“There is no better exercise for your heart than reaching down and helping to lift someone up.” –Bernard Meltzer

To our volunteers, sponsors, players, fundraisers, charitable partners, and fans:

On behalf of the Kimmett Cup organizing committee, thank you for everything you’ve done to make this year’s tournament such a MONUMENTAL success and inspiring addition to Dr. Lindsay Kimmett’s legacy. Together we raised over $135,000 for the tournament, exceeding our target of $100,000. Funds will be divided evenly to our charitable partners: Make-A-Wish Canada, KidSport, Helping Families Handle Cancer, and Cochrane Activettes. Additional funds will also be donated to our volunteer partners at Cochrane Lions Club and Cochrane Search and Rescue for supporting our food services, banquet operations, venue setup, security, and clean-up efforts.

Our goal at the outset of this 14th edition of Kimmett Cup was simple: “Let’s get back to normal”. It quickly became evident to us as games were played on frozen ponds and arenas, as hot chocolate and beers were shared in heated Remax tents, as chatter and laughter was heard echoing throughout Mitford Park, and as players and volunteers gathered to remember Linds, spark new traditions, and compete with friends and family (sometimes many times their junior!), all the while raising money to give hope to a multitude of causes and worthy recipients, it’s crystal clear… This is NOT normal… This is abnormal, and in that we pause to reflect that sometimes deviating from the norm is exactly what we need and what we should strive for.

We worried COVID would make these goals and experiences less achievable, and we hoped at least one more time we could return to the feelings and mission we set out to accomplish before this virus dominated our lives. But it’s not “normal” we now strive for, it’s a “new normal” we hope continues to flourish.

This year, YOU showed us we are not only capable of recapturing the magic and spirit of Kimmett Cups of old, but of surpassing our goals while moving forward with a shared vision of growth and newfound optimism. YOU showed us a remarkable group of “abnormal” people, who for a weekend in the foothills of the Rockies were keen to put the wellness of others first while celebrating our game, our town, and our ability to make a difference and in part fill a void of the loss of a young soon-to-be doctor who was destined to ensure the healing of those around her.

Congratulations to all of you for the memorable games and thank you for the great times together. Congratulations to Tofield Fighting Snowgeese for capturing the Kimmett Cup Title and River Heights Eye Can’t See Us Losing on taking home the inaugural Men’s Division trophy. This year the Spirit of The Kimmett Cup Award, an annual prize presented to the individual and team(s) that best exemplified the spirit of the event and of Lindsay, was won by Dr. Jason Baserman and We Are Family led by Kelly “Kel-Man” Kimmett.

Special thanks to:

  • Our event ambassador and wish recipient, Riley and his family.
  • Our Sponsors for your belief in our cause and your commitment to our community through your generous financial & prize donations as well as your services and expertise.
  • Our Volunteers for your selfless gift of time, hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm. Your smiles, hugs, and endless energy provided the perfect backdrop for an incredible weekend.
  • Rachel Milledge for the incredible Kimmett Cup website she designed and continues to update. Join our mailing list to stay tuned for updates on next year’s Kimmett Cup 15, coming in February 2024!

We invite you to enjoy your favourite warm beverage while watching this very meaningful professional tribute video capturing the Kimmett Cup spirit created by our friend Derek Cooper and his talented team of students (Sofia, Quinn, CJ, and Jasper) from the Creator Studios Program at Cochrane High Schoolhttps://youtu.be/Jj5RybZyWH0. We encourage you to share the video with friends and family as we build momentum for Kimmett Cup 15!

Like our Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/KimmettCup) where you are encouraged to share your favourite Kimmett Cup thoughts, photos, and videos! While you’re there be sure to check out the amazing photos from our friend and Kimmett Cup photographer, Chris Lindsey of Jayden Images.

We are always seeking passionate participants to assist in organizing, executing, and growing the Kimmett Cup. If you would like to join our team or wish to have a larger role in future events, please send us an email or reach out on Facebook as we look forward to welcoming you to our growing “Kimmett Cup Family”.

