms and Dads when a wish is granted.

Thank you Lindsay for the way you lived your life. It’s what the Kimmett Cup is all about.

Rob Owens (C)
Andy Lee
Ayla Owens
Linday Hein
Melissa Pritchard
Ryan Owens
Darcy Vickers
Jeff Shrug
Brad Mitchell


We’re a group of ladies, originally from all over the country, who met through hockey.

Looking forward to a weekend together doing what we love!

Rhylee Redden (C)
Brodie Thorsteinson
Cassie Hogman
Holly Zimmermann
Lauren Cunningham
Leanne Pfilger

Team AICEM Construction Amazing Hockey Puck Whacker Guys

It’s all in the hips. It’s all in the hips. Just tap it in. Just tap it in. Give it a little tappy.

Jesse McLean (C)
Andrew Knouse
Steve McEwan
Logan Harris
Jill Bowie
Junior Kelley

Team Unreal

We’re too excited to sleep!

Team Unreal couldn’t be happier to hit the ice and raising money for charity after the 1 year break.

Scott Erven (C)
Carling Wright
Char Priddey
Scott Gallagher
Ryan Mikucki
Ashley Wilson
Mckenzie Kissel

The Dekes of Hazzard

Just’a good ol’ boys, Never meanin’ no harm, Beats all you never saw Been in trouble with the Stripes Since the day they were born, Tapenin’ their sticks, deking the D, Someday the tendy might get ’em But the Stripes never will…

Dale Butters (GM)
Andie Boeckman
Cody Boeckman
Cotan Mitchell
Ryan Gunlock
Katie Duncan
Dylan Laye

The Goonies

We are all from Cochrane or surrounding areas. just out to have some fun and score some goals

Ryan Pharis (C)
Brittney Barlow
Cory Weese
Colin Mcneal
Ben Hadland
Kurt Weese
Lauren Weese
Sean Mayan
Jerome Kaine
Sheena Kaine

The Pylons

Looking forward to another year of typical Pylon hockey that includes NO back checking or “extra efforts” BUT lots of laughter!!!

Ian Kruger (C)
Slade King
Brette Matheson
Tanner Wit
Darwyn Trottier
Blaise Trottier

Tofield Fighting Snowgeese

After using the year-off to dry out their clothes from Kimmett Cup 2020, the Tofield Fighting Snowgeese are pumped to be back at it again in 2022. The Tofield / Cochrane ratio has been changed dramatically for the 2022 offering but here’s hoping that the Cochrane based geese have more fight than their Tofield predecessors!

Mike Kauffman (C)
Kasia Ashbacher
Sarah Warwick
Dave Pedersen
Abigail Warwick
Craig Wiens
Landon Kauffman
Ryan Ashbacher
Colton Shellborn
Graham Torrie

We Are Family

We Are Family is back for its third attempt at playing Kimmett Cup 13. We are a combination of a few families ranging in age from late 20’s to late 60’s. It is our sincere hope that all Kimmett Cup teams will be playing their hearts out on the ice but even more importantly doing their absolute best to boost the fundraising for Make A Wish. This is really the purpose of the tournament and always has been – doing great things in Lindsay’s name. See you at The Cup!

Kelly Kimmett (C)
Angela Epp
Amanda Crutchfield
Cal House
Lauren Fredrich
Mike Fredrich
Rob Wasylyniuk
Justin Fredrich
Taylor House

Recreational Division

ACH Flames

Rothery families reunited after years not keeping in touch. Enjoying getting the families to know each other and reconnect as cousins that were close growing up.

Aaron Rothery (C)
Bennett Rothery
Camerson Rothery
Rachel Rothery
Shawn Rothery
Kristen Rothery
Cale Rothery
Alexa Rothery


Just a bunch of locals coming out to support and have fun

Andy Degraw (C)
Darcy Ponath
Meghan Degraw
Justin Davis
Faith Davis
Levi Davis
Al Pistore
Spike Pistore
Noog Pistore
Ms. Noogie Pistore

Chicks with Sticks

An awesome group of women who love playing Canada’s favourite game. The last time we laced up for this great cause it was pouring and we had the best time. We can’t wait to see what Kimmett Cup 2022 has in store for us!

