Thank you Cochrane!

When preparations for Kimmett Cup 2010 began, we knew we had a monumental task in front of us.  How could we recreate the success of the original tournament, honour a friend, and get people excited all over again?  We weren’t sure, but one thing we did know was we wouldn’t be able to do it alone.  We were going to need even more support than last year…

The first step was drafting Reid Kimmett onto our organizing committee.  Reid brought fresh ideas, enthusiasm, the Kimmett passion for hockey, and an unbridled commitment to make this year’s tournament one to remember!  It was a pleasure to work alongside him and we look forward to many successful Kimmett Cups with him on the committee.

The rest of the Kimmett family were essential as well.  Thanks for all your support, hard work, and encouraging words when they were needed most.

The Town of Cochrane was behind us in every way possible.  Thank you for allowing us access to Mitford Pond to host the Kimmett Cup once again this year!  Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre also stepped up and donated the indoor ice we needed to be able to accommodate 30 co-ed teams.

Mother Nature gave the Town of Cochrane parks department all it could handle.  10 days of weather above 5 degrees Celsius put the ice in jeopardy but with Lindsay looking down on us and some hard work by Andy Degraw and his crew, the ice was once again a pleasure to skate on.

With Jason Baserman helping organize from New York and Reid Kimmett organizing from Vancouver, this year’s tournament needed another local individual to give us a boost.  Rob Owens answered the call.  He worked tirelessly to help find new sponsorship for the tournament and helped infuse new life into the silent auction.  He earned his new nickname of “sponsorship chairman” and we truly appreciate his dedication and enthusiasm.  Thanks also to Garret Dillabough and Scott Erven for their hard work in this area as well.

The Kimmett Cup is a community event that would not be possible without the community of Cochrane.  This year saw over 70 volunteers give of their time.  We could not do it without you!  Over 270 players and 30 teams competed making January 16th a very special day.  Thank you so much for honouring Lindsay the best way we know how – celebrating her memory with family and friends on the ice.

Cochrane’s business community was once again steadfast behind us.  All of our major sponsors renewed their commitment this year.  A special thank you to Barry and Dawn Metcalfe and all the staff at Cochrane IGA for title sponsoring our event again this year!

Thanks also to Dal-Tek Interiors, Mabbott & Company and Mainstreet Pharmacy for their Monumental contributions. Fas Gas, Cochrane Dodge, and The Royal Canadian Legion also deserve special recognition for their Hall of Fame sponsorships.

Of course, there were countless other sponsors that helped this year’s tournament enjoy even more success than last year and we want to thank every one of them for staying connected with the community and proving that each of us can make a difference!

A special thank you to John Mundy and Town & Country Auto Parts.  Thanks to his sponsorship plus his generosity in donating back all $500.00 from his 50/50 win to Lindsay’s Foundation – another child will skate on a team next season through the “Lindsay’s Kids” hockey sponsorship program!

The journey to Kimmett Cup 2010 was once again a pleasure.  Thank you to everyone who lent a hand, big or small, we appreciate your help. See you next year at the 3rd Annual Kimmett Cup!