See you next year at Kimmett Cup 15 in Cochrane on February 9th and 10th 2024!

“Giving back is one of the best things you can do. It is truly amazing the power that kindness can have. There are no words to describe the power of kindness.” –Tristan Garrett

Your Kimmett Cup Committee

KC14 – Feb 10-11, 2023

33 Teams
277 Players
103 Sponsors
60 Volunteers
$135,000 Raised for Make-A-Wish Canada, Cochrane Activettes, Helping Families Handle Cancer, and KidSport


Competitive Winner
Tofield Fighting Snowgeese

Men’s Winner
River Heights Eye Care

Spirit of Kimmett Cup
We Are Family (team)
Jason Baserman (individual)

Team Stories and Rosters

Competitive Division


Just a group of friends from all over Canada that met through playing hockey!

Rhylee Redden (C)
Nicki Andeson
Amber Labonte
Jesse Kramps
Travis McBride
Chris Vansickle

Cochrane Cruisers

2022 – Shot Stick ‘Champions’
2023 – Team arrives back from kidless 40th birthday party in Mexico on Kimmett Cup Eve……….result TBD

Taylor Kimmett (C)
Carly Kimmett
Dave Marcial
Hayley Gordon
Hunter Kimmett
Kali Kasper
Chad Kossowan
Levi Sandmaier
Mcconnell Kimmett
Owen George

Gedz Town

It all started with 3 brothers (Pat, Paul and Kent Geddes). Pat and Kent taught Paul everything they knew and Paul enjoyed a long professional hockey career in Europe. He was blessed with 3 daughters (who played ringette; Nicole and Lindsey will be hitting the ice with Gedz Town) and numerous nephews who kept the love for hockey within our family; Matt, Dan, Rob and Luke. Nicole was honoured to be in the graduating class of 2014 with J-baby (Jason Baserman) and after being on the winning team on 2012, is excited to hit the ice again.

Nicole Anderson (C)
Rob Geddes
Kent Geddes
Dan Geddes
Pat Geddes
Lindsey Geddes
Luke Geddes
Matt Geddes
Paul Geddes
Saige Petros

London Pink Flamingos

Males from 55+ group that plays Tuesdays & Thursdays, 11am, Spray Lakes (mostly – perhaps 1 guy’s son) … women not necessarily 55+.
I have emphasized that we’re playing for; fun, support a worthy cause, exercise … lastly, maybe we’ll win a game(?) …

Paul Cox (C)
Dave Cox
Don Kolisnyk
Gord Westall
Kelsey Baldwin
Loretta Lucic
Ray Madden
Rob Moen
Mireille Moore

Puck Junkies

The Puck Junkies Origin ( by Ayla Owens )

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago in a land far, far away there was a wee lad playing hockey in a backyard rink. His name … Robbie Owens. Little did we know, this lad would start and nurture the Puck Junkies storied franchise in the Kimmett Cup.

Having skated, deked (or tried to…) and shot as many pucks as one could imagine in his own backyard, Robbie would decide to take his game and venture far and wide from his little town. After a long and arduous journey, Robbie would find himself in the small town of Cochrane with a new family (Annette, Ryan, Ayla and Cody). It is here where his scouting and tutoring would begin.

Two key turns of fortune would happen for Robbie in Cochrane: “The Mann” family became his neighbors and he joined the legendary Ranchmen Oldtimers hockey team . Robbie would unknowingly begin his scouting and training for a team that was only at the edge of his imagination. It started with a family tradition of a backyard rink, where Ryan, Ayla, Cody, Alex, Chris, and Nick would learn all the fundamentals of outdoor hockey. While fun, this preparation did have its hardships: Bruised shins from the serious foul of a lifted puck; Black & Blue knees from falling and the occasional (or frequent depending on your point of view) brawl were just some of the struggles that these young prospects faced.

