On behalf of the Kimmett Cup organizing committee,  thank you for everything you’ve done to make this year’s tournament a MONUMENTAL success as we paid tribute to Lindsay’s legacy and raised the spirits of our communities.

Together we far surpassed our expectations!  We raised a total of $185,000.00 for the entire tournament reaching our goal of $125,000.00 to Children’s Wish and totaling $625,000 over the past 5 years!  This translates into granting the heartfelt wishes and dreams of 62 special families to enjoy together free from the hospital and allowing their imaginations and spirits to soar while embracing that never ending gift of hope.

The Children’s Cottage Society will also be receiving over $30,000 supporting the building of strong families through support services, respite programs and crisis nurseries.

The remaining $30,000 will fund local programs through the Lindsay Leigh Kimmett Memorial Foundation.  Lindsay’s foundation has now contributed over $2,375,000.00 to local and international initiatives since its inception in 2008.

To our Volunteers, thank you for your selfless gift of time, hard work, dedication and enthusiasm.  Your smiles, hugs, and endless energy provided the perfect backdrop for an incredible weekend.

To our Sponsors, thank you for your belief in our cause and for your commitment to our community.

To our Players and Spectators, you gave the day life! Thank you for the memorable games, loud cheers, sportsmanship, competing with your hearts on your sleeves as Lindsay did, and great times together!  Congratulations to Trans Canada for taking home the Kimmett Cup, The Shockers for capturing the Recreational Trophy, and The Tofield Fighting Snow Geese and Taylor Kimmett for winning the “Spirit Of The Kimmett Cup Award” as the top fundraising team and individual respectively.  We will also be paying tribute to our late friend and inspiring Kimmett Cup Ambassador and Children’s Wish Advocate, Tristan Garrett, whose initials were proudly displayed over the hearts of every player’s jersey with a special plaque on The “Spirit Of The Kimmett Cup Award” commemorating his passion for giving back and spreading kindness.

To our Wish Families, YOU are our inspiration!   Thank you for your courage, heartfelt speeches, and for sharing your stories which brought tears to our eyes and warmth to our hearts.

Special thanks to our event ambassadors and future wish recipients, Andrew and Shelby and their fellow wish heroes, Owen, Ryan, Liam, and Kiptyn who skated and cheered alongside us bringing joy to their teammates and scoring timely goals versus their opponents :)!

We hosted our second annual Kimmett Cup Kids Tournament on Sunday Jan. 21st  in which a record 16 Cochrane minor hockey teams from Novice to Peewee competed on Mitford Ponds to raise money for Children’s Cottage Society in memory of Lindsay’s late medical school classmate, Dr. Greg Roberts.  Greg was an amazing father and friend, a compassionate physician and children’s book author.  Congrats to the Falcons who raised over $1700 and are the front runners for this year’s “Spirit Bear Award” (named after Greg’s book S is for Spirit Bear: A British Columbia Alphabet).  You are an incredible example to the next generation.  Kudos!! Thank you again for this incredible tribute to Drs. Lindsay Kimmett & Greg Roberts and Wish Hero Tristan Garrett.  Their spirits continue to show us that together we can make dreams come true, empower kids through sport, how to live and why it’s so important to give…

We invite you to enjoy your favorite warm beverage while watching this very meaningful professional tribute video capturing the Kimmett Cup spirit created by our friends Dave Johnson and Joel Lewis from DABU media:  https://www.facebook.com/KimmettCup/videos/2077946708900509/

You can share your feedback with Dave and Joel by commenting on the video and share it with friends and family as we build momentum for Kimmett Cup 11!

Like our Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/KimmettCup) and share your favorite Kimmett Cup thoughts, photos, and videos!  We will have some special albums and recap articles featured in the days ahead thanks to our friends from Jayden Images, Chris and Nenita Lindsey; Rhys Dowbiggin from Children’s Wish, as well as the teams at The Cochrane Eagle and Cochrane Times. Stay tuned for updates on next year’s Kimmett Cup!

We look forward to lacing up our skates for a good cause together in 2019!

“Giving back is one of the best things you can do. It is truly amazing the power that kindness can have. There are no words to describe the power of kindness” — Tristan Garrett

Yours in service,

Kimmett Cup Committee


Hello Kimmett Cup Captains and Players,

On behalf of Lindsay’s family we would like to thank and welcome all teams, captains, and players to Kimmett Cup 10. Once again we have a sold out tournament and we look forward to a great weekend January 19-21!

Thanks to everyone who donated and is “helping make someone’s tomorrow better.” You are truly catching the spirit of the Kimmett Cup by doing for others. As in each of the last 4 years, Kimmett Cup is raising funds for Children’s Wish; together we have granted 50 wishes in those 4 years. For those who did not know our beautiful Lindsay you should know that she was “all in”; someone you would classify as a “one hundred percenter”. As a family, all we have left of Linds is her memory and her legacy and that legacy is something you as a Kimmett Cupper are a big part of.

Kelly & Dianne Kimmett

Jason Baserman’s Banquet Speech

Thanks everyone for joining us tonight following our 10thh annual meaningful, memorable and, in keeping with Lindsay’s medical school jersey name, Monumental Kimmett Cup.

Each Kimmett Cup has special meaning but I feel this one has taken on a unique significance. But before reflecting on the here and now and looking ahead, I’d like to take a moment to look back and reflect…

We are often asked the same three questions as it pertains to Kimmett Cup:

What is the Kimmett Cup? What’s a Kimmett?
I’m not a hockey player, can I participate?
How can we help?