Joe, Jason, and Reid

KC2 – Jan 16, 2010

30 Teams
250 Players
60 Sponsors
70 Volunteers
$16,500 Raised


Tournament Winner
Shot Stick Winner
Puck Junkies


We Are Family 2

There were a lot of surprise draft picks for team We Are Family 2, or “WAF2” this season, but GM Rhonda Wilson is confident in her choices. Perhaps the most shocking move was the naming of her own nephew, a contender for the very invisible, yet extremely real “Winner of All Games” trophy, as team captain. “Taylor has a lot to offer,” she told TSN on Tuesday, “He’s pretty fast…on skates. Fleet of foot really.” Wilson is also confident in her daughter Kelsey’s abilities, due to the advanced level of hockey in which she retired. “Sure Atom’s tough,” Wilson responded, when asked if Kelsey’s skills were too advanced for the tournament, “But this isn’t Atom. This is pond hockey. You must adapt.” In an unlikely move, Wilson chose to bring back the mad skills of Chad “The Ringer” Kossowan. When asked how fans would react to the same player filling the role of ringer two years in a row, Wilson responded, “What’s a ringer?” and the interview was over. Another surprise pick was Keith “The Net-Builder” Dougan, who is expected to give it his all in the first game, and spend the rest of the tournament grooming the ice. Wilson believes that the addition of Dustin Davies will bring grit and determination to the team. Shattering baseball records in the ‘09 Pilsner Cup, and proving his worth in the trenches, Davies will be looked upon to “take one for the team,” for the duration of the tournament. Not since a young Theo Fleury terrorized the ice for the flames has a vertically challenged player meant so much to a hockey team as CraigVassie does to this squad.Deciding that she needed to add some talent to the team, Wilson’s addition of Rhonda “Hot Mama” Ohlhauser was no surprise to fans. As a long-time teammate of Lindsay’s, Rhonda is expected to provide WAF2 with both skill and goonery. Finally, with all the young, fresh draft picks filling the bench, Wilson felt pressure to add a senior player. Despite urges to retire, Al “slightly under fifty” Davies has decided not to throw in the proverbial towel. When asked what she thought Davies would add to the team, Wilson responded, “Age.”This motley crew of fresh-faced youth and wiley veteran are ready to prove themselves on the ice and show their family pride. Wilson disclosed to TSN that the players skate with one purpose: “I think the real reason these players come out to play, besides the inevitable glory, is to be a little closer to the person we all lost. When they lace ‘em up and get out on that ice, it reminds us all of who and what is truly important in our lives.” In a closing statement, Wilson smiled and added, “Lindsay would have loved this tournament.”

Taylor Kimmett
Kelsey Wilson
Chad Kossowan
Al Davies
Dustin Davies
Rhonda Olhauser
Keith Dougan
Craig Vassie

Team Old School

We are a mixture of hockey players/wannabe hockey players that love the game!  Our team has made some off season changes and this year we hope to put a ‘tick’ in the WIN COLUMN, so keep your head up!  
Most importantly though, we are here for Lindsay Leigh because this was her game.  Our team is called “Team Old School” because most of us on the team met Lindsay through our school years where memories will never be forgotten.  
We are going to play the game like her favorite team “THE FLAMES” and destroy all of our opponents! 
Woot Woot!

Glori Bragg
Curtis Crerar
Chris Kierzkowski
Kayla Bannister
Curtis Garvin
Paul Holden

Beauty and the Beasts

The majority of the members of our team met the Kimmetts through hockey. Geoff Zimmel and Ryan Kwas had the pleasure of playing on teams with Lindsay’s brother Reid, and being coached by Kelly. As is typical in small town hockey, us parents were soon introduced to the Kimmett theory of parent bonding. The Kimmetts have a way of bringing everyone together in celebration – no matter if they lived across the street or across the country. We consider our participation in this tournament as a celebration of Lindsay’s life – doing something that we learned was so dear to her.

It’s amazing that someone so young had accomplished so much in her life. Yet despite the magnitude of these accomplishments, the family remained so humble. We can all only hope as we go forward with our time on this earth, that we can make even a fraction of a difference that Lindsay did.

Our team is a combination of young and old players, hockey and ringette players, and if you really look closely, you’ll be able to distinguish between the beauty and the beasts. We are honored to be a part of this “Monumental” occasion.


Bob Kwas
Richard (Dick) Mitchell
Tom Gallagher
Barry Exton
Trish Exton
Kevin Zimmel
Leslie Zimmel
Stephane Zimmel
Ryan Kwas
Taylor Kwas

Team 3M

This year team 3M once again brings together three families that have known each other for a long time. The Mundy, Moroz and Morrison families are proud to ice a team once again. It’s been a long off season with some intense team building exercises to help bring team mates together. A certain event in July had coaches focused on solidifying the skills of these three families; with the goal of increasing on ice performance of course. This year’s skaters include: Lindsy, Linda, Chris and Jimmy Morrison; Joel Mundy and skater in memory Matthew Mundy; Paul and Jason Moroz with a recent European League pick up in their little sister Andrea Moroz. The team also brings along an extensive support staff with head coach John Mundy, GM Gary Moroz, Trainers Joanne Moroz, Marrianne Mundy and Cailin Morrison. The Last but not least Carla Moroz and Jenn Mundy who represent the team’s top notch scouting department. They are keeping a close eye on future prospects Oren Mundy, Alex Moroz, and “Bun In The Oven” Moroz. These prospects are in the early development stages, but the team has big hopes for them in the upcoming years. The combination of these three great families promise to produce a determined hockey club, and if nothing else provide the recipe for a whole lot of fun.