A whole wealth of “creative talent” was introduced to Robbie when he signed with the Ranchmen: One of a kind Christmas gifts; Inspirational beer cards and the world renowned Richard Award. All of this creativity would play a part in the future Puck Junkies

However, Robbie seemed dissatisfied with just organized, indoor hockey to scout players for the Puck Junkies. Thus began the annual Boxing Day Barrier Lake Outdoor Classic. If ever there was a venue made for pond hockey , it would be Barrier Lake in Kananaskis: Crisp temperatures, polished ice, and nestled in the heart of the towering Rocky Mountains. To-die for conditions for any outdoor hockey enthusiast.

Finally, unbeknownst to Robbie, the day would come when all his hard work would be realized when Joe MacLellan and Jason Bannerman started the Kimmett Cup, a 3 on 3 pond hockey tourney on Mitford Pond in the dead of winter. A fitting tribute to Lindsay Kimmett who passionately did everything she could to bring the joy of hockey into the hearts and souls of friends and co-workers, many of whom had never skated before. No other hockey team in the world had so many “one-of-a-kind” name bars, an innovation started by the one and only “Monumental” , #25
The first Puck Junkies team were few in numbers but large in heart, following Annette “the Hockey Mom” team catchphrase, “Play hard, Play safe, and Have fun.” The team consisted of all the Owens, Liz Stewart and a small, unheard of hockey family named the Shelly’s. This team would go onto win the ultimate prize of the Shottie Stick.

With competition even stronger than the first year, the Puck Junkies would take on a few new additions and repeat as Shottie stick champs. The third Kimmett Cup would begin a dry spell for the Puck Junkies, but don’t tell that to this team as they continue to “play hard, play safe, and have fun”. It would also see some roster changes with the Shelley family moving on and Andy Lee, Blake Morris, the Mann, Brady, Kwas and Mitchell families and other friends joining the squad. All these new additions scouted over the years on the ponds, rinks and Ranchmen events.

On to Kimmett Cup 14, where the Puck Junkies have been training hard in the offseason. They have their skates sharpened, helmet straps tightened, and sticks taped and are eagerly awaiting the chance to “play hard, play safe, and have fun”. A motto that Lindsay lived so passionately every time she hit the ice.

Rob Owens (C)
Andy Lee
Ayla Owens
Brad Mitchell
Chris Mann
Cody Owens
Karla Galasso
Ryan Owens
Michelle Vogt


The Pylons are happy to be a part of another cup!!!!

Ian Kruger (C)
Heather McKenzie
Tare Trottier
Darwyn Trottier
Jeff Gray
Vanessa Brouillette
Slade King
Kevin Graf

Scud Runners

Played in this tournament twice before and had a blast both times. Looking for another good outing again.

Nathan Hannah (C)
Aleisha Williams
Matthew Balagus
Brendan Balagus
Graham Bruneau
Danielle Giesbrecht
Fraser Burns
Justin Brown
Logan Toews
Rebeka King

Team Unreal

We think hockey is fun. We are back for more, and although we haven’t been close to winning it all before, we think this is our year!!

Scott Erven (C)
Scott Gallagher
Stan Clark
Garret Dillabough
Larissa Dillabough

The Dekes of Hazzard

Just’a good ol’ skaters, Never meanin’ no harm, Beats all you never saw Been in trouble with the Stripes Since the day they were born, Tapenin’ their sticks, deking the D, Someday the tendy might get ‘em But the Stripes never will…

Dale Butters (C)
Corey Goeson
Coltan Mitchell
Cody Boeckman
Andie Boeckman
Katrina Smid
Tyler Head
Katie Duncan

The Goonies

A bunch of us are from Cochrane a few from the surrounding areas

Ryan Pharis (C)
Colin McNeil
Sean Mayan
Ben Hadlanf
Nate Belanger
Martin Halle
Jessica Jackson
Jessie Fiddler-Kiss

The Jets

The Jets have been around since KC 1 and we’re happy to be back for KC 14!! Were older and wiser but also slower and sorer so we added some younger help. We are all very proud to be part of such a great cause that contributes back to the community in so many ways.