At it’s heart, Kimmett Cup is about Lindsay, a passionate community advocate, extremely bright and dedicated student, an athlete who loved hockey and competed hard each shift but also knew when to take her foot off the gas to ensure the game at it’s root was always fun.  A person who dedicated much time to teach others to play the sport and enjoy the game while sharing her enthusiasm.  A world traveller, a loving daughter, sister, friend, niece and grand-daughter and an aspiring compassionate future emergency physician.  Someone who loved to party and host those she cared about.  Kimmett Cup started as a way to pay tribute to Lindsay, what she stood for and what she would have created and her ideals which were eloquently captured in her valedictorian speech with 2 simple words…Carpe Diem…Seize the day.  At it’s heart that’s what we’ve all done on a frozen pond in a small mountain town…Seize the day…Not for ourselves but for a greater cause, wearing Lindsay’s #25 on our backs ensuring that as we play her favourite game she’s picking up a few assists and goals alongside us, cheering from the banks of the ponds and joining us as we shake hands after a fun and spirited match and of course enjoying a few beverages after it’s over.

While Kimmett Cup started as ideas scribbled on coffee shop napkins, many hours of conversation and meetings regarding possible locations, timing, rules and feasibility ensued.  Family was a fundamental pillar of Lindsay’s.  Kelly, Dianne, Reid and Taylor rallied around the idea of hosting a hometown pond hockey tournament in Lindsay’s memory in January.  Their heart, dedication, courage and strength has burned brighter with each edition of the tournament as Lindsay’s legacy continues to grow, as does her family adding Jocelyn, Leslie, Charlotte, Simon and William to the fold.  As their family multiplies, so does the Kimmett Cup family thanks to volunteers, players, sponsors, and fans that have participated each year to pledge their support, and to so many others who made countless contributions on and off the ice seeking nothing in return other than a feeling that I too can make a difference

Over the past 5 years I feel we have felt particularly blessed as we’ve been joined by countless Wish families who skated alongside us, we’ve cheered for and laughed with off the ice, fundraised on behalf of so they get to experience an incredibly well deserved gift of shared joy outside the hospital with their loved ones, participated in charity walks and activities with to raise awareness of the power that wishes can have, and comforted and pay tribute to in times of sorrow.

Stemming from Lindsay’s lead and her family’s embrace is the third pillar and that pillar is you, our Community.  Over 5000 players, volunteers, sponsors, and fans have contributed to this event and helped raise over 1 million dollars for local and global initiatives in the areas of athletics, healthcare and education.

We come from as far as Brazil, London England, Nanaimo, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Toronto, Kingston, Montreal, Halifax, NYC, Northern and Southern Alberta, Saskatchewan, California, Phoenix and yes, even Okotokes.  If I’ve left anyone out speak now or forever hold your peace.

To me this has become one of the most rewarding aspects of the tournament. seeing the smiles and the embrace of friends and family reuniting year after year to lace up for a good cause. It’s the community of minor hockey players travelling hours by bus to make a difference in the lives of kids they’ve never met. It’s grand-parents, aunts and uncles stepping off red-eyes to make it to an 8am game on a frozen pond. It’s local church groups and ICU nurses baking delicious treats well into the night to raise money for charity. It’s volunteers dedicating hours in the early mornings before the sunrise to put up tents, scrape the ice, make sure our banners and signage are just right and then check in hundreds of players with a warm smile.  It’s the local business owners donating everything from their services and expertise, to lights, heaters, popcorn, BBQs, coffees, burgers and more. It’s the wish kids, braving the cold to compete or courageously sharing their stories, rescheduling doctors’ appointments to be here, with all of us, as symbols of strength.  It’s the professional photographers and videographers giving of their time to share their art and passion, providing us with some amazing memories of what we stand for together.

Community – the third and final side of our Kimmett Cup triangle.   

Hockey will always be Lindsay’s game just like it will always be Canada’s past time. I always felt hockey at this tournament was different. Yes, it’s outdoors, we have refs and timekeepers, a bunch of beauties decking and dangling, nets and boards, skates and sticks, and the occasional Donnybrook… but when you look a little deeper we have something much more…

To me hockey is perhaps a reason for why we gather but it’s not why we keep coming back.

Hockey is the icing on this Kimmett Cup cake, it’s cool, slick, and often grabs your attention.  But the people you meet, the causes you champion, the charities you support and the personal stories you witness, these are the layers of the Kimmett Cup cake which provide the structural integrity and are as delicious as the icing itself.

At the beginning, we had 2 simple rules:

First: Everyone plays – money and skill will never keep someone out.
Second:  Every team must have a girl or woman skating front and center as a tribute to Lindsay.

After 10 years with a record of 56 teams, we are all proud that these two fundamental principles have held true.

And, so, many of you ask how you can help.  The truth is, you already have.  Your presence and enthusiasm on and off the ice gives the tournament life.  From playing, to volunteering, to sponsoring, to cheering, to advocating for and donating to our partner charities everyone has played a role.  What I’ve always taken away is the realization that no gesture is too small.  From kids donating the change in their piggy banks to the volunteers lacing up skates, helping with helmets, ushering bleachers and serving snacks. From the fans chipping in to ensure that every last crumb is sold at the Lindsay K Café to the kids teaching their parents and grand-parents how to create and share their fundraising pages on this amazing app called Facebook. Thank you to each of you who so passionately ensures that this day is a success enjoyed by all.  We salute you, and we hope you help us keep this tradition going for many, many years to come.

Finally, I alluded to the special significance of this weekend and I’d like to conclude as to why.

For the past 5 years we’ve been joined by a Wish ambassador or ambassadors, children accompanied by their families who have graciously shared their journey combatting life threatening ailments. They represent  our tournament with enthusiasm, positive energy, and courage,  reminding us all why we invest so heavily in this cause.  Along this journey and over the course of these last 5 years we’ve sadly said good bye to members of our wish family; some who we’ve had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know and others who we were able to help from a distance.