Chris Morrison
Lindsy Morrison
Jason Moroz
Paul Moroz
Andrea Moroz
Joel Mundy
Linda Morrison
Jim Morrison
Coach John Mundy
Mgr. Gary Moroz

Puck Junkies

About our team The Puck Junkies Eh ! Here is our story :

At Kimmett Cup One , our team achieved our ultimate goal : No we didn’t win . Even better : We won the shottie stick ! It wasn’t easy . We were exhausted emotionally and physically . But we managed to throw back the shooters without spilling a drop . It was teamwork at its finest !

So of course that is our goal again this year. Drink from the Shottie stick.

We have added four new skaters this year. But in essence we are still the same Puck Junkies Eh.

First of all we are all proud Canadians through & through EH!

And we are hooked on hockey .Here are a few combined stats for our 10 players . Of the 304 years of life between us all : We have been playing outdoor hockey / shinny for 240 years : Organized hockey or ringette for 165 years ; Refereeing hockey for 12 years ; Coaching hockey for 40 years ; built backyard rinks for 40 years.

Throw in some more “ pond hockey traditions “. Every Boxing Day for 10 years many families & friends gather at Barrier Lake in Kananaskis for a little Rocky Mountain Shinny . One time we forgot the snow shovels so we cleaned the fluffy new snow off the ice by pushing the little kids around on their snowsuits : Literally human Zambonis .

So why do we love & live hockey and especially pond hockey ?

Because its fun . We make new friends for life . Celebrate our passion with old friends . Live out our dreams .Never grow old . See young minds , egos & bodies blossom .The thrill of competition .Learn to Win and Learn to lose with class . Sportsmanship . Leadership .Teamwork and giving your all at anything you do . Learn to laugh at yourself…

… all the values that Lindsay cherished and lived so passionately

Rob Owens
Larry Shelley
Ryan Owens
Cody Owens
Ayla Owens
Leanna Shelley
Elizabeth Stewart
Tom Brady
Ian Stewart
Blake Morris

Matthew’s Mob

We are “Matthew’s Mob”– Matthew Gensorek passed away suddenly on January 17, 2008, 1 month prior to Lindsay. Matthew was 22 years old, and was born March 5, 1985. Matthew was an avid hockey player – loved to play and watch and was FEARLESS! Matt was a great leader and his friends meant much to him. Matthew would be playing if he were here. We want to honor Matthew and Lindsay with our team being in the tournament, to remember a son/daughter, brother/sister, and friend.


Gerald Gensorek

Gerald Gensorek
Jodi Sawyer
Sarah Gensorek
Jeff Sawyer
Tessy Pavlatos
Alison Ramsley
Glen Doig
David Gensorek
Quinton Peers

We Are Family

Following last year’s early round playoff exit WAF general manager Dianne Kimmett cleaned house and demoted several underachieving, overpaid veterans to WAF 2. She has added much needed grit in Denis “The D-monster” Marcial and his protégé Scott “Sledgehammer” Marcial. Dianne was unable to dump broken down forward Kelly Kimmett due to marital ties and has balanced his sloth and dementia with the addition of swift skating Garret “G” Dillabough and Lany “Gopher” Kossowan. Longtime teammate and good friend Jill Hartley also joins the team this year as Amber Pitura has been loaned to the University of Victoria. Veteran holdovers Heather “Rammer” Ramsay, Carolina “Linus” Arenas, and Reid “BC” Kimmett and WAF looks like the team to beat and beat and beat. Today all of us skate with our hearts on our sleeves and Lindsay Leigh in our hearts as we draw upon her spirit to guide our team. We wish all teams have a great tournament and hope they enjoy the company of friends, family, and fun.

