Neither snow nor rain nor cold nor gloom of night stays these Kimmett Cuppers from lacing up their skates for a good cause. 
On behalf of all of the Kimmett Cup organizers, THANK YOU for everything you’ve done to make this year’s tournament a MONUMENTAL, RECORD-BREAKING success.
Together we far surpassed our expectations!  The preliminary numbers are over $218,000 for the entire tournament reaching our goal of $125,000.00 to Children’s Wish and amassing $755,000 over the past 6 years!  Next stop – ONE MILLION DOLLARS :)! This translates into granting the heartfelt wishes to 75 special families.  
The Children’s Cottage Society will also be receiving $55,000 supporting the building of strong families through support services, respite programs, crisis nurseries and providing a safe, warm environment at Brenda’s House in support of Calgary’s Homeless Families.  
Additionally, $2,155 will be gifted to the Helping Families Handle Cancer Foundation (
The remainder will fund local programs through the Lindsay Leigh Kimmett Memorial Foundation (  Lindsay’s foundation has now contributed over $2,500,000.00 to local and international initiatives since its inception in 2008.  
To our Volunteers, thank you for your selfless gift of time, hard work, dedication and enthusiasm.  Your smiles, hugs, and endless energy provided the perfect backdrop for an incredible weekend.  
A special thank-you to Susan Bannister who generously donated our new and improved (and much lighter!) Kimmett Cup nets in memory of her husband and one of our first, most dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers and supporters, Tim Bannister.  
To our Sponsors, thank you for your belief in our cause and for your commitment to our community.
To our Players and Spectators, you gave the day life! Thank you for the memorable games, loud cheers, sportsmanship and for competing with your hearts on your sleeves as Lindsay did!  Congratulations to The Hellbenders for taking home the Kimmett Cup for the 3rd time, Kraken for capturing the Recreational Trophy, and The Cochrane Cruisers and Taylor, Jocelyn, Charlotte and William Kimmett for winning the “Spirit Of The Kimmett Cup Award” as the top fundraising team and individuals respectively raising over $11,000 and granting their very own wish!! 
We proudly payed tribute to our late friend, inspiring Cochranite and brave member of Calgary Police Services, Sarah Degraw, whose initials were proudly displayed over the hearts of every jersey in commemoration of her legacy of helping others!
To our Children’s Wish & Children Cottage Families, YOU are our inspiration!   Thank you for your courage, heartfelt speeches, and for sharing your stories and artwork which brought tears to our eyes and warmth to our hearts. 
Special thanks to our event ambassadors and future wish recipients, The Low Triplets and their fellow wish heroes, Owen, Liam, Kiptyn, and Shelby who skated and cheered alongside us bringing joy to their teammates and scoring timely goals versus their opponents :)!  They also made up the youngest contingent of fundraisers in the tournament setting an example of the power of giving!  
We hosted our second annual Kimmett Cup Kids Tournament on Sunday Feb. 10th in which a record 12 Cochrane minor hockey teams from Novice to Peewee competed on Mitford Ponds to raise money for Children’s Cottage Society in memory of Lindsay’s late medical school classmate, Dr. Greg Roberts.  Greg was an amazing father and friend, a compassionate physician and children’s book author.  Congrats to the Cochrane Rockies Female Atom team who raised over $1600 and captured this year’s “Spirit Bear Award” (named after Greg’s book “S is for Spirit Bear: A British Columbia Alphabet”).  You are an incredible example to the next generation.  Kudos!!  The two top individual fundraisers who will each receive two Flames tickets are Brynn Makkreel and Matthew Prokop.  Well done!
We invite you to enjoy your favorite warm beverage while watching this very meaningful professional tribute video capturing the Kimmett Cup spirit created by our friends Dave Johnson and Joel Lewis from DABU media:
We encourage you to share the video with friends and family as we build momentum for Kimmett Cup 12!     
Like our Facebook Page ( where you are encouraged to share your favorite Kimmett Cup thoughts, photos, and videos!  We have begun uploading some special albums and recap articles thanks to our friends from Howard’s Cove Photography, Jaimie Bird, Dana Stewart, Gerald Gensorek, Mark Ruhl, and Marie-Linda Plante, as well as the teams at The Cochrane Eagle and Cochrane Times. 
Special thanks to Rachel Cullen on the incredible Kimmett Cup website she designed and continues to update at  Join our mailing list to stay tuned for updates on next year’s Kimmett Cup!
We look forward to lacing up our skates for a good cause together in 2020! 
“Giving back is one of the best things you can do. It is truly amazing the power that kindness can have. There are no words to describe the power of kindness” — Tristan Garrett
Yours in service,
Kimmett Cup 11 Committee
KC11 – Feb 8-10, 2019