Garry Roberts (C)
Dustin Daub
Jodi Maetche
Dave Lee
Erin Roberts
Mike Mousseau
Kait Mousseau
Myles Jenkin
Glenn Gordon

Tofield Fighting Snow Geese

The Tofield Fighting Snow Geese are pumped to be back at the Kimmett Cup once again – this time to defend the 2022 title that was somehow secured in a hard fought win against the Kimmett cousins and the Cochrane Cruisers. The fame has taken some getting used to but it has been a very good year with the Cup and we aren’t ready to give it up just yet!

Mike Kauffman (C)
Colton Shellborn
Richard Dupre
Brittany Scott
David Pedersen
Graham Torrie
Craig Wiens
Tricia Cech

Men’s Division

Cochrane Napa – Man Rockets

The Man Rockets are proud to represent Cochrane Napa in this year’s tournament and we would like to thank Gerry & Ryley Jackson for their dedication to the community and events such as this.

Our team is made up of local men who have grown up playing hockey together in Cochrane. With over 10 years of Kimmett Cup experience in the line-up, we are excited to test our skills in the all men’s division at this year’s tournament. If you see a group of 30 year old men walking around lost, please help! Our better halves aren’t playing this year and we don’t know where to go!

Noteworthy men’s league accolades include 2020 BVRAHL League Champions (COVID), 2021/2022 CAHL Weekend League Champions, 2021 & 2022 Mustangs Christmas Invitational Champions.

Big thank you to everyone at the Lindsay Kimmett foundation as well as the organizers, volunteers and sponsors that make this event happen. We are excited to help raise money for an honorable charity, and look forward to having fun playing Canada’s favorite game here in our hometown.

Darcy Erickson (C)
Landon Bergh
Chandler Irvin
Taylor Irvin
Nick Mann
Brandon Satchwell
Darren Schmautz
Calvin Roberts
Jay Labelle
Spencer Sobie

French Fries

After a couple years of absence, we decided to rejoin the Kimmett Cup and be part of this amazing community event and join hundreds of people and play the best sport… hockey pond. The French Fries are getting older (Old NDV School’s team) but stay young at heart.

Alexandre Paradis (C)
Nicolas Brisebois
Christian Normandeau
Matt Fraser
Charles Brochu
Andre-Philippe Morin
Emile Brisebois

M&C Law Marauders

M&C Law is a proud sponsor of the Kimmett Cup and the Marauders are comprised of Matt Kirk, one of the lawyers/owners at M&C Law, along with 5 guys that might have been considered ringers if this was 2013 and not 2023.

Matthew Kirk (C)
Jeff Jobson
Sean Donnelly
Ryan Bonnett
Steven Terenta
Calen Jobson
Aidan Genderson

River Heights Eye Can’t See Us Losing

Team “River Heights Eye Can’t See us Losing” is making its Kimmett Cup debut in 2023! Our team was carefully crafted by Dr. Luliano and each member will if nothing else have perfect vision and hand eye coordination. We are looking forward to starting a Kimmett Cup dynasty and raising money for a great cause!

Anthony Luliano (C)
Eric Drinkwater
Bobby Coles
Marco Scheiwiller
Rico Piscitelli
Jonathon Hutchinson

Recreational Division

ACH Kings

The Rothery family and friends from ACH continue their annual fun day of hockey supporting a great cause, and thank all those involved in organizing all these years! It’s one of the annual events the kids ask about all year.