Kelly Kimmett
Reid Kimmett
Denis Marcial
Scott Marcial
Carolina Arenas
Heather Ramsay
Garret Dillabough
Dianne Kimmett – Manager
Lany Kossowan
Jillian Hartley

The Raucous Rotary Relics

The Raucous Rotary Relics are proud to get involved with this year’s Kimmett Cup. As a local service club, our members, their families and friends all share a common admiration for the Kimmett family and what they have done for the Cochrane Community. Many of our team members knew Lindsay and her family and feel a debt of gratitude to her spirit. Our team is a mix of talent ranging from strong to not so strong skaters. All are grateful that we aren’t on a full sheet of ice and that regular breaks are allowed. The Rotary Relics feel they have a good chance of taking home the hardware and will play hard on January 16th.

Tom Wilk
Dan Paarsmarkt
Scott Grattidge
Ariane deCocq
Jencie Nemez
Danielle Cuthbert
Jesse Begin
Nathaniel deCocq
Jonathan deCocq
Drew Brown


The Misfits are the current Champions and are returning to defend the title! Management has acquired the rights to three young female hockey superstars, and this year coach Crutchfield will put on the skates. Should be an easy defense of the Cup!!

Charlie Crutchfield
Dayne Poffenroth
Ryan Crutchfield
Charleigh Profit
Stephie Listhaeghe
Jazanne Whitney
Kent Mann
Neil Davies
Chad Willis

The Queens

We were all members of the Kazakhstani National Travelling Circus. After several years of performing fire hoop jumps and other death defying tricks, it was decided we needed a real challenge. After defeating teams all across Europe with one hand tied behind our backs, we came to Canada to face real hockey players.

Sonia Georg
Gemma Randle
Taylor Palazetti
Heidi Kleinsasser
Sara Sharp
Lyndsay Herbers
Kristi Palmer
Katy Moore
Rhea Gatto
Taryn Cornelssen

The Puck Smugglers

We’ve been smuggling circular rubber for years
When it comes to outdoor ice we’re the worst of your fears
‘Cause our hockey roots grow as deep as hockey roots get
We’ll lift your stick and with a flick the puck will fill your net!

Byron Bader
Neal Gallagher
Andrew Kidd
Andrea Oppenheimer
Jake Sherlock
Erin Temple
Andrew Woods
Danielle Vogt

Team Ramrod

Second year medical students looking to contribute to a good cause and re-live the glory of pond hockey by strapping on the leather skates.

Jeff Shrum
AJ howes
Kate Elzingh
Jen Bruce
Chris Nielson
Matt Gutfriend

The Foreign Bodies

Though most people say you should try for the NHL while you are young and if you don’t make it then go to school – we feel the opposite. We’re sick of studying and we’re ready to try for the NHL…it starts today…

Mark Boyko
James Huffman
Garth Smith
Alyssa Morris
Jenn Nicol
Nathan Coxford
Jackie Thurston


We’re a collection of medical students, a resident, and friends and because we enjoyed Kimmett Cup so much last year, we’re happy to be back. Almost all the players have earned the right to be called a “Wrangler” by actually working as a cowboy or cowgirl on the Wheat farm annual cattle drive, and the few who haven’t wish they had. Joan and Justin’s family cattle drive is a two day event moving 200 cow-calf pairs about 25 miles to summer pasture. Katie, Alaina, Skye and Claud made the trip north to Marwayne, AB to experience the real deal. They were great hands, learning to catch and saddle their own horses, how to sort pairs and drive the herd and went home tired and sore but with one more title in their pockets – Wranglers. The rest of the teammates are all supremely jealous that they are only Wranglers by association. Some of the players are also talented hockey players with skills but many of us are just pond hockey calibre.   No matter our skill level, you can bet we’ll be there skating our butts off and firing as many pucks at the net as we can get our sticks on. If we weren’t going to be doctors we’d want to be full time cowboys and cowgirls who play pond hockey all winter long!

Joan Wheat Hozack
Justin Hozack
Katie Mitchell
Alaina Aguanno
Chris Doherty
Skye Creba
Claud Green
Tom Littlefair
Mike Beech

Wii Not Fit

Well we learned about the tournament from friends and family and watched the tourney last year. Some of us on our team usually get together every Friday for the noon shinny in town. The girls never attend our afternoon shinny so they now have a chance to play with us and share the stories of scoring all those goals…

Justin Hedemann
Jennifer Jackson
Scott Gilles
Akosha Ross
Dave Dupuis
James Jackson
Kyle Stecyk

The Sweedees

Our team consists of representatives from coast to coast – Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. We have all been to B.C. We don’t guarantee great hockey skills but we can get the job done. We are relying heavily on our female contingent and be assured we will not be going in to the corners because we are Sweedes and we don’t have to if we don’t want to – right Henrik? Our motto is “have fun and stay warm.”