52 Teams
678 Players
116 Sponsors
75 Volunteers
$218,000 Raised for Children’s Wish, Children’s Cottage Society and the Lindsay Leigh Kimmett Memorial Foundation


Competitive Winner
The Hellbenders
Shot Stick Winner
Recreational Winner
Spirit of Kimmett Cup
The Cochrane Cruisers (team)
Taylor, Jocelyn, Charlotte & William Kimmett (individual)
Spirit Bear Award
Cochrane Rockies Female Atom Team

Team Rosters & Stories

Competitive Division

Das Cows

Das Cows are a team rich in history, culture and experience. Our mottos of “leave no cow behind” and “moo” represent our strong team culture and work ethic. These cows have silky mitts, quick edges, poise and dirty sauce. Das Cows are coming to an ODR near you, Feb 2019.  See you out there – moo.

Joe Kendal (C)
Kris Moore
Jason Miller
Brooks Meyers
Lundy Day
Elin Brown
Taryn Peacock
Trevor Galon


Can’t wait for another year out with the wonderful people of Cochrane and the Kimmett Cup!

Michael Bosch (C)
Kolten Nelson
Stephanie Brass
Krissy Gibson
Preston Seier
Ryan Shields
Lisa Rosengarten
Donovan Pederson

The Shockers

Dump, Chase, Get Off!!!

Jesse McLean (C)
Steven McEwan
Jill McEwan
Andrew Knouse
Logan Harris
Matty Lalonde
Brando Mahoney
Junior Kelly
Jill Bowie


We are a team of co-workers that are going on 4 straight years at KC! Looking forward to raising more money and scoring more goals this year!

Isaac Seto (C)
Kade Grant-Johansen
Michael Smilsky
Morgan Sakundiak
Kyle Mathewson
Daniel Gayle
Shanelle Bjorndahl
Alanna Bontorin
Ryan Okamura

Recreational Division 1

Bow Valley Grizzlies

We are the local Cochrane rugby team … And we joined together here for a great cause that we have been wanting to be involved in.

Joe Clark (C)
Austin Frank
Connor Gilbert
Kelsey Leifson
Lindsay Rogers
Roberta Stinn
Tyler Hawes
Kevin Canning
Kyle Clark


Just a few guys and their kids.

Andy Degraw (C)
Darcy Ponath
Dustin Ponath
Meghan Degraw
Justin Davis
Faith Davis
Harley Davis
Thomas Pistore
Nathan Pistore
Al Pistore

Cochrane Cruisers

We’re here to raise some money and drink some beer and it looks like we’re all out of beer….

Taylor Kimmett (C)
Lany Kossowan
Chad Kossowan
Craig Vassie
Ryan Crutchfield
Kali Kasper
Cara Lakeman
Kathleen Ricketts
David Marcial 

Cochrane NAPA

We are Team Cochrane Napa, built up from employees and customers wanting to support the community. This is a great event with an even better cause and we can’t wait to be part of it!  Our team is comprised of several tournament veterans who have lost in the Rec final 2 years in a row and are desperate to get their names on the cup!

Darcy Erickson(C)
Cory Weese
Darren Schmautz
Brandon Satchwell
Jess Reid
Jessica Ross
Katelyn Campbell
Jason Labelle
Nick Mann
Ryley Jackson

Crucial Diesel

We are a bunch of friends from all over Alberta coming together for a good cause and a weekend of hockey and lots of laughs.