Just 2 weeks ago, we said, see you later, to our late friend and Kimmett Cup Wish Ambassador Tristan Garrett, a young man wise well beyond his years who just one year ago rescheduled his chemotherapy appointments to be with us, to cheer his fellow wish kids and families on from the stands, to meet and share each others stories, and to advocate for the power a wish can have.  His words, his passion and his enthusiasm were beautifully captured in Dave Johnson’s 2017 Kimmett Cup recap video and several months later his wish to fly was granted thanks to your support. Today we wear a special Tristan Garrett patch on our chest in the shape of a helicopter commemorating his wish, his soaring spirit and his belief that we can all reach a little higher and fight a little harder.. 

Tristan later shared his story at a special partnership event in front of nearly 200 people in a moment that stole everyone’s hearts. He left each person speechless and had us all in awe of a boy who had become a man at 15; someone who taught us all how to live and why to give.

I  never liked the phrase “losing one’s battle to Cancer” because I don’t think Tristan ever lost a battle in his life – certainly not when playing his favourite board or video game.  In my mind Tristan beat Cancer, he beat it every day in the manner in which he lived, in the passion in which he taught all of us to live, in the courage to live the way he chose not dictated by doctors or treatments but by him. He beat Cancer with the legacy he leaves; a legacy of strength and of courage with which he fought for 3.5 years. 

Speaking on behalf of the Kimmett Cup family, Tristan will never leave us. He will always remain instrumental to our work, and we have been blessed to count the Garrett family amongst our family.  Tristan is and will always be  what the Kimmett Cup is about. So, in his memory, let’s all rise and raise our beverage: To Tristan!

Enjoy the evening!

KC10 – Jan 19-20, 2018

56 Teams
500 Players
107 Sponsors
100 Volunteers
$175,000 Raised for Children’s Wish, Children’s Cottage Society and the Lindsay Leigh Kimmett Memorial Foundation


Competitive Winner
Shot Stick Winner
Dust Bunnies
Recreational Winner
The Shockers
Spirit of Kimmett Cup
Toefield Fighting Snowgeese; Taylor Kimmett
Spirit Bear Award

Team Rosters & Stories

Competitive Division

Das Cows

We are Das Cows.

Kris Moore (C)
Jason Miller
Matt Johnston
Brooks Meyers
Lundy Day
Sam Hunt
Connor Elekes
Nicole McDonald


Bunch of friends doing their thing.

Darcy Douglas (C)
Steven Bunny
Matthew MacMichael
Steve Reade
Jody Reade
Marilyn Hay
Mark Neufeld
Keith Reade
Christina Jablonski


Although each year our team changes we envy the chance to participate in Kimmett Cup all the same.  See everyone on the best Saturday of the year!

Michael Bosch (C)
Kolten Nelson
Edward Schaffer
Brett Hollowel
Stephanie Brass
Krissy Gibson

Mabbot’s Marauders

A reluctant participant in the Competitive Division, the title sponsor of the tournament makes it’s third team entry this year after winning the Recreation Division during its tournament debut in 2016.

Matt Kirk (C)
Jeff Jobson
Ryan Bonnett
Calen Jobson
Robyn Chapman
Lindsey Gerstermer


We couldn’t miss out on a great opportunity to spend time with family and friends and play the sport we all love…! We’ve called up our ‘A’ team for this year’s run at the Kimmett Cup Championship..! Were bringing the heat and packing the water..! ha

Ryan Paiement(C)
Ryan Aulin
Paul Brenand
Joel Paiement
Jason Syrmko
Jillian Irvin
Taylor Irvin
Chandler Irvin
Meghan Hines


We are a work team who has attended this tournament several times in the past. The reason we keep coming back is in support of the Kimmett family, the Children’s Wish Charity and the hockey community of Cochrane.

Isaac Seto (C)
Kade Grant-Johansen
Michael Smilsky
Morgan Sakundiak
Jackie Moss
Kyle Mathewson
Devin Ness
Daniel Gayle
Shanelle Bjorndahl

Recreational Division Tier 1

Baby Incredibles

A team of mostly University of Calgary medical school alumni in Lindsay Kimmett’s class who like to honor her, have fun, and support a great cause.

Laura MacAuley (C)
Sean Wilde
Todd Leaman
Daniel MacAuley
Mark Wylie
Lindsay Stockdale
Sebastien Fallu
David Le
Beka Stevenson

BRITT Land & Engagement


Brent Sakamoto (C)
Dayna Morgan
Tessa Sakamoto
Kyle Goulet
Derek Ruzycki
Ashley Levangie
Josh Harding
Kris Moore
Dannie Morgan


Just a group of friends and their kids

Andy Degraw (C)
Darcy Ponath
Sarah Degraw
Dustin Ponath
Meghan Degraw
Justin Davis
Faith Davis
Harley Davis
Spike Pistore
Noogie Pistore

Cochrane Cruisers

We’re a group of friends that has played hockey together since we were in tyke on the vaunted Cochrane Cruisers (with a few add ons along the way…). We haven’t improved much since that time and don’t intend to anytime soon.

Taylor Kimmett (C)
Lany Kossowan
Chad Kossowan
Craig Vassie
Brad Minogue
Dayne  Poffenroth
Ryan Crutchfield
Kali Kasper
Cara Lakeman
Kathleen Ricketts

Cochrane Dodge

Long time friends and family ready to have some fun and tear it up on the ice!

Janine  McCue (C)
Nicole  Pike
Kasha   Lee
Trevor Gray
Glenn  McCue
Lynne   Klatt
Jessie  Mykula
Anthony Klatt
Matt  McCue
Roger McPherson


This is technically the third year for the JagrBombs in the Kimmett Cup.  We couldn’t be happier to be back playing on the ponds with everyone and taking in this incredibly powerful weekend.