Aaron Rothery (C)
Rachel Rothery
Cameron Rothery
Bennett Rothery
Deborah Fruitman
Christina Power
Brent Seefried

BGC Strike & Dip

BGC is back on the ice in 2023 for their sixth Kimmett Cup and is looking to be a presence in the fun division with some new additions to the all-star team! To geology enthusiasts like us, strike and dip are useful terms to describe rock. To this BGC squad, strike describes the unpredictable shooting ability of the offence, while dip describes the expected decrease in the opponents scoring when coming up against this team’s rag tag defense. This untested new team of rookies and vets is likely to be full of surprises and is looking forward to having some fun and supporting a great cause.

Shelby DeMars (C)
Zachary Alexa
Karlee Isfeld
Reed Melenhorst
Justin Pederson
Jacquie Santos
Evan Sieben
Will Smith
Tommy Tweedle
Chad Sutherland
Scott Garrison
Jackson Gibb


Just here from the beginning, having fun, laughs, some beverages and keeping the fires rolling.

Andy Degraw (C)
Rider Degraw
Sam Degraw
Al Pistore
Noogie Pistore
Darcy Ponath
Dustin Ponath
Justin Davis
Amanda Zeglen

Chicks With Sticks

An awesome group of women who love playing Canada’s favourite game. We’ve laced up in sun, wind, snow, frigid temps and rain for this great cause. We can’t wait to see what Kimmett Cup 2023 has in store for us!

Kat Cox (C)
Sam Dunne
Melanie Gourley
Sam Teskey
Adele Scott
Nancy Chudleigh
Erin Wagner
Georgette Johnson
Daniele Scott

Dirty Dangles

We are a group of friends, coworkers, and acquaintances that put a team together to play some 3:3 and help a good cause.

Matthew Lemon (C)
Gary Wiewer
Ryan Bennet
James Hughes
Matt Mclane
Jesse Petersen
JP Taillon
Summer Gibbons
Autumn Kehler
Heather Lemon

McCue & Co.

We are a FAMILY team. All locals out to support the community for a great cause.

Janine McCue (C)
Kasha Lee
Lynne Arnold
Colton Strand
Glenn McCue
Matt McCue
Walter Scheepstra
Kinley Bohach-Murray
Braeden Bohach-Murray
Nicole McCue

Peregrine Falcons

The Peregrine Falcons are flocking together from Cochrane and Calgary. We plan to swoop into the recreational division and have a ton of fun. Each year we have some birds migrant out and new birds arrive, but our flock’s focus remains on having fun. So we would like all the other teams to take notice; if you see us circling we are about ready to swoop in and wingtip a goal into your net.

Hugh Maloney (C)
Peggy Holroyd
Ali Stead
Christian Leith
Cory Bass
Jody Szkoripa
Louise Belair
Scott Bey

Pond Hounds

Family and friends out for a good time and help a good cause out.

Mark Patton (C)
Scott Pickard
Taryn Pickard
Tate Pickard
Asha Pickard
Abby Maillot
Mathew Maillot
Mike Rott
Joel Rott

The Dumanators

The Dumanators moto is “FAMILY FUN”. Looking forward to a lot of laughs when we all get together. Could have a little competitive blood running through our veins, but don’t let that think that we all can play hockey. We come from all sorts of backgrounds; soccer players, lacrosse player, figure skater, golfers oh and ya we have a couple of hockey players, we love our sports. So with that being said lets have some fun and laughs and raise some money for a great cause.

Kim Dumanowski (C)
Chris Dumanowski
Dawson Dumanowski
Jason Dumanowski
Mailey Dumanowski
Mairyn Dumanowski
Garren Dumanowski
Robson Ramsey

The Frenchies

Our team has eastern Canadian roots with well-established branches in Cochrane. We like to deke, dangle and have fun! We respect our opponents and love the game that is played for a good cause!

Pascal Richard (C)
Kattelon Richard
Samuel Richard
Denis Lussier
Samuel Lussier
Steeve Toupin
Anabelle Paradis
Sophie Chubby

The Goonies

We are the goonies, a team from all walks of life coming together to play some puck and support a great cause.