Ryan Pharis (C)
Chris Jervis
Lindsay Copeland
Sean Mayan
Ryan Williams
Stephen Fournier
Sheena Kaine
Jennifer Bird
Tristan MacLaggan
Martin halle

DJ’s Red Wings

Just a group of hockey players that want to play a little 3 on 3 and have fun.

Doug Krebes (C)
Brad Bergevin
Jessica Knisley
Brett Knisley
Lorne Ponath
Beck Ponath
Nicole LeBlanc
Nicole Halyk

Greasy Hoof Burners

A team of great people and good hockey players.  We, as a team, never played together, however sure to enjoy ourselves with some laughs and hopefully a few goals. We have all played pretty good hockey growing up but first time entering a tournament growing up. We have one player who may join, Sheldon Skamers, as we are waiting on the last player of our team, Brett Pennett ,who is trying to get the dates off from working. So our team isn’t completely finalized but hopefully should be soon. We are all excited to playing in this tournament as it is a great cause and a great time playing Canada’s game.

Nathan Hannah (C)
Brett Pennett
Danielle Giesbrecht
Michael Haddon
Roger McIntosh
Jessica O’Hare
Katie McPhedran


We are a new Kimmett Cup Team.  Some of us have played in previous years, but have started a new team. We are a group of friends and colleagues who are for the most part Cochrane locals and parents.  We are excited and honoured to be taking part in this well organized charity event.  Lets hope for some fantastic weather!!

Jodi Reade (C)
Tyler Code
Keith Reade
Lanna Code
Lonnie Voss
Marilynn Hay
Matthew Lof
Steve Reade 

Martini Time

Family and friends from Calgary and Cochrane.

Jesse Martini (C)
Craig Barnden
Chris Martini
Rachel Martini
Larry Martini
Jackie Martini
Sara Nosworthy


Narwhals are majestic tusked whales, we are not.

Tom Meservia(C)
Michael Dew
Lauren Meservia
Kaleena Johnston
Lisa Pouliotte
Lucas Pouliotte
AJ Lane
Natalie Sachrajda


The francophone school is back in this amazing community event. It’s so great to share our love of the game with everyone.  Our 5 years, we getting slower but we having more experience now…

Alexandre Paradis (C)
Marc Lord
Adèle Scott
Carl Brault
Joel Matthews
Michele Bosse
Julie Vaillancourt

Notre-Dame-Des-Vallées 2.0

We are just a bunch of guys (and gals) who like to play together.  Third year that we participate in this incredible hockey tournament. We are proud of representing École NDV.

Nicolas Brisebois (C)
Caroline Charest
Charles Brochu
Denis Lussier
Kari Hachey
Pascal Richard
Marianne Brisebois
Ti-Guy Bouchard

Powderhorn Pistols

We started the Powderhorn Pistol’s as a fun local beer team in Bragg Creek, thanks to the owner Rose Dallyn.  Our goal was to enjoy some light hearted and fun outdoor games on our little local rink, have some fires, have some brews, and basically have a blast with like-minded hockey peeps.  We are a tight knit groups of friends who have played hockey together over the last few years, and really enjoy the sport whether it’s competitive or recreational.  We love our local Powderhorn Saloon and can’t wait to play on the bar’s behalf during this tourney, and to meet a bunch of other rad hockey players!