The Kimmetts are an unbelievable family and even better friends.  We have been a part of the golf and hockey tournaments since we moved back to Cochrane and plan to be a part of it every year going forward.

Logan Niehaus (C)
Terra Niehaus
Beccy Niehaus
Logan Jones
Brent Kuntz
Cait O’Hara
Mark Bremault
Casey Irving
Lyndon Galvin
Terry Galvin


The francophone school is back in this amazing community event. It’s so great to share our love of the game with everyone.  Our 4 years, we getting slower but we having more experience now…

Alexandre Paradis (C)
Francois Scott
Marc Lord
Carl Brault
Joel Matthews
Amelie Drouin
Adele Scott
Kathleen Beland


We are just a bunch of guys (and gals) who like to play together. Second year that we participate in this incredible hockey tournament. We are proud of representing Ecole NDV.

Nicolas Brisebois (C)
Nicolas Deblois
Charles Brochu
Danny Pelletier
Denis Lussier
Melina Deblois
Marianne Brisebois
Mme Julie Hachey

Puck Junkies

As the years fly by, it is almost hard to believe that we will be participating in the 10th Annual Kimmett Cup. Our young players suddenly aren’t quite so young!…and our older players are, well OLD!

However, nothing gets the heart and soul, and creaky joints going, like old-fashioned shinny hockey on the pond, and the Monumental event that is the Kimmett Cup, is pond hockey at its finest. The Punk Junkies were a perennial powerhouse, in the early years of the tourney, and to this day, love the competition and camaraderie, not only amongst our teammates, but fellow competitors as well. It is the only time of the year we all come together; to laugh, celebrate, cajole, and commiserate.

The team and players change slightly from year to year, but the spirit of the event ensures nothing really ever changes; as we all look forward to the games on the ice, the fun of the tournament dinner and party, perhaps a trip to the hotel, and a dip in the hot tub late at night. Shottie Sticks, frozen toes, pucks to the shins, Bob’s teeth, brittle ice, small nets, watching weather move in, and hopefully playing under the lights at night!…these are the memories.

These memories grow in stature, and the event continues to build on the legacy and Memory of Lindsay, for it is her Legacy that we are so proud and honoured to be a part of.

Rob Owens (C)
Ayla Owens
Ryan Owens
Cody Owens
Chris Mann
Nick Mann
Dwayne Cann
Brian Fitzgerald
Michelle Vogt
Kayla Oakley

Tacoma Town

This will be our 6th consecutive appearance in the tournament and after a heartbreaking defeat to the Kimmetts in 2017,  team Tacoma Town is back and ready to go for glory.

Darcy Erickson (C)
Josh Klamott
Skyler Mayuk
Emilly Robson
Jess Reid
Jason Labelle
Cory Weese
Alicia Rose
Mark Ladouceur

Team Old School

We are a mixture of hockey players/wannabe hockey players that love the game! Most importantly though, we are here for Lindsay Leigh because this was her game. Our team is called, “Team Old School” because there are members on the team that knew Lindsay through our school years where memories will never be forgotten.  We are going to battle hard and play the game like Lindsay’s favorite team the “FLAMES” and destroy all of our opponents!

Glori Crerar (C)
Curtis Crerar
Code Bint
Spencer Holden
Ally Holden
Chris Kierzkowski
Paul Holden
Mel DS
Kaylene Edwards
Ashley Buzzie

Team Unreal

We are Team Unreal.  Unreal is likely not to describe our skills on the ice, but we try to keep our Unreal attitude while looking like pylons out there.  This year we signed some youth, but young West Dillabough has his work cut out for him to learn how to skate before his first birthday.  If he can’t make it, the parent Dillaboughs will be looked towards to carry the play out on the ice.  Our 5th, 6th, and 7th lines (we couldn’t find 1-4) will be trying to contribute any way they can, but don’t hold your breath waiting for goals, you may go blue.

Scott Erven(C)
Garret Dillabough
Larissa Dillabough
Ryan Priddey
Carling Wright
Scott Gallagher
Mckenzie Kissel
Steve Schneider
Chelsea Peterson

The Goonies

We are a group of friends from different corners of Canada that have met living in the town of Cochrane Alberta. With a love for the sport and a great cause we are excited to come together and participate in a fantastic weekend of pond hockey.

Ryan Pharis (C)
AJ Mattie
Kaila Pharis
Lindsy James
Chris  Chelios
Martin Scorsasie
Jesse Ventura
Ryan Hull
Kyle Turros
Jen Bird

The Jets

Same old (and slow) Jets guys and fast and cute Jets girls.

We’re always happy to be here!

Garry Roberts (C)
Dave Lee
Pete Nielsen
Barry McCurdy
Calvin Roberts
Erin Roberts
Jessica McCurdy
Rene McCurdy
Jodi Smith

The Shockers

Defense, what’s defense?

Jesse McLean
Andrew Knouse
Steve McEwan
Jill Bowie
Junior Kelly
Brendan Mahoney

Tofield Fighting Snowgeese

The Fighting Snowgeese are honoured to be back for their 6th appearance in the Kimmett Cup.   Captain Mike Kauffman is hopeful that an injection of some Vancouver youth and a little more Cochrane is what is needed to make some progress in the playoffs in 2018.

The youth comes in the form of 11 year old Landon Kauffman and Ethan Dallyn from the Vancouver Thunderbirds.   Landon hopes to finally bring some offence from the west coast Kauffmans, while his dad remains on the team as the closest Tofield connection to the team in 2018.   Ethan solidifies the back end and will also help to keep dad (and coach) Steve in line.

Troy King brings his sharp skates, splintered stick and his better half Kim Shulha to the event in 2018.  Kelly Redinger rounds out the Edmonton presence and will be there to capture it all on film.