Mike Fredrich (K)
Barry McCurdy
Renee McCurdy
Gord Weir
Kenzie Weir
Lauren Fredrich
Justin Fredrich
Robin Karlson
Brady Karlson

“Original Six”/”Original 7.25”

In last year’s inaugural pond hockey edition, the “Original Six” unit made it to the playoff rounds in what was arguably the tournament’s weakest pool, after which they were forced to withdraw from the playoffs due to fatigue, overall team exhaustion, injury, soreness and old age in general. One player even complained of being “too cold” in the blistering -1 degree conditions. In order to address these strengths this year, management has released the youngest player and fired the accountant in order to practice dealing with salary cap issues and bring down overall team speed. Our lone import in 2008, the great sea captain from Holland, Douwe Vanderwailing has also been replaced by a brother of the team’s general manager who used to watch a lot of hockey and who will not be paid.The accounting issues which have now turned into a full blown scandal result from a gross counting error. It would seem that the”Original Six” was actually an Original Seven. In order to be more accurate the new accounting department has acknowledged that even though there are 8 players on the team, one will be playing at half speed and another will put in less than a wholehearted effort, hence the request to the league for the above name change.With two and a half of last year’s group on the sidelines with injuries, including our spiritual leader, the “Original Seven.25” will withdraw last year’s challenge of hockey jihad and instead wishes all other teams the best of luck. A different gauntlet is thrown down in 2010 in the area of team friendliness and most original handshakes. May the most hospitable team win!!!

Kevin Zentner
Chris Dimopoulis
Ryan McDonald
Shaun Sykes
Todd Zentner
Kevin Pilling
Greg Barclay
Leslie Ann Kalman
Laura Lee

WAF 3 Springbank “The Kimmett Young Guns”

The senior “Young Gun” Russ Kimmett (that’s right young gun only 50) found it rather simple to put together the squad.  Having grown up on the farm near Strathmore honing his skills shattering barn doors with his heavy shot and flying up and down the pond where he had to school his older brother Kelly on the sport.  He realized at a young age that the key to a good pond hockey team has always been youth.  Yes the youthful brother of Kelly who still sports flowing curly locks has put together a very young squad including his young wife Angela whom Russ recruited from an outdoor rink game in the Great White North where she actually played on figure skates that had never been sharpened.  However the true key to the squad will be “The Kid Line” consisting of Hunter, McConnell,and Carly Kimmett (the true Young Guns) all very proud to have the age restriction lifted to honor their cousin Lindsay in this classic tourney.  Hunter currently playing Midget level hockey in Springbank at a Kimmett record lightest weight ever for a 15 year old expects the competition to be fierce.  The first year Bantam McConnell looks forward to the opportunity to dangle the old geezers and to show his skills to the many scouts expected.  Carly brings the grit and feistiness to the squad currently playing at the Peewee level in Springbank.  Carly says she will have a secret weapon on her side for luck wearing something of Lindsay’s (like she does all of the time) and carrying Lindsay’s hockey bag.  When asked if she expects to play the enforcer role for the club she responded “I will bring it if somebody wants to go but I am there to play hockey not to intimidate the other teams.”

Joining the WAF 3 team will be Ann (The Hammer) Ceccanese who brings another dimension of speed and toughness to the squad.  She is currently under contract with the Babes on Blades at Springbank.  The remainder of the roster consists of wily veteran Rick Erven who is going to lend each Kimmett kid 10 years of his age to bring him down to the “Young Gun” classification. In keeping with the “family” theme Rick’s son Scotty Erven adds balance, speed, and sanity to our squad while trading deadline pickup cousin Cory Mossing may just be the straw to stir the drink in the cup.