Kelsey Baldwin (C)
Allison Rooney
Stephanie Rooney
Conor Foudy
Chris Haywood
Gary Wiewer
Nathan Clow
Chad Gibson
Ryan Bennett
Ryan Ashbacher 

Puck Junkies

Puck: A round , vulcanized piece of rubber that all hockey nuts dream of taking end to end & putting it top shelf or five hole or wherever Mama keeps the peanut butter

Junkies: People like us who are hooked on Pond Hockey

The Puck Junkies started 11 years ago at the first Kimmett Cup: Two families with a passion for the “ Best Game You Can Name “.  Ten Kimmett Cups later, many more families, friends and kids have become part of the Puck Junkie story.  We are all here for the same reason:  A chance to play out our Pond Hockey passion with our kids and friends.  Coaching your kids and friends is one thing.  Playing with them is quite another.  Regardless of age, gender or ability, the thrill of competition and the satisfaction of being part of a team is the same.  And maybe if you’re good enough and the Hockey Gods are on your side, you get to sip from the Shottie Stick ( Yeah Baby ! )

But the reward doesn’t just come from a Win.  It comes many times all through the game:  That “Wow” moment when a teammate or even an opposing player makes a sick move and puts the biscuit in the basket.  Or the tick-tack-toe passing play.  Or maybe the poke check that broke up the 3 on 1 and saved a goal. The laughs when we screw up.  There’s usually some pain along the way too:  The gasping-for-air feeling after a shift too long.  A whack on the shin by a puck or errant stick.  Or when your skate catches a crack and you splat on the ice?  All part of Pond Hockey. All part of why we love the game.  You pay a price but it’s always worth it.

And along the way something very special happens:  You get a chance to be part of making something special happen.  You get hooked.   It’s contagious. You feel it:  How much fun it is to work with old friends and new friends to make the Kimmett Cup happen.  Yeah it’s a lot of work but you almost feel honoured to be a part of it.  And then we see what fantastic things we accomplish when we work together:  The smiles and stories from the Children’s Wish kids.  How much it means to their brothers and sisters and Moms and Dads when a wish is granted.

Thank You Lindsay for the way you lived your life.  It’s what the Kimmett Cup is all about.

Rob Owens (C)
Ayla Owens
Brad Mitchell
Ryan Owens
Jordan Kwas
Chris Mann
Kayla Oakley
Nick Mann
Melissa Pritchard
Matt Lalande
Andrew Lee

Pucks & Popsicles

What do you get when a scientist, a police officer and some pediatric nurses get together to play some ODR??  You get Pucks & Popsicles peeps!! We are fortunate to work in professions where we get to help people, and hopefully make a difference in the lives of so many others.  We are excited to lace them up, and support such a great cause!

Trish Dubyk (C)
Jason Sexsmith
Kaitlyn Burke
Lindsay Veale
Mike Mousseau
Sean Burke
Stacy O’Malley

Pucks in Deep

We’re a team of some family, some neighbours and some friends thrown together for this great cause.  This is our first year in the Cup and we’re thrilled to be involved and excited to get our butts kicked.

Josh Clark (C)
Andre Girard
Allison Clark
Chelsea Clark
Mike Green
David Kirkpatrick
Luke Hume
Sarah Kirkpatrick
Matt Buchholz
Matt Dunn


Looking forward to another year of typical Pylon hockey that includes no back checking or “extra effort” BUT lots of laughter.

Ian Kruger (C)
Dave Graf
Kelsey Cheyne
Kevin Graf
Lynda Gross
Darwyn Trottier
Rylie Dobson
Slade King
Summer Gibbons
Jeremy Cheyne

Team Old School

We are a mixture of hockey players/wannabe hockey players that love the game!  Most importantly, though, we are here for Lindsay Leigh because this was her game.  Our team is called, “Team Old School” because there are members on the team that knew Lindsay through our school years where memories will never be forgotten.  We are going to battle hard and play the game like Lindsay’s favourite team the “FLAMES” and destroy all of our opponents!

Glori Crerar (C)
Curtis Crerar
Code Bint
Chris Kierzkowski
Paul Holden
Jay Popplewell
Julie Popplewell
Kayla Kehlert
Tanya Popplewell
Tyler Kehlert

Team Unreal

We’re Unreal!  Well… maybe not that unreal on the ice…  However, we are unreal in high five giving ability, joke telling ability, after game beverage drinking ability and raising money for Children’s Wish Foundation!!!  You may not see our names on the trophy at the end of the tournament, but we are going to have an UNREAL time at Kimmett Cup 11!!

