Nine months ago the Kimmett Cup was just an idea that Jason and I discussed from time to time. We knew Lindsay would have loved it, and we knew it would be the perfect way to remember her. What we didn’t know was where to start. So, we started the only way we knew how: we talked to the Kimmett Family.

Since that time, the Kimmett family has been nothing short of amazing. Their kindness towards us has been comforting. Their unwavering commitment to help the tournament get off the ground has been unbelievable, and their warmth in the face of unthinkable pain has been inspirational. They were truly exceptional in every way. It’s easy to see where Lindsay got her spirit, work ethic, and passion from.

The town of Cochrane was the next group to really step up to the plate. They generously donated the outdoor ice and gave of their time to help organize the event. Sandy Johnson was there to provide advice every step of the way, while Andy Degraw and his team did an unbelievable job preparing the ice and venue for game day. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Pulling off an event of this magnitude takes a sizable commitment from the business community as well.   Businesses across Cochrane were more than up to the task. Dawn and Barry Metcalfe at IGA title sponsored the event. Dal-tek Interiors Ltd. and Mainstreet Pharmacy stepped up to be jersey sponsors, and Mabbott & Company sponsored our food tent. Many other businesses helped out in unique ways as well, and we are very grateful for their support

The support of the community didn’t stop there. We still needed players, volunteers and fans! Once again, Cochrane residents and friends of Lindsay blew us away. We filled Mitford pond with 20 teams, over 150 players, and had 30 amazing volunteers help with administration, organization, set-up and coordination on game day. We are truly thankful for the assistance and support we received from everyone.

It has been an exciting and fun journey from start to finish for both of us. We’ve enjoyed getting to know Cochrane residents, helping raise money for a local charity, forming many new friendships and leaving a lasting legacy of a great friend; Lindsay Kimmett. Thank you to everyone who lent a hand, big or small, we appreciate your help. See you next year at the 2nd Annual Kimmett Cup!


Joe MacLellan and Jason Baserman

January 10, 2009

The Kimmett family is once again humbled by Lindsay’s friends and our community. We cannot believe the love and support we have received over the last 328 days. Joe and Jason – you have truly shown us what love and passion can do – thank you from the bottom of our hearts! It is days like today when I think Lindsay is very close. I can picture her driving up in her blue Jeep, getting out with her ponytail sticking out from her wild red toque, with her blue mittens on a string carrying her old skates hooked on to the blade of her perfectly taped stick. But… she doesn’t drive up and I must think again of what a very good friend has told me who lost his son, “It is what it is.” We as a family struggle every day searching for answers to “Why” but we know we must carry on as Lindsay would want us to and what Lindsay would do right now would be to celebrate this incredible day. Lindsay placed a great emphasis on celebration and today has been so much more than a hockey tournament. This has truly been a celebration.

• A celebration of Lindsay.
• A celebration of her life.
• A celebration of her pride in being Canadian.
• A celebration of her love for hockey.
• A celebration of her love for fun and friendship.
• A celebration of your love for her.
• And a celebration of our love for all of you.

Thank you.