Russ Kimmett
Angela Kimmett
Hunter Kimmett
McConnell Kimmett
Carly Kimmett
Rick Erven
Scott Erven
Ann Ceccanese
Cory Mossing

The Incredibles

The Name says it all – each one of us is the possessor of “special abilities”…

We go to work every morning as regular men and women, forced to hide our true identities for fear that “normal” people won’t understand us…

but don’t be fooled, when evil rears it’s ugly head, these Super Heroes are ready for action…

When the Incredibles found out that an “evil” team had secretly infiltrated the Kimmett Cup, they knew they had to save the day and win the cup before the dark side could get their filthy hands on it’s glorious frame! After all, we couldn’t have “evil” raising the holy grail of pond hockey trophies above their heads and gloating to all, could we?

Evil clowns beware, our first Super hero, Robert “the juggler” Warren has been beating up clowns since he was nine. He got a taste for it at Circus Circus, and since then his appetite has been insatiable…

Joel “sweet spot” Tappay takes a different approach and prefers to let his game do the talking. He was born with a 1 iron in his hand and grew up driving hockey pucks on the backyard rink…. “FORE!”…

Brienne “chocolate chip” Tappay has honed the deadly art of decadent debauchery. Her perfect cookies will leave you in a glutinous coma – beware!Marnie “starfish” Anderson is our evil detector. Urban myths say she falls on the ice and starfishes if she so much as smells evil a mile away…Amanda “Tibbles” Tingley wards off evil… She has been wearing the same elbow pads for 12 years! There is no way “evil” is going anywhere near that…Ben “dirt” MacLellan’s hero name might sound lame but he has dedicated his life to dirt and his command of this earthly element will leave you breathless…and dustyAdam “token brown guy” Thomas is no ordinary brown guy. Rumour has it he can appear to be white to some white folk, causing mass confusion in crowded places…As co-organizers, Jason “Mr. Incredibly Nice Guy” Baserman and Joe “tornado” MacLellan have the unique ability to change the rules at any given time they want to suit their needs (Sorry Reid, you are outvoted 2:1)

You’re probably thinking, this squad of Super Heroes is missing the most important hero of all, The “ringer” super hero. Well, you’d be right, because I forgot to tell you about Stefan “stun gun” Le, a future super hero prospect of the Calgary Police Force who’ll be lacing them up with the Incredibles.

“Evil”, bring it on…

Robert Warren
Joel Tappay
Brienne Tappay
Marnie Anderson
Amanda Tingley
Ben MacLellan
Adam Thomas
Jason Baserman
Joe MacLellan
Will Pozzo
Stefan Le

Puckin’ Foudys

This team includes the 6 members of the Foudy family; Kevin, Karen, Matthew, Conor, Logan, and Keara. Joining us is our brother-in-law Alan Taylor, his daughter Siobhan and his son Philip. Our family has a Christmas tradition of having a big family hockey game on Boxing Day. We all look forward to this game. Playing in the Kimmett cup gives us an opportunity to start another tradition, besides it’s for a really good cause. Our goal this year is to beat the defending champs!!!!!!

Kevin Foudy
Keara Foudy
Karen Foudy
Siobahn Taylor
Alan Taylor
Matthew Foudy
Logan Foudy
Phillip Taylor
Conor Foudy


We just didn’t want to be left out in the continuation of a great legacy in honour of Lindsay.Our team is family and friends of our business.We are here to give every one else a chance to at least win one game!! Lets have a great day ! Make it MONUMENTAL !!!

Jordan Vanderwater
Cheryl Vanderwater
Stacey Jacobs
Stacey Herbert
Serge Paquet
Kassidy Collins
Karnell Collins
Cam Lang
Mike Borody –G.M.
Bev Borody – Coach
Richard Davies

Glenbow Chiefs

The Glenbow Chiefs are a team on the rise. Much like the 88 Flames and the 08 Penguins the Chiefs will use last year’s humiliating first round playoff upset as a learning experience and motivational firecracker to propel us to the top of the steaming heap! Led by a crack squad of savvy veteran talent and infused with some fine rookie enthusiasm – the Chiefs feature the skill and possibly the motivation of a venerable hockey dynasty. With a future this bright, it’s a casual expectation to look past this year’s given championship and on to a possible 3-5 year dynastic run.

Burnaby Pat Wilson
Lindsay Steele
Mary McGillvary
Patrick Bryson
Chris Graham
Colin McNeil
Kelly Reid
Shannon Davies

Oilers Suck

The Oilers suck and the Flames rule – enough said!