Locals Craig Wiens, Graham Torrie, Jaci Klassen, Aretta La Fond-Albertson brings good local knowledge of alternatives to Days Inn for breakfast and a whole bunch of kids for fan support.

Looking forward to it!

Mike Kauffman
Craig Wiens
Troy King
Kim Shulha
Kelly Redinger
Steve Dallyn
Landon Kauffman
Ethan Dallyn
Jacalyn Klassen
Aretta La Fond-Albertson
Graham Torrie

We Are Family

We Are Family is back for the tenth time at Kimmett Cup. Our team amazingly won the rec championship in 2017, thanks to all the other teams for showing mercy on us and letting us win before we got too old to even realize what we had done! For 2018 we have decided to drop down a notch and play in the Rec Non-Playoff division as our team has been wracked with our top 4 players moving on to greener (whiter?) pastures leaving 3 old guys, some ringette players and a couple of newbies to carry the WAF torch. Of course we will play with Linds in our minds and hearts and hope all teams enjoy their KC weekend!

Kelly Kimmett (C)
Charlie Crutchfield
Mike Fredrich
Justin Fredrich
Kelsey Wilson
Amanda Crutchfield
Kendra Gilbertson
Adam Hart


Hailing from Cochrane, AB The Zambronies are a team comprised of hacks and ex-rec league beer all-stars.  We strive to clean up the ice whenever we lace ‘em up with our families cheering from the stands.  Our goal is to deny yours!

Sheldon Lachambre
Ashley Centrone
Tyler Centrone
Samantha Lachambre
Conrad Kenny
Melissa Kenny
Tyler Hebblethwaite
Brent Kimpton
Cam Eck
Amanda Squire

Recreational Division Tier 2

Beerbie Dolls

We are a group excited to lace up for a good cause in memory of our friend Lindsay.

Ashley Aberdeen (C)
Brittany Seidler
Ben Rowbotham
Kristi Palmer
Carolina Arenas
Diego Arenas
Jenni Lee Mitzner
Danielle Prefontaine
Brandon Povey
Alex Works


This will be the first year the BlyDogs are in the Kimmett Cup. We are a family of hockey players who love the game and look forward to having the opportunity to play together. The name BlyDog comes from an incorrect spelling of our last name on a package of deer sausage. We got quite the laugh out of it and thought we would enter the Kimmett Cup as the BlyDogs in 2018!

Vance  Blydo  (C)
Sandra Blydo
India Blydo
Michael Blydo
Sydney Blydo
Rob Blydo
Dariyn Blydo
Shaye Blydo
Randy Wiebe
Jenna Wiebe

Cam’s Seabass

Seabass said that?  If that is seabass over there (Cam Neely).  Make it 4 boiler makers.

Derek Iwanicka (C)
Logan  Iwanicka
Karly Dwyer
Deanna Iwanicka
Rob Finlay
Darren Peebles
Spencer Holmes

Dholes Rec

We are a group of second year med students at UofC (the Dholes!) celebrating one last hurrah before we start clerkship in a few weeks time!

Natalie Sachrajda (C)
Kaleena Johnston
Christopher Hewison
Megan Ure
Na’ama Avitzur|
Colleen Jackson
Adom Bondzi-Simpson
Lydia Schultz

Easton Fection

Easton Fection is proud to be joining the 2018 Kimmett Cup, with a balanced roster of keen rookies and skilled veterans, led by captain and nine-time Kimmett Cup participant Amanda Tingley. Although most of our players are content playing ball hockey on a court floor within the comforts of the warm indoors, we have decided to make the transition to the pond, where we will be playing in Lindsay’s memory and raising money for a great cause! Our team will be full of smiles, compliments and maybe a few friendly slashes. We look forward to giving and receiving high fives, fist bumps and backside slaps in what is to be a great day of hockey.

Thank you to the Kimmett Cup organizers, Kimmett family and all of the volunteers for putting on another great event!

Amanda Tingley (C)
Joe Chan
Mark D’Costa
Jason DeMello
Cliff DeMello
Dennis Garcia
Claire Inglis
Michelle Archambault
James DeMello

Foreign Bodies

Group of coworkers and friends coming together to dangle, snipe, celly. And all for a great cause!

Ryan Wilkie (C)
Joe MacLellan
Miles Hunter
Jacqui Stone
Jag Gill
Melanny Long
Brooke Anderson

HP Sauce

HP Sauce, long a storied steak condiment came into fruition by the combination of the  Holmberg Pearcy crews. We’re a bunch of low life, no good, has-beens just looking to make a come back to the big leagues.  If there are any scouts out there, might be best to just go ahead and sign the cheque, cause we’re all headed to the big time.

Tim Pearcy (C)
Katie Holmberg
Travis Rodney
Jay Irving
Sarah Pearcy
Andrea Woychyshyn


Formerly known as the underACHievers (which, to be honest, is still VERY appropriate for this year’s group). Our team consists mostly of Residents, Respiratory Therapists, Nurses (and some of their spouses) who work at the Alberta Children’s Hospital. If you’re looking for Connor McDavid’s speed, Austin Matthew’s dangles, or Johnny Hockey’s breakaway abilities!  I would highly recommend watching the Sportsnet highlight reels later on tonight. However, if you’re looking for a rare, live preview of Disney’s Bambi(s) on ice, you’ve come to the right place! Even though we’ll likely get shown up by 7-17 year olds because our hockey skills are not completely up to par, our team promises that we’ll be wearing our hearts on our sleeves and to bring our positive attitude, enthusiasm and game faces! Our team is just a small representation of the larger, hard working, dedicated group of individuals who provide some of the best care to children and their families who require a visit to the Children’s Hospital. It was Dr. Jason Baserman who has encouraged and inspired a majority of use get involved in the Kimmett Cup this year. His ever so positive attitude, kind heart and tremendous good will was such an inspiration and encouragement for us to get involved. For a majority of the players on the OverACHievers this is our first time taking part in the event and we feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to help kids out beyond the walls of the hospital. To have opportunity to see kids getting back to their normal lives outside of ICU, Emerg, Unit 1 or any other unit or clinic is so absolutely heart-warming. We are all so excited to have the opportunity to take part in the Kimmett Cup this year and to become a member of the Kimmett Cup family. We look forward to being some easy competition to the majority of you- but still please go a little easy on us !