Scott Erven (C)
Ryan Priddey
Scott Gallagher
Mckenzie Kissel
Steve Schneider
Aki Fujimori
Anna Daniels

The Jets

The Jets have been around since KC 1 and are happy to be back for KC 11!!  Were older and wiser (?) and will be much sorer on Monday following.  We are all very proud to be part of such a great cause that contributes back in so many ways to those less fortunate.

Thanks Kimmett’s, and to Reid, Joe, and Jason for all the hard work you put in – and to everyone else involved in this great event.

Garry Roberts (C)
Dave Lee
Pete Nielsen
Barry McCurdy
Calvin Roberts
Jessica McCurdy
Dustin Daub
Breanne Davis
Jodi Candace

Tofield Fighting Snowgeese

Following in the footsteps of another failed GM from a little bit north of Cochrane, the long time Tofield Fighting Snowgeese GM was relieved of his scouting duties over the summer and replaced by his very capable Cochrane based assistant.  The roster has been completely gutted but, unlike the other Alberta team to the north, has no Connor McDavid.  Hopefully the purge of nearly all Tofield content is what it takes to get the Geese over the hump this year.  We look forward to finding out.

Mike Kauffman
Craig Wiens
Abigail Garratt
Kerrie McNally
Ryan Tomlinson
Curtis Blackmore
Stephanie Lottes
Patrick Wilson
Kelly Reid
Allan Lambie
Eric Paula

Recreational Division 2

ACH Avengers

We are the ACH Avengers. We are an awesome team of nurses, residents, pediatricians, and family members!  No secrets on this team; not very many of us are aspiring Sidney Crosbys or Alexander Ovechkins.  But what we do have is star player, Owen Gallant! He’s the guy we look to when we need the clutch power play goal in the 3rd period, or big hit on open ice on the opposing team’s ringer!!

All of us Avengers do have one important thing in common, though, and It’s that we play hard and we play with heart!  Many of us work at the Alberta Children’s hospital each and every day, and we are all so excited to be a part of Kimmett Cup 11 this year.

Keep your stick on the ice.

Robyn Fraser (C)
Chris Fraser
Courtney Jaques
Michael Power
Ryan Gill
Dave Johnson
Joel Lewis
Josh Amyotte
Tyson Goebel
Nicole Ewart
Rance Coulter

Angels Among Us

‘Angels Among Us’ can mean many things to all of us, and as such I have been inspired with the name.  There are many Angels Among Us, such as Joe, Jason and Reid, the Kimmett Family, and Friends, and the Kimmett Cup Family of friends and volunteers!  All are Angels at work ‘doing’, to encourage, lift up and support the Special Angels Among Us, for those we can do something about now 🙂

The Wish Angels and their families are Angels who demonstrate courage, faith, love, perseverance, and strength, all emblematic of Kimmett Cup, and the way Lindsay played the game of hockey and life!

Past, Present and Future Wish Angel Children and Families are thrust into situations that we can all partner with now, stand in the gap with them, and be there when they need us most!

We all have a story of our Angels Among Us, such as, giving us an opportunity to sew seed into the lives of the Wish Children and their Families. We can do something for them now; provide encouragement to celebrate the life of a Loved One Angel who is dearly missed by us and family and friends; and gather together corporately as a Kimmett Cup Family to encourage one another, making a difference, past, present, and into the future.  Let’s play, celebrate and have too much fun!

Gerald Gensorek (C)
Hugh Maloney
Barton Stone
Peggy Holroyd
Louise Belair
Michele Albach
Jeff Sawyer
Daryl Stone
Anden Beiganowski
Shelley Boychuk

Cam’s Seabass

Got hit in the head with a salt shaker.

Derek Iwanicka (C)
Shelly Dolezsar
Rob Finlay
Robyn Graham
Spencer Holmes
Warren Walden

Chicks with Sticks

An awesome group of women who love playing Canada’s favourite game. Our first time playing in Kimmett Cup but certainly not our last!