KC1 – Jan 10, 2009

20 Teams
150 Players
30 Volunteers
$8300 Raised
Kimmett Cup


Tournament Winner
The Misfits
Shot Stick Winner
Puck Junkies


Original Six

As a group of disenfranchised Eskimos, we find it important to get back to what brought us here.  Our Dutch captain, Douwe van der Molen, was once a great sealer who could smell a blowhole from sixty yards.  Chris, the Greek, is a direct descendant of Adonis, having been thrown from Mount Olympus along with his family (including Daughter Cleopatra) over a rather messy and misunderstood olive oil experiment. Kevin Zentner, team owner, manager and communications sponsor, made and lost a great fortune as a promoter in the California Seals experiment of the 70s and to this day laments his unfulfilled dream of building a team around his idol Gilbert Perrault.  Kevin Pilling, our second of the Kevin’s, clings to the dream of Sittler’s 10 points, eclipsing the greatest of the great, Gretzky.  Ryan McDonald, distant cousin to Lanny MacDonald grew up eclipsing all of his cousins records in Junior Hockey, but had his career come to an abrupt end when he became lost in a dust storm in the Saskatchewan wilderness and wasn’t found for 3 years. Greg Barclay, our spiritual leader,  realizing the odds stacked against this would be gang of ne’er do wells, declares Catholic Jihad against all other pond hockey infidels.  All others, we vouch for and will provide appropriate drinks during the tournament. We accept all side bets for the upcoming tournament, and wager a minimum of $1400.00 for first goal scored by header.

Kevin Zentner
Chris Dimopoulis
Douwe Van Dermolen
Kevin Pilling
Greg Barclay
Ryan Macdonald
Katelyn Dimopoulis
Jayna Van Dermolen


We’re just a group of friends happy to take advantage of another opportunity to play some hockey.  Some of are a bit too competitive for our current skill levels, but rest assure that we’ll try hard and have fun!

Joan Wheat Hozack
Justin Hozack
Alaina Aguanno
Tom Littlefair
Evelyn Eng
Katie Mitchell

The Queens

We were all members of the Kazakhstani National Travelling Circus. After several years of performing fire hoop jumps and other death defying tricks, it was decided we needed a real challenge. After defeating teams all across Europe with one hand tied behind our backs, we came to Canada to face real hockey players.

Sonia Georg
Aidan Szombathy
Lisa Young
Gemma Randle
Sara Wentz
Rhea Gatto
Kristi Palmer
Kelsey Goodwin
Erin Deraugh
Katy Moore

Team Old School

We are a mixture of hockey players/wannabe hockey players that love the game!  Most importantly though, we are here for Lindsay Leigh because this was her game.  Our team is called “Team Old School” because half of us on the team met Lindsay through our school years where memories will never be forgotten.

We are going to play the game like her favorite team “THE FLAMES” and destroy all of our opponents!  Woot woot!

Glori Bragg
Tanya Bannister
Curtis Crerar
Jay Popplewell
Chris Kierzkowski
Stewart Aune
Curtis Garvin

We are Family

“We Are Family” is a team all about family and friends which in a nutshell is what Lindsay was all about. Her Mom Dianne coaches and manages “WAF” and Linds’ Dad Kelly, and brothers Taylor and Reid skate today in her memory. The other old guy Denis Marcial and his son Dave bring grit and toughness to the squad so opposing teams should keep their heads up. Our 3 lovely ladies, Amber Pitura (Lindsay’s roommate), Heather “Rammer” Ramsay, and Carolina (Linus) Arenas all played hockey with Lindsay for many years and bring speed and skill to the “WAF” lineup. And last but not least, every team needs a “ringer” so watch out for Chad Kossowan!In late breaking news, GM Dianne Kimmett has sent Denis Marcial to the Mexican Hockey League for some rehabilitation and has recalled young prospect Al Davies from the minors to take a spot in the lineup.

Kelly Kimmett
Taylor Kimmett
Amber Pitura
Heather Ramsay
Al Davies
Dave Marcial
Reid Kimmett
Chad Kossowan
Carolina Arenas
Dianne Kimmett

Team 3M

The 3M’s are made up of the Morrison, Mundy and Moroz families. All have known each other for a long time through many different connections; hockey being a major one. Joel and Paul played together and so did Chris and Jason for many years. Jim and John both coached for too many years for Cochrane minor hockey with lots of success. Jim’s coaching career ended when he coached his daughter Lindsy’s all girls team made up of 14 to 18 year olds! The females did him in and that was the last year he coached. Gary Moroz who is out of town for the tournament, should be our Manager extraordinaire. Joanne, Maryanne and Linda (the great Moms) and Cailin and Andrea (little jersey wearing sisters) were the loudest cheerleaders of all! Lindsy just came along for the treats. Well, this story could go on and on….….  And we can’t forget that Chris and Cailin are getting married on July 31st2009!Jason will take credit as the matchmaker for this one. So the hockey continues on with the Kimmett Cup. We are all very proud to play for Lindsay’s Foundation and in her memory. We know both Lindsay and Matthew will be cheering us on! GO 3M’S GO!!!