Les Glenn (C)
Adam Zitko
Zdenek Zitko
Shannon Lindsay
Michael G Power
Michael A Power
Brett Harbin
Steven Barney
Owen Wright
Ryan Smethurst
Dave Smethurst

Puck Smugglers

We are so proud to be here for KC’s tenth anniversary!  Amazing. We are much older than when we started, and we have long given up on dreams of winning the whole thing, but we will still try.


Andrew Woods (C)
Jeff Fox
Chad Newton
Andrew Kidd
Jessica England
Darrell Van Paridon
Jake Sherlock
Patricia Trainor
Joshua Pollard
Shauna Bailey


After some tough losses in 2017 Ramrod guaranteed they’d be back in 2018 stronger than ever.  After an offseason of zero practices and the loss of arguably their best player, Ramrod is looking to other avenues to fulfill their guarantee…. voodoo.


Ben MacLellan (C)
Kayla Ross
Jody Hart
Chris Hollinger
Matt Livingstone
Will Pozzo
Ryan Ross
Cali Jorgensen
Janelle Hart
Dylan Bentzen

Soft Dump in the Corner

This is the 4th year Soft Dump has been entered in the tournament. We come with some veterans as well as rookies of all skill levels. Looking forward to a fun weekend!

Melissa Braybrook (C)
Evelyn Schaffer
Jeremy Ness
Katelyn Bellingham-Reed
Warren Bellingham-Reed
Allan Schaffer
Kenzie Mucciarone
Katie Schadlich
Erin Barnes
Preston Rudd

Warriors 1

Our team is from Donnelly, Alberta located 4 1/2 hours north of Edmonton. What do you do when you have a need for a youth pond hockey program?  You create one.  Our organization saw the need for such a program 3 years ago and this program keeps growing every year.  Our team is composed of 20 youth players who enjoy the game of hockey.  Our team attended the Kimmett Cup Tournament for the first time last year and we can’t wait to return again this season.  Our team has been busy collecting funds for the Children’s Wish Foundation and we look forward to seeing the organizers of the Kimmett Cup and the other teams playing in this tournament.

Catherine Brochu (C)
Hailey Limoges
Bobby Brochu
Derrick Brocchi
Luc Blanchette
Terrek  Gagne
Kyle Guerette
Sebastian Gagne
Josh Tardif
Adrien Houle

Warriors 2

Our team comes from northern Alberta, 4 1/2 hours north of Edmonton.  We are a youth pond hockey team with 20 members, girls and boys, who enjoy the game of hockey.  This will be our 2nd attendance at the Kimmett Cup and we are very eager and excited to be part of this tournament again this season.

Dominic Labrecque (C)
Jaydyn Bedard
Adyn Ouellette
Weldon Marschner
Ephraim Marschner
Cole Deslauriers
Austin Deslauriers
Darren Roby
Connor Hinks
Logan Yaremko


We are a team formed from a Tier 3 SAWHA team from Airdrie.  Individually we have participated in Kimmett Cup but this year will be the first that we have entered as the Xtractors!

Lynda Cooke (C)
Kym Jarvis
Lynda Gross
Kayla Greenwood
Krystle Merkley
Ashley Wigemyr
Sarah Green

Fun Division

ACH Avengers

We are the ACH Avengers. We are an awesome team of nurses, residents, pediatricians, and family members!  No secrets on this team; not very many of us are aspiring Sidney Crosby’s or Alexander Ovechkin’s.  But what we do have is star play is Owen Gallant! He’s the guy we look to when we need the clutch power play goal in the 3rd period, or big hit on open ice on the opposing team’s ringer!!

All of us Avengers do have one important thing in common, though, and It’s that we play hard and we play with heart! Many of us work at the Alberta Children’s hospital each and every day, and we are all so excited to be a part of Kimmett Cup 10 this year.

Keep your stick on the ice,

Kayla Nelson (C)
Liam Gould
Troy Gould
Megan Leonard
Grant Wilson
Stephanie O’Grady
Nicole Gilbert
Natasha Parsons

ACH Dream Catchers

We are the DREAM TEAM!  I met everyone at our first practice skate where we began training camp to prepare for the Kimmett Cup.  Our team is made up a dozen amazing athletes that represent 4 families.  Based on the skills, tenacity and sportsmanship, I am confident we will be ready for the big day.

As a Wish Kid, I have a huge respect for the doctors and nurses at Children’s hospital.

Our story is my story because it is people like my team members (doctors, nurses, and supporters of Children’s Wish) and my support network, (mom’s and dad’s, uncles, aunts, grandma’s and grandpa’s) that have helped me on my life journey.

My Dream was to go to Nashville for the NHL ALL STAR weekend!  I have not let my health issues get in the way of my hockey passion.

I have what’s known as a Congenital Heart defect, which was diagnosed when I was a month old; by the time I was four months old, I had one heart surgery, 1 open heart surgery, and heart failure that led to my first angioplasty where a stent was put into one of my main arteries.  I have had 2 angioplasties since then and will require further surgery until I finish growing. I am now 17, and I am doing great!

The Wish journey began last September when we attended Exile Island, a Children’s Wish event at McMahon Stadium where we participated in a number of games with the sponsors that were part of funding my wish, the Kimmett family.