Katherine Cox (C)
Adele Scott
Barb Spiak
Dave Cox
Lise Miller
Erin Wagner
Georgette Johnson
Loretta Lucic
Meredith McMorran
Nancy Chudleigh
Sam Teskey

HP Sauce

Team HP Sauce has been participating in Kimmett Cup since 2015; it is a weekend we all look forward to.  Our team is made up of mostly Holmberg (H!) family members and Pearcy (P!) family members, two families who have been life long friends.  Team HP Sauce is excited for this year’s tournament and look forward to many more to come!

Katie Holmberg (C)
Amanda Holmberg
Brendan Toft
Dave Holmberg
Jillian Cyr
Jason Irving
Matthew Pearcy
Mike Holmberg
Tim Pearcy
Real Cyr
Sarah Pearcy

Maybe we Should Try Knitting

Our story is simple.  Maybe we should try knitting is a team made up of a group of ladies that love to play soccer.  We have all battled with various injuries due to our active lifestyle but keep pushing through to do what we love!  We are attempting to be hockey players for the Kimmett cup, and after we should probably take up knitting while we recover!

Kelsey Norman (C)
Sherri Sellar
Charles Attoe
Kim Dumanowski
Mailey Dumanowski
Jessica Taylor
Kaileigh LaRoque-Walker
Rebecca Goundry 

Puck Smugglers

This proud bunch of border breachers has been smugglin’ for centuries, long before the days of booze totin’ rum runners.  But pucks haven’t always been their cargo of choice, no sir.  Instead they got their start moving suitcases full of mighty mallards – yes, genuine Canadian ducks – across the 49th parallel.  With the underground duck trade in full force business was booming, and the Smugglers soon became America’s #1 fowl trade partner.  Everything was dandy, superb even, until their neighbours to the South came to a harsh realization in the mid 1900’s: ducks smuggle themselves across the border annually, flapping their wings furiously to avoid the harsh Canadian winter!  Thwarted by mallard instinct, the Smugglers were doomed. About to close shop, their fortunes reversed when a peculiar order form from a misinformed buyer arrived at the office. As they opened the letter they saw a request that would change their lives forever…

“I hereby demand 500 of your finest pucks, in short order!”

Andrew Woods (C)
Chad Newton
Andrew Kidd
Patricia Trainor
Scott Crowe
Byron Bader
Andie Kidd


After some tough losses in 2018, Ramrod guaranteed they’d be back in 2019 stronger than ever.  After an offseason of zero practices and the loss of arguably their best player, Ramrod is looking to other avenues to fulfill their guarantee…. voodoo.


Ben MacLellan (C)
Kayla Ross
Chris Hollinger
Will Pozzo
Ryan Ross
Dylan Bentzen
Kaylee Villadson

Soft Dump in the Corner

Our team is made mostly of tournament rookies.  The ones of us that are returning again for another year are so excited to show the newbies what this tournament is all about!

Melissa Braybrook (C)
Warren Bellingham-Reed
Allan Schaffer
Kenzie Mucciarone
Connor Doucette
Mark Diaz
Corrie Martyn
Korie Graham
Danielle Diaz
Stacey Johnson

Warriors 1

Our team comes from northern Alberta, 4 1/2 hours north of Edmonton. We are a youth pond hockey team with 20 members, girls and boys, who enjoy the game of hockey.  This will be our 3rd attendance at the Kimmett Cup and we are very eager and excited to be part of this tournament again this season.

Derrick Brochu (C)
Emilie Aubin
Taylor Benoit
Denis Bouchard
Catherine Brochu
Derrick Brochu
Terrek Gagne
Sebastian Gagne
Deenan Labrecque
Ethan Paradis
Henco Smit
Adrian Smit

We Are Family

We Are Family are back for our 11th year of Kimmett Cup. We are a strange mix of a team – creepy old guys and young women, not usually a recipe for success!  We do make it work though with 2 Rec Division championships in 10 years although our age has dropped us into the non-comp rec division as the old guys cannot survive another long playoff run.  As always we will play in Lindsay’s name as a family of great friends. We wish all a fantastic KC weekend and let’s all do it for the children!!