Stewart Aune
Geoff Rosenbaum
Jared Fletcher
Chris Mattson
Mark Macinnes
Sean Mangan
Margot Ellis
Kelley Quipp
Nancy Scholz

Simply Awesome

Our team is inspired by the movie “Mighty Ducks” and consists of 8 medical professionals, one rock star, and a puzzle master. Many of us knew Lindsay and some of us didn’t. Most of us know how to skate but a few have barely laced ‘em up. All we know is that at the right moment we will unleash the “Flying V” and score the game winning – or maybe our only – goal. Go Team Awesome!

David Ward
Erin Ross
Ken Myers
Lindsay Stockdale
Amit Khosla
Byron Paschwatta
Landon Boc
Sonia Cerquozzi
Evan Minty
Paul Davis

The Jets

One of our players is actually a Leaf’s fan ?

Gary Roberts
Dave Lee
Pete Nielson
Terry Scotland
Jill Scotland
Luc Duplessis
Kelsey Roberts
Erin Roberts
Bev Duplessis
Stephanie Scotland

Pro H2O Earth Light Players

After rigorous tryouts filled with confrontation and upheaval, a squad was finally selected made up of these all stars. Representing your #1 source for water purification in Cochrane, the ProH2O Earth Light Players will be a force to reckon with in 2010, and are a definite threat to steal the Kimmett Cup this time around!

Tyler Hill
Marty Wig
Kyle Wig
Rob Christensen
Jessie Jackson
Steve Rae
Trent House
Christine Christensen
Lindsay Korte


We are the next generation of Pylons. The Pylon name has been a part of Cochrane Old Man hockey for over 20 years now and we are trying our best to keep up the traditions that have been developed over that time. We are very excited about the 2010 Kimmett Cup because we are playing a game in the Spray Lakes arena where we can hit the ceiling with our empty beer can after the game.   It can be kind of difficult to do that out on the pond. We will do our best to make the past, present, and future Pylons proud.

Ian Kruger
Slade King
Blake Clayton
Lindsay Steele
Amber Lawrence
Shawn Polley
Sterling Verhuel

Cochrane Rush

We are Cochrane Rush.
We have never played together.
We are not good.
We will (probably) not win.

Mark Kondrat
Aimee Kondrat
Sean Regher
Jordan Meulenbeld
Greg Rieben
Tania Rieben

Team Miscelaneous – The Bud Wiserhood

Some teams prepare all year long for a tournament like this…drafting new talent in the spring, training all summer, scouting other teams in the fall, and even resting starting players as the big day draws near.
But it takes a special team to forgo all preparation, throw a squad together in the last week before the tournament, meet each other on game day, and still school all competition and claim the Kimmett Cup!
That’ll be the goal for this mix-bag of players on game day:
Ashley Aberdeen – “Changing lives with every pass and shot… It’s hard being this awesome.”
Kristen Odland – Reports for the Herald and used to play hockey with Lindsay when she was with the Jets.  Watch out, she can play…
Mark Berman – considers himself a “high performance athlete” but friends wonder how this is possible when he fuels his athleticism with watered-down american beer??
Quinn Wilton – brings some much needed youth and enthusiasm to the squad.  He’s been skating since before he began to walk and is determined to help make a difference!
Andy “quick draw” Degraw might be the team’s secret weapon.  As the lead ice maintenance man he knows every square inch of the pond like the back of his hand.  Rumour has it he might even play blindfolded…
Mike Foster plays double duty.  He provides “experience” to a young squad and he doubles as team doctor…
Kirsten Ryder is a late addition.  She’ll provide a mystery element to this team that no team could have scouted in time…

Andy Degraw
Quinn Wilton
Kirsten Ryder
Ashley Aberdeen
Kristen Odland
Mark Berman
Mike Foster

The BVRAHL A.K.A. The Hopeful All Stars

The Bow Valley Recreational Adult Hockey League along with the ladies of Diamond Blade Skating Club, have joined forces for this great tournament. We have comprised this team very carefully, scouting out our members in the hopes for a chance at the coveted Kimmett Cup. You can expect a mix of talent, and the best jerseys. So, watch out, here we come.

Neven Wilson
Sandy Kaine
Char Undseth
Nancy Chudleigh
Tim Doll
Shane Gryzko
Daniel White
Luke Friesen

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