A few weeks later, I received a call from the Flames, it was an invitation to come and watch the Flames practice, I met the local broadcast team and then to my surprise, was invited to the dressing room to meet my hockey heroes, Mark Giordano and Johnny Gaudreau.

My introduction to the Kimmett Cup tournament was when I was asked to be the honorary ambassador last year. My Dad, my brother and I along with a few others also played in the tournament that was 2 weeks before we were leaving for Nashville.  The media were at the event, my Mom and I were interviewed which made me start to realize what an amazing organization the Children’s Wish is.  Jim Peplinski from the Flames Alumni was at the tournament, and Sarah was able to arrange a skate with Jim and his buddies the following Friday at the Saddledome where I met more players from the past.

It was finally time to leave for the big event.  Calgary to Denver, Denver to Nashville. We saw and met players and coaches in Denver and then on our plane there was Mat Deschene, Sports Net broadcasters and we met Brian Burke. When we landed in Nashville, the fun really began as I started recognizing a number of players; the first player I met was Cory Snyder who is a super nice guy.  Then I met John Scott who is huge and of course was the player the media were talking a lot about.  I got a number of  autographs which as it turned out was just the beginning of the hockey souvenirs I received.

We attended a number of the public All Star Weekend events using the tickets we received from Children’s Wish. The bonus we received from the NHL were a number of gifts, tickets to private events where we met players and even Gary Bettman.

My whole family and I along with the Flames media person Kristen Hallett and her camera team spent time with Mark and Johnny getting know them and recorded the event to tell my Children’s Wish story.

The best surprise was on the Saturday for skills day, my Dad and I were invited to the dressing rooms to meet all of the players and coaches along with GM’s and some owners + the media.  I couldn’t believe that I had a picture with every player and they signed my white All Star jersey and my autograph book.

When it was time to leave Nashville we had so many amazing memories and for me, I had received so many souvenirs, autographed pictures and jerseys, shirts and hats.

In closing, I want to tell you what the Wish meant to my family and me.  First, the wish I got is something I will never forget for the rest of my life.  It was just so amazing!  What it meant to me, is that I realized I want to work behind the scenes in professional hockey with either a team or with the NHL. After meeting and seeing a completely different perspective of the game, I think I would enjoy something to do with statistics.

What the wish meant for my family; we had a great time together, we saw great hockey, we all proudly wore our Flames jerseys, we enjoyed the people of Nashville, but most important, it was a reward for them as well as my Heart Journey has impacted my whole family.

Children’s Wish makes dreams come true.

Thank you again Children’s Wish and the NHL, you granted me the best wish ever. And thanks to the Kimmett family and all of the volunteers that make the tournament an amazing event so kids like me can have our dream.

Lily Sia Lu (C)
Shelby Kachmar
Walter Kachmar
Jenny Donihee
Jaz Balfour
Kirsten Sjonnesen
Nathan Neeteson
Roxy Pinson
Paige Burgess
Grazyna Burek
Curtis Timmons

ACH Flames

We are the ACH Flames, a team of RTs, nurses, friends and family excited to ignite our spirits and burn bright on the ice and off of it as we have a monumental time and raise money and awareness for Children’s Wish!  See you on the ice!

Aaron Rothery (C)
Rachel Rothery
Bennett Rothery
Kyle Lilley
Amber McGlone
Chad Dundas
Chelsea Dinel
Doug Cabral
Rachel Cabral

ACH Guardians

We are a team of passionate PICU players excited to advocate for our patients on the ice and raise money for a great cause off of it!  We will be paying tribute to our friend and passionate Kimmett Cup Wish Ambassador, Tristan Garrett…

“”Giving back is one of the best things you can do. It is truly amazing the power that kindness can have. There are no words to describe the power of kindness” — Tristan Garrett

Stephanie Hall (C)
Kiptyn Claypool
Melissa Perry
Amanda Syvitski
Kelsey Glover
Nicole Klementis
Rob Briltz
Brent Seefried

ACH Heroes

We are a team of passionate pediatricians, friends, family and former wish recipients all excited to lace up our skates for a good cause and make dreams come true!  See you on the ice!

Preet Sandhu Dhillon (C)
Veerin Dhillon
Sohrin Dhillon
Nicola Wright
Thomas Wright
Russ Wright
Deepak Bhayana
Rayan Bhayana
Evren Bhayana
Naushad Hirani
Shaan Hirani
Sonya Hirani

ACH Wishmakers

We are the team of Pediatric Residents, staff, family and friends and a very special wish family – The Gallants! We may not have any hockey experience behind us, and staying balanced on our skates will prove to be challenging, but we come excited and ready for this year’s Kimmett Cup! Working at the Alberta Children’s Hospital, we have the absolute pleasure of interacting with children and their loving families. Although we are early in our training, something has become clear to us very quickly. No matter how many medications we prescribe, we will never be able to match the therapeutic power of making a child smile.

Jason Baserman, one of our incredible colleagues and tournament organizers, has given us the opportunity to do just that. Through competing in the Kimmett Cup, we can contribute to granting a child their very own wish and that is a pretty amazing feeling! The passion and energy Jason has put behind this tournament has inspired us all to become a part of it as well. Whether it is a trip to Disneyworld, or recording a song for the radio, we are proud to join the Calgary community in making dreams come true. Just don’t expect us to make the hockey highlight reel.

See you on the ice!

Bobby Shyleyko (C)
Owen Gallant
Austin Gallant
Debbie Fruitman-Power
Christina Power
Mark Ruhl
Simone Kortbeek
Martin Perlsteyn
Gary Galante

BGC Strike & Dip

BGC is back on the ice in 2018 for their third Kimmett Cup and is looking to be a presence in the recreational division.  To geology enthusiasts like us, strike and dip are useful terms to describe rock.  To this BGC squad, strike describes the unpredictable shooting ability of the offence, while dip describes the expected decrease in the opponents scoring when coming up against this team’s rag tag defense. This untested new team of rookies and vets is likely to be full of surprises and is looking forward to having some fun and supporting a great cause.