Kelly Kimmett (C)
Charlie Crutchfield
Mike Fredrich
Justin Fredrich
Amanda Crutchfield
Kendra Gilbertson
Kale Holteen
Lauren Fredrich


Clear the track here come The Zambronies!  Complete with brawn and brains, this team is a force to be reckoned with.  We are all here to have fun and support the amazing charity that is The Children’s Wish Foundation.

Sheldon Lachambre
Ashley Centrone
Tyler Centrone
Brad Hoey
Samantha Lachambre
Conrad Kenny
Melissa Kenny
Tyler Hebblethwaite
Cam Eck
Megan Rosene
Mike Marianchuk

Fun Division

ACH Dream Catchers

We are the ACH Dream Catchers; a team of nurses, RTs, Residents, Wish Kids, friends and family excited to ignite our spirits and burn bright on the ice and off of it as we have a monumental time and raise money and awareness for Children’s Wish!  See you on the ice!

Stephanie Hall (C)
Troy Gould
Liam Gould
Shelby Kachmar
Marcus Seefried
Brent Seefried
Vidushi Khatri
Colin Seefried
Martin Perlsteyn
Nicole Perlsteyn

ACH Guardians

We are a team of passionate ACH players excited to advocate for our patients on the ice and raise money for a great cause off of it!  We will be paying tribute to our friend and passionate Kimmett Cup Wish Ambassador, Tristan Garrett…

“”Giving back is one of the best things you can do. It is truly amazing the power that kindness can have. There are no words to describe the power of kindness”   — Tristan Garrett

Deborah Fruitman-Power (C)
Christina Power
Samantha Webber
Kelly Webber
Ryder Haggard
Ryan Haggard
Allen Goehner
Makayla Fraser
Brayden Fraser

ACH Kings

We are the ACH Kings; a team of RTs, friends and family excited to ignite our spirits and burn bright on the ice and off of it as we have a monumental time and raise money and awareness for Children’s Wish!  See you on the ice!

Aaron Rothery (C)
Rachel Rothery
Bennett Rothery
Cameron Rothery
Claire Coulter
Chris MacDougall
Katie Andrew
Neil Baribeau
Serena Barry
Laura Bird

ACH Wishmakers

We are the team of Pediatric Residents, staff, family and friends and a very special wish family – The Gallants!  We may not have any hockey experience behind us, and staying balanced on our skates will prove to be challenging, but we come excited and ready for this year’s Kimmett Cup! Working at the Alberta Children’s Hospital, we have the absolute pleasure of interacting with children and their loving families.  Although we are early in our training, something has become clear to us very quickly.  No matter how many medications we prescribe, we will never be able to match the therapeutic power of making a child smile.

Jason Baserman, one of our incredible colleagues and tournament organizers, has given us the opportunity to do just that.  Through competing in the Kimmett Cup, we can contribute to granting a child their very own wish and that is a pretty amazing feeling! The passion and energy Jason has put behind this tournament has inspired us all to become a part of it as well.  Whether it is a trip to Disneyworld, or recording a song for the radio, we are proud to join the Calgary community in making dreams come true.  Just don’t expect us to make the hockey highlight reel.

See you on the ice!

Bobby Shyleyko (C)
Owen Gallant
Austin Gallant
Steven Barney
Ceilidh Kinlin
Jason Baserman
Jackie Harrison
Kiptyn Claypool
Amber Deus
Jane Deus
Jack Deus

BGC Strike & Dip

BGC is back on the ice in 2019 for their fourth Kimmett Cup and is looking to be a presence in the fun division with some new additions to the all-star team!  To geology enthusiasts like us, strike and dip are useful terms to describe rock. To this BGC squad, strike describes the unpredictable shooting ability of the offence, while dip describes the expected decrease in the opponents scoring when coming up against this team’s rag tag defense.  This untested new team of rookies and vets is likely to be full of surprises and is looking forward to having some fun and supporting a great cause.