Jim Morrison
John Mundy
Linsy Morrison
Linda Morrison
Chris Morrison
Cailin Mundy
Joel Mundy
Paul Moroz
Jason Moroz

MCAT Ninety Nine Seveners

Lindsay Kimmett would never tell you that she was smarter than 99.7% of some of the smartest people around, but that is what the standardized medical school admissions exam said. Only 3 out of every 1000 medical school keeners worldwide did better on that beast of a test, but I am betting none of those three could skate like Linds.

Dave Ward
Dave Le
Lindsay Bishop
Beka Stevenson
Lindsay Stockdale
Erin Ross
Greg Roberts
Kris Kowal


We are a young high energy team filled with Maple Leaf and Oiler fans.  We are very concerned with scoring goals not so much about defense.  The old guys on the team skate faster when fueled by Kokanee.

Dave Lee
Andrew Lee
Garry Roberts
Calvin Roberts
Kelsey Roberts
Erin Roberts

Puck Junkies Eh!

Why “Puck Junkies Eh!”

First of all we are all proud Canadians through & through EH!

And we are hooked on hockey.  Everyone of us.  Here are a few combined stats for our 7 players.  Of the 216 years of life between us all:  We have been playing outdoor hockey / shinny hockey for 170 years; organized hockey for 105 years; refereeing hockey for 12 years; coaching hockey for 28 years; built backyard rinks for 40 years.

To top it off everyone of us is still an active player or referee.  Us two old guys have been playing for the Cochrane ranchmen old-timers team for a combined 28 years and still going strong (ok, maybe not as strong as we used to be, but you get the picture).

Throw in some more hockey traditions; we have been playing the Owens/Mann Christmas day classic hockey game on our backyard rink for 15 years.  Unfortunately, our neighbours, the Mann boys, would love to play in the kimmett Cup, but are away at university in Halifax.

Every boxing day for 10 years many families and friends gather at Barrier lake in kananaskis for a little rocky mountain shinny.  One time we forgot the show shovels so we cleaned the fluffy new snow off the ice by pushing the little kids around on their snow suits:  literally human zamboni’s.

So why do we love and live hockey and expecially outdoor hockey?  Because it’s fun.  We make new friends for life.  Celebrate our passion with old friends.  Live out our dreams and never grow old at heart as we call the play by play and everyone always wins in the last few seconds of the game.  See young minds, egos, and bodies blossom.  The thrill of competition.  Learn to win and learn to lose with class.  Sportsmanship.  Leadership.  Teamwork and giving your all at anything you do.  Learn to laugh at yourself.

All the values that Lindsay cherished and lived so passionately.

Rob Owens
Larry Shelley
Ayla Owens
Ryan Owens
Cody Owens
Leana Shelley
Elizabeth Stewart


My son Ryan, Dayne Poffenroth and I were helping make our annual family supply of peanut brittle and got to talking about the Lindsay Cup. We thought that we could enter a team and kick some butt! I coached Ryan and Dayne when they were younger and maybe some of the stuff I tried to teach them will come in handy. Kent Mann played with Kelly last year with the Pylons but Kelly has since moved up to the “big leagues” and now plays with the Ranchmen (my team).

The Misfits are joined by Pat Comer:

Learned to play hockey late (!) in life, and love the game; especially the showers and the beer. Realize now that retirement is the best plan to ski and play hockey as much as you like. Why didn’t I figure that out years ago?  My husband calls himself a hockey widower.