Brandon Pentz (C)
Billy Wildman
Carson Conroy
Jeff Pentz
Cody Morisseau
Dale Morisseau
Paula Oakley
Ryan Loeppky
Jennifer Krivoshen
Maddison Toppe

Two Pharmacy

The Two Pharmacy team returns to the ice again to remember Lindsay, her spirit, energy and passion. Each year the team evolves, and more and more people, and members of our team get to learn the Lindsay and Kimmett Cup story. This day is truly a gift.

Reid Kimmett (C)
Lynda Gross
Christine Kalivoda
Logan Enders
Ian Kruger
Alexie Millar
Barb Mellersh
Brynn Makkreel
Noah Makkreel

We Are Family

We Are Family are back for our 14th Kimmett Cup. We honor Lindsay with our speed, our lack of speed, our hands, our lack of hands, our ability to put the puck in the net and our ability to not put the puck in the net. As you can see we are a team of varying degrees of skill but we are here for one purpose this weekend and that is to skate closer to Linds.

Welcome all Kimmett Cuppers, we thank you for your attendance and support and hope you have a great time!

Dianne Kimmett (C)
Amy Van Buskirk
Angela Epp
Josh Clark
Justin Fredrich
Hayden Struik
Lauren Fredrich
Mike Fredrich
Rick Erven
Rob Wasylyniuk
Kale Holteen

Fun Division

15 Rainbows

’15 Rainbows’ is our team name. Why you ask? We are honoring two Kimmett Cup hero’s. Lindsay Kimmett, and Matthew Gensorek. It’s 15 years of their passing and we want to honor them with our team name. Our other Triple Crown team member who we honor, David Gensorek, played in Kimmett Cup 2. David has been missed for 13 years. ’15 Rainbows’ is comprised of Lindsay’s fellow UCalgary Medical Class members, and Kimmett Cup founders, Dr. Joe MacLellan, and Dr. Jason Baserman, as well as family, and friends who exhibit the spirit of Kimmett Cup! Our youngest team member, and her first Kimmett Cup, Sophia, added the special touch to our name – ‘Rainbows’, completing the name, ’15 Rainbows’ – thank you Sophia! All of our players bring that something special in line with Kimmett Cup and all the Rainbows created as a result of it! Come Cheer us on!

Gerald Gensorek (C)
Bruce Anderson
Brianna Anderson
Terry Anderson
Liam Anderson
Ben MacLellan
Anden Bieganowski
Shelley Boychuk
Jason Baserman
Joe MacLellan
Sophia Cheng
Mitch McKeown
Quentin Peers
Rachel McKeown
Shelley MacLellan
Tessy Pavlatos

Four Cubs

This year our team is all about the next generation of players! The Kimmett Cousins are going to make Auntie Lindsay proud with their skills this year. All of the adults on the team are hoping for some additional time on the bench while Charlotte, William, Simon and Elle Kimmett all skate circles around the other teams! Get your camera’s ready to be the first to see these future professional athletes in action!

Jocelyn Kimmett (C)
Leslie Kimmett
Elle Kimmett
Simon Kimmett
Spencer Fawkes
Chris d’Entremont
Rick Erven
Jay Christie
Charlotte Kimmett
William Kimmett
Clay Colvin


We are back after a few years hiatus with a new generation (literally) of hockey players. Looking forward to getting back out in a different division

Michael Bosch (C)
Casey Bosch
Em Clark
Billy Clark
Charlie Clark
Kayla Nelson
Kyle Matthewson
Katie Pershon
Ryan Shields
Brooks Anderson

OnGrowing Works

OnGrowing Works is a North American leader in regenerative living spaces. They bring a modern, new age level of craftmanship to traditional construction practices. As a design-build firm, they can take your vision from concept to reality.

Raymond Vincent (C)
Michelle Vincent
Brenda Beck
Ashley Moore
Evandro Ramalho
Wade McArthur
Honorine Schivre
Igor Tinyayev
Chris Felber

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