Katherine Cox (C)
Nicole Brown
Courtney Chais-Brown
Erin Wagner
Maxime Beaudry
Nancy Chudleigh
Sam Tesky
Tara Brown
Georgette Johnson
Lise Miller

Four Cubs

We are friends that act like family. You can expect lots of trash talk between our team. We expect everyone to give it 100% and we are going to WIN the fun division this year…We will have the most FUN.

Jocelyn Kimmett (C)
Angela Grant
Chris D’Entremont
Jay Christy
Leslie Kimmett
Christine Colvin
Grady Colvin
Spencer Fawkes
Angela George
Clay Colvin
Amanda Edge

Last Minute to Win It

We have a bond of friendship that got together as Replacements, and Spare Parts -> and we are Last Minute to Win It!

Gerald Gensorek (C)
Bruce Anderson
Terry Anderson
Jason Baserman
Anden Bieganowski
Joe MacLellan
Mitchell McKeown
Rachel McKeown
Quinton Peers
Shelley Boychuk
Tessy Pavlatos
Jodi Sawyer
Louise Belair

Peregrine Falcons

The Peregrine Falcons are a team named after the local artisan glassware business: Peregrine Glassworks. We are a new flock that migrated together from Cochrane and Calgary. We are a mix of Kimmett Cup returners and newbies. This fledgling team looks to take flight at this year’s Kimmett Cup with fun, laughter and some memory-building moments mixed in.

Hugh Maloney (C)
Ali Stead
Jody Szkorupe
Louise Belair
Michael Holroyd
Pat Moloney
Paul Christensen
Peggy Holroyd

Pond Hounds

We are a group of people that have always wanted to play in the Kimmett Cub but never got organized until this year. We are friends and family with two things in common. We love outdoor ice/snow sports and our K-9 friends.

Mark Patton (C)
Ethan Picard
Madison Smith
Abby Maillot
Mathew Maillot
Scott Picard
Tate Picard
Asha Picard
Mitch Mrack
Hunter Mrack

Rice Kings

The Rice Kings have been playing in the Kimmett Cup for many years. We are honoured to support this great event!

Gerald Kim (C)
Andre Antenucci
Leah Kim
Michael Kim
Mandy Ulmer
Grace Kim
Ales Sorobey
Samuel Yu
Evelyn Yu

The Dumanators

The Dumanators moto is “FAMILY FUN”. Looking forward to a lot of laughs when we all get together. Could have a little competitive blood running through our veins, but don’t let that think that we all can play hockey. We come from all sorts of backgrounds, soccer players, lacrosse player, figure skater, golfers oh and ya we have a couple of hockey players, we love our sports. So with that being said lets have some fun and laughs and raise some money for a great cause.

Kim Dumanowski (C)
Chris Dumanowski
Dawson Dumanowski
Garren Dumanowski
Jason Dumanowski
Robson Ramsay
Mailey Dumanowski
Mairyn Dumanowski
Mikhaila Sanderman

Two Pharmacy

The Two Pharmacy team returns to the ice to once again celebrate Lindsay, her life and legacy. We have a fresh roster in search of climbing to heights this franchise has not yet reached on the ice. Win, lose or draw, we look forward to ‘seizing the day’ together.

Reid Kimmett (C)
Lynda Gross
Marine Yzerman
Max Kruger
Ian Kruger
Bill Messum
Logan Enders
Karey Gillespie
Soren Baker
Kylie Cupples

U13 Tier 4 Cochrane Rockies

Our team is made up of U13 Tier 4 Cochrane Rockies and their siblings. Sportsmanship, community connection and having fun in this division are top priorities for our kids to participate in the Kimmett Cup. Our families are looking forward to this incredible event!

Lanna Code (C)
Corbin Wright
Cali Tonin
Jordy Tonin
Everett Brassard
Connor Code
Lanna Code
Tyler Code
Mason Nelson
Kattelon Nelson
Samuel Richard
Aden Alwan
Dominick Gossselin-berg
Isla Gossselin-berg
Kindrey Gossselin-berg
Maive Gossselin-berg
Colton West
Clark Edwards
Caden Gates
Ty Schmidt-Oklobdzija
Carson Pidsadowski

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