The Misfits are also joined by Neil Davies:

Neil is a former goalie turned Pylons backup goalie turned third line plugger who will be solely responsible for any losses his team suffers.  He wants everyone to know that he is truly sorry or this

The Misfits are also joined by Laura Whitehead:

I am a Cochrane girl who grew up playing Ringette on local teams with Lindsay. When I was sixteen I switched to speed skating and although I’ve never really played hockey, I can get going pretty fast!

Charlie Crutchfield
Ryan Crutchfield
Dayne Poffenroth
Kent Mann
Laura Whitehead
Neil Davies
Pat Comer

The Glenbow Chiefs

Our team is a red hot collection of the best talent to be had from across the five boroughs of Cochrane. While alarmingly agile and astute for the first five minutes of any game, our intensity suffers exponential decay with every additional minute played. We plan to execute the mid 90’s Swedish Torpedo system to much fanfare and glory!

(Burnaby) Pat Wilson
Lindsay Steele
Patrick Bryson
Chris Graham
Karen Taylor
Jolene Bales-Brander
Kelly Reid

Team Brendan Kerr

We wear the name of “Brendan Kerr” proudly!  The whole team is really excited to be able to play with the likes of Brendan Kerr.  If were lucky, this tournament will give us a chance to learn from Brendan Kerr’s mad skills.  In fact, everybody should make a point of meeting this man first hand to see how great he really is!  If you’re lucky, you might even get an autograph…

Brendan Kerr
Peter Dobrowolski
Sophia Pin
Stacy Hall
Ryan Flannigan
Liam Kerr

Borody Bunch, MD

It’s hard to believe that 3 year ago most of us had never played ice hockey before let alone hockey at a competitive level.  Yet here we stand, about to fight for the Kimmett Cup in memory of our fallen friend and hockey hero – Lindsay Kimmett.  Lindsay led our female players (Jenn, Sophia, Meghan, and Emily) to Atrophy Cup glory less than a year ago.  She also didn’t cower from playing with the men and taught all of us a lot just by watching how she played the game.  We hope we make you proud Lindsay.

Jennifer Barthel (aka – “Energizer buzzy”) is our energy player – never afraid to drop the gloves or run face first into the boards to give her team a boost.  She’s not bad at hockey either.  Jason Baserman (aka – “Still more Mr. Nice Guy”) is one of the best two-way players in the game – the kind of player Lindsay used to be.  He’s got a drag-shot that’ll make you’re chin drop, he can back it up on defense, and thankfully, he’s not as nice on the ice as he is off of it.  When Sophia Bianchi (aka – “Oblivious Ice Dancer”) isn’t doing pirouette’s and mambo’s on the ice she’s busy putting the puck in the back of the net.  She’s also a mean dancer in the faceoff circle and a great team leader.  William Doelman (aka – “Shirt Debridement Will Ensue”) is always the hardest worker on the ice.  What he lacks in experience he more than makes up for with effort and grit – two great qualities Lindsay would have been proud of.  As long as he can keep his jersey on he’ll be an asset at both ends of the ice.  Emily Hornby (aka – “Emilouwho”) is our secret weapon.  I can’t count the number of times my jaw has dropped after she completely surprised me by her slick moves on the ice.  Joel Tappay’s (aka – “Tappay Gilmour”) first love may not be hockey, but you wouldn’t know it by the way he plays the game.  Not only is he a wall between the pipes, he can also fill in at defense and forward when he wants to give opponents a chance to score.  Meghan Guy (aka – “I swear I’m not contagious”) is the best defense money can buy.  Her high priced salary is well worth the product she puts on the ice every game.  Mark Stewart is a self-described “mobile pylon”.  We hope his refereeing experience can help us stick to the rules on our march toward the Kimmett Cup Championship Trophy.  Joe MacLellan (aka “I’m Easy”) rounds out the squad.  Let’s hope all that missed sleep and all those missed classes to play ice hockey makes a difference on game day.