Shelby DeMars (C)
Dylan Cunningham
Deepreet Mand
John Heilman
Mark Curley
Sophol Tran
Will Smith
Blaine Sutherland
Geoff Claypool
Tara Coultish
Mitchell Latimer

Bippity Boppity Boos

We bring the power of a wish to the ice!  With our magic wands (AKA…Hockey Sticks) we will skate for our passion, to grant Wishes that WILL come true!

Welcome team Children’s Wish Foundation – Bippity Boppity Boos!

April Stallings (C)
Owen Stallings
Michael Stallings
Carly Morrison
Addison Martin
Kyla Martin

Cottage Crusaders

The Cottage Crusaders are a mighty team of Children’s Cottage staff and volunteers.

Elisha Jackson (C)
Camisha Rainey
Dawn Boustead
Sandra Sandberg
Mike Jackson
Jason Schwandt
Kris Jackson

Half Hitch Brewing

We brew beer better than we skate.  You’ll agree when you see us on the ice.

Britt Kozloski (C)
Colman Farrell
Kyle Heier
Martha Sanchez
Leisha Hitchings
Jon Babin
Karl Berrios
Alex Todd
Phil Bentham
Nick Isaac

Ongrowing Works

OnGrowing Works is a cadre of inspired craftsmen that innovate, support and lead the standard for sustainable construction business services.  We build to last and to leave lasting impressions.

Raymond Vincent (C)
Brett Desjardins
Bruce Kay
Gabriel Desruisseaux
Inez Bishop
Terry Norman
Wade McArthur
William Constantineau
Vince Constantineau
Reid Morris
Chris Felber
Michelle Vincent

Next Generation

Our Team is called Next Generation because it is a bunch of “next generation Kimmetts”.  Lindsay’s Niece and 2 Nephews are excited to be a part of her legacy!

This team also has some extended family of Lindsay’s!

We have been skating together for a number of years now and are always excited to lace up for such a great cause!

Jocelyn Kimmett (C)
Leslie Kimmett
Susan Milledge-Fawkes
Spencer Fawkes
Rick Erven
Jay Christie
Chris d’Entremont
Clay Colvin
Christine Colvin
Grady Colvin
Angela George
Owen George

Raucous Rotary Relics

Our team is comprised of fun people from the Rotary Club of Cochrane.

Dean Rask (C)
Cyndie Baum
Rita Richter
Scott Grattidge
Sara Scott
Andrea Tetroe
Austin Williams
Tom Wilk

Rice Kings

We’re a bunch of hockey crazy Koreans.  This is our fourth Kimmett Cup, and we look forward to this every year.

Gerald Kim (C)
Grace Kim
Michael Kim
Leah Kim
Sam Yu
Ben Yu
Evelyn Yu

Two Pharmacy Drug Runners

The Two Pharmacy Drug Runners return to take another crack at winning the elusive (and nonexistent) Kimmett Cup Fun Division Championship.  The team features newcomer to the Kimmett Cup, hockey…and skating, Adriana Fridfinnson. Returning are the former ‘youth movement’ of the team, and now savvy veterans Max & Ella Kruger, and Marley & Sadie Crawford.  The team is anchored (literally) by Ian Kruger and Reid Kimmett.

It is an honour to play in Lindsay’s memory each year at the Kimmett Cup.  We look forward to being a part of the Spirit of the Kimmett Cup in 2019.

Reid Kimmett (C)
Marley Crawford
Sadie Crawford
Parker Makkreel
Brynn Makkreel
Noah Makkreel
Max Kruger
Ian Kruger
Ella Kruger
Adriana Fridfinnson

Winners of All Games

“Winner of All Games!“

An extravagant claim, to be sure.

Still, no one would have doubted Lindsay’s sincerity when she proclaimed it after winning a game.  In the fun division, everyone is a winner so well be able to make this boast with the same confidence Lindsay did.

Joe MacLellan (C)
Shelley MacLellan
Joel Tappay
Samuel Tappay
Aubrie Tappay
Rebeka Stevenson
Daniel Sabourin

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