Shelby DeMars (C)
Karlee Isfeld
Andy Jamieson
Sophol Tran
Kristin White
Geoff Claypool
Chris Bunce
James Campbell
Max Duguay
Ashley Quashigah

Cochrane U14B Rockier Ringers

We are a ringette team that wants to represent Lindsay’s first love….RINGETTE.  We have been VERY busy fundraising for Lindsay’s Foundation and are so honoured to be apart of the amazing weekend.  We are out to prove once and for all that girls skate better than boys!!!  Don’t be surprised if a ring shows up during one of our games.

Ian Kruger (C)
Ella Kruger
Abby Malliot
Anna Tuite
Belle Levisky
Jade Janzen
Jill Ogilvie
Kendyl Parsons
Madison Smith
Madyson Cheverie

Cottage Crusaders

What does it take to keep nearly 3000 children/year safe from harm and neglect? It takes an amazing team of staff, board members, donors and volunteers. A mighty group of these very special people have come together for the Kimmett Cup to create the Cottage Crusaders. Some may not have played hockey before… some may not have even strapped on skates before. This is not going to stop them from raising money to allow the Cottage to continue to grow its critical programs and services to help meet the need and to fulfill our vision of Safe Children in Healthy Families.

Elisha Jackson (C)
Lisa Garrisen
Dawn Boustead
Paula Bannerman
Jodi Egan
David McKenzie
Mike Jackson
Jason Schwandt

Half Hitch Brewing

As Canadians, we know there’s no better combination than a cold brew and a good ol’ hockey game.  However, in our perfect combo, the beer comes first!  What we lack in hockey skills, we make up for in suds.  Unfortunately, our brewmaster is on the ice today, so don’t even bother coming to the brewery, were closed for business until we win this damn pond hockey tournament.

Britt Kozloski (C)
Colman Farrell
Chace Kozloski
Kyle Heier
Martha Sanchez
Leisha Hitchings
Jon Babin
Karl Berrios
Mac Niewchas
Alex Todd

Next Generation

The Next Generation, formerly known as We are Officially Family, is here –  Our mission: to explore strange new ice surfaces, to seek out new plays, new scoring opportunities & to boldly go where no team has gone before.

Jocelyn Kimmett (C)
Leslie Kimmett
Susan Milledge-Fawkes
Spencer Fawkes
Rick Erven
Curtis Matwishyn
Chrissy Harrie
Clay Colvin
Christine Colvin
Angela Grant

Ongrowing Works

OnGrowing Works is a team of dedicated craftspeople that work toward common goals.

We thrive on our attention to detail and our passion to innovate!

Priya Desruisseaux   (C)
Gabe Desruisseaux
Wade McArthur
Bruce Kay
Raymond Vincent
Robert MacDonald
Ricky Vaisman
Michelle Vincent


The core 5 of our team has remained consistent over the past 5ish years with a few new comers each season.   We have a mix of experience with minimal talent to inexperienced with basically the same level of talent to the newbie and ringer but we haven’t actually seen her play so hopefully she carries us through the fun division!

This group of women are committed to everything they do no matter how big or small.  I love playing in the Kimmett Cup with them because they love to laugh and have a great time.

We don’t live very far apart but rarely seem to get together as a group but the Kimmett Cup brings us together for one awesome weekend every year!

Trina Radcliffe (C)
Rann Dean Savage
Brittany Ehmann
Kelly Wilcox
Christy Hystad
Kim Radcliffe
Sarah Meade
Lauren Cunningham


We are back for another year of fun!!!

Ian Kruger (C)
Jake Trottier
Slade King
Ian Barclay
Danae Walsh
Blaise Trottier
Kevin Graf
Cochrane family vision
Knox Trottier

Raucous Rotary Relics

We play hard but fair and always follow the Rotary 4-Way Test

Martin Parnell (C)
Dean Rask
Anita Mcdonald
Cyndie Baum
Tom Wilk
Steve Peach
Giorgia Frigerio
Alex Mcleod
Jon deCocq

Rice Kings

We are happy to participate in the Kimmett Cup for our third year!  We’re a mixed group of hockey loving families.  The kids get better every year… the parents not so much.

Gerald Kim (C)
Grace Kim
Michael Kim
Leah Kim
Sam Yu
Ben Yu
Evelyn Yu
Joe Chan
Ujay Kim
Oliver Chan

Two Pharmacy Drug Runners

The Two Pharmacy Drug Runners return for another year of chasing glory in the fun division. This year we return much of the same squad as previous years, with the hope that experience will point us in the right direction.

Line 1: The Makkreels: Parker, Noah & Brynn

Line 2: The Crawfords: Sadie, Marley & Murray

Line 3: Paula Evans, Ernie Brucker & Max Kruger

Player/Coach/GM: Reid Kimmett

We look forward to playing and skating in Lindsay’s memory, and create new happy memories with our families.

Reid Kimmett (C)
Paula Evans
Ernie Brucker
Brynn Makkreel
Noah Makkreel
Parker Makkreel
Max Kruger
Murray Crawford
Marley Crawford
Sadie Crawford

Winners of All Games

Winner of All Games!  An extravagant claim, to be sure.  Still, no one would have doubted Lindsay’s sincerity when she proclaimed it after winning a game.  In the fun division, everyone is a winner so well be able to make this boast with the same confidence Lindsay did.

Joe MacLellan (C)
Shelley MacLellan
Vikki MacLellan
Brandon Belland
Larissa Belland
Gerald Gensorek
Louise  Belair
Hugh Maloney
Peggy Holroyd

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