Jenn Barthel
Sophia Bianchi
Mark Stewart
Will Doelman
Meghan Guy
Joel Tappay
Joe MacLellan
Jason Baserman
Emily Hornby

Brads of Steel

People say Amsterdam is crazy but you can’t really grasp it until you see the city on a Saturday night.  When they walked into their room it said “Welcome Bradley Meulenkamp to the Radisson” on the screen, classy all the way.  They set out with no agenda but to go skating on the canal but they were soon overwhelmed by the puck sense of the locals.  No slapshots, no shoulder pads, no offsides, no goaltending, no raises above the knee.  No whining.  The game starts at the sound of the siren – skate as hard as you can until it ends.

Rob Warren
Steve Joseph
Andrew Dodd
Jackie Thurston
Katie Giles
Brad Meulencamp

Baileys Buddies

Two fat guys, two not so fat guys and two ringers.

Andy Degraw
Chris Collins
Doug Reave
Kayla Bannister
Tim Bannister
Courtney Okeefe

Puck Smugglers

Smuggling pucks is what we do
From under your skates and from out of the blue
You’ll end up with none when you swear you brought two
But the trail is as cold as an igloo

‘Cause troubling yourself in getting it back
Is a futile attempt, that’s a genuine fact
We’re the top of the crop, the cream of the stack
We’ll be gone well before you even react

Andrew Woods
Andrew Kidd
jake Sherlock
Neal Gallagher
Steph Hyder
Danielle Vogt
Andrea Oppenheimer

Cochrane Rush

Our team is comprised of the very best hockey players in Cochrane and quite possibily the world.

* Richard Marshall – the best “ankle skater” ever.
* Greg Long – the best “I refuse to pass” player of all time.
* Kyle Fischer – he literally does not know the meaning of back checking.
* Doug Murphy – the “I can’t believe I missed the wide-open-net” champion for the past 3 seasons.
* Aimee Kondrat – Won the St. Albert Girls Hockey scoring title in 1991 and has not skated since.
* Sam Watt – I’m not sure what to say…I think she might actually be pretty good.
* Mark Kondrat – By far the most “well-rounded” scoring machine ever … if by “well-rounded” you mean chubby.

We will come to play… And there is at least a 15% chance that we will beat you!

Aimee Kondrat
Kyle Fisher
Greg Long
Sam Watt
Doug Murphy
Greg Rieben
Mark Kondrat

The Raging Pirate Dinosaurs

All of our team plays hockey in Cochrane for one of the Rockies Midget girls team’s.  We all wish we were a superstar NHL player but our setback pretty much is that we are just too good to play and that the NHL wont let us name a team The Raging Pirate Dinosaurs.  So we came somewhere that we could show off our wicked awesome skills.  To put it all in a nutshell I just think that we are going to win because we are girls!

Britanny Balawyder
Hope Albrecht
Kim Sweeny
Echo McFeeters
Roberta Stinn
Kaitlin Hoefnagel

Pro H2O Water Boyz

We play for the Red Machines in the BVRAHL, we saw a great opportunity to be apart of this tournament and to support the community for a great cause!!!! We couldn’t turn down the opportunity to play some good old’ fashion pond hockey!

Ty Hill
Jason Irving
Steve Rae
Dwayne Lucas
Jessy Jackson
Sammy Thomas

The Next Generation Pylons
We are “THE NEXT GENERATION OF PYLONS”.  We have the same work ethics (or lack there of) and have just as much fun as the Pylons of the past.  The Flying Pylons founded by Kelly Kimmett and Rick Kanski in 1987 have been around for more than 20 years and we are looking forward to bring the Kimmett Cup home to the regular Friday night ice time.  May the best team win.

Ian Kruger
Jake Trottier
Tara Trottier
Tracy Atto
Slade King
Blake Clayton
Sterling Verhewl
Richard Davies

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