In his letter to all of the Kimmett Cup 3 volunteers, organizer Jason Baserman eloquently captured the essence of Kimmett Cup 3, January 22, 2011.

Good Morning,

On behalf of the Kimmett Cup committee I wanted to offer our thanks for the tremendous work and passion you displayed in honoring Lindsay’s memory during the lead up to the tournament and on Saturday. When I awoke this morning I was reminded of this quote “There are two ways of spreading light – to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” In my mind, Lindsay was the candle shining down from the heavens ensuring the day would be sunny and warm for her family, friends and community to enjoy the game she loved.  All of you were the mirror, reflecting that light with your smiles, enthusiasm, dedication and warm welcomes to all who participated.

It is a great privilege to know and work with you and I wish you all the very best.

Your friend,

KC3 – Jan 22, 2011

30 Teams
250 Players
$14,000 Raised


Competitive Winner
Shot Stick Winner
Glenbow Chiefs
Recreational Winner
We Are Family

Team Rosters & Stories

Competitive Division

Team Swedey

Losing some players due to injury or retirement or they just didn’t want to play with us…  but Team Swedey chose well in the draft selecting Rob W in the third round. Expectations are still low but we plan on having fun and hope to win a couple of games.

Mike Fredrich
Rob Waslyniuk
Justin Fredrich
Brady Karlson
Robin Karlson
Barry Mccurdy
Renee McCurdy
Tash Ethier
Lynda Gross

BVRAHL Wild Ones

The BVRAHL has returned yet again and this year we’ve teamed up with Wildman & associates child and youth services Ltd. and the ladies of Diamond Blades skate club. Under our new name BVRAHL Wildones we are sure to burn up the ice!

Brogan Baker
Bailey Baker
Dawn Baker
Sandy Kaine
Lewis wildman
Shawn Campbell
Tim doll
Claude Bastarche
Shayne Caron
Neven Wilson

Master Bladers

We are a group of friends that have mostly grown up in Cochrane and the surrounding area and continue to maintain our friendship since graduating over the past few years.  While we all know the Kimmett family most of us were not fortunate enough to know Lindsay personally, but we can all say for sure that we have alot in common with her in our appreciation and value of family and friendships and of course in our collective love of hockey!  We look forward to participating in her legacy…

Taylor Kwas (C)
Ryle Boothby
Josiah Caouette
Jesse Adshead
Tyler Johnson
Tyler Fyten
Kace Warner
Rob Aylesworth
Katelyn McCrae
Kael Patron

The Sprinting Turtles

Our gang used to have to wear girdles,
We lazed around not doing our hurdles,
We met a rabbit,
And changed our habit,
Now we’re the team of Sprinting Turtles.

We needed to train to run past her,
We wanted so badly to outlast her,
Hired Donovan Bailey
To help us (maybe),
Our secret? Beer makes us go faster.

Ryan, Will, Tim, Joel, Jeremy,
Susan, Matt, Trish, as well as Timmy,
We’ll never give up,
In the Kimmett Cup,
Proud to play in honour of Lindsay.

Will Pozzo
Joel Bates
Jeremy Sexsmith
Tim Janzen
Tim Holtby
Ryan Ross
Matt Mendes
Susan Lerner
Trish Pozzo
Steph Pozzo

The Misfits

Charlie Crutchfield (C)
Ryan Crutchfield
Dayne Poffenroth
Kent Mann
Kristy Wannop
Neil Davies

Puck Junkies

The sound of ice creaking in sub-zero temperatures breaking the silence of the natural surroundings. The acrid burn of the air in the nostrils contradicting the trickles of sweat earned through thirty minutes of effort. The sparkle in the snow and the glimmer in the eyes of the players…

This is Pond Hockey at its best. A game without million dollar contracts, overpriced hot dogs or flashy in-game entertainment. A game that brings people together to share skills and memories, to compete in and celebrate the purest form of hockey. It’s a return to what makes us love the game.

The Puck Junkies are pleased to participate in the Kimmett Cup for the third consecutive year.  This event started as a tribute to a very special person and has grown to be a highlight  of our very cold Cochrane winters. It reminds us that we are a community and we share values, through the connection pond hockey gives us to people and to nature. There is a quiet spirituality that comes from gliding across the pond in the early evening hours. It is a soothing, satisfying feeling that transcends the game. Time seems to stop and we can simply enjoy the present as we reflect on the past.

Count us in. Oh, and by the way, we intend to drink from the Shottie Stick once again!

Rob Owens (C)
Larry Shelley
Ayla Owens
Leana Shelley
Ryan Owens
Cody Owens
Blake Morris
Conlan Seder
Tom Brady
Meaghen Hammond

Glenbow Chiefs

The Glenbow Chiefs are a team on the rise. Much like the 88 Flames and the 08 Penguins the Chiefs will use last year’s humiliating first round playoff upset as a learning experience and motivational firecracker to propel us to the top of the steaming heap! Led by a crack squad of savvy veteran talent and infused with some fine rookie enthusiasm – the Chiefs feature the skill and possibly the motivation of a venerable hockey dynasty. With a future this bright, it’s a casual expectation to look past this year’s given championship and on to a possible 3-5 year dynast run.

Patrick Wilson
Mary McGillivray
Patrick Bryson
Chris Graham
Colin Mcneil
Steffi Listaeghe
Kael Patron
Kelly Reid

Bilge Rats

We are a group of misfits. We are brothers, sisters, friends, and colleagues. Many of us grew up together, playing hockey with each other, and getting into trouble. We all love the game and are very passionate about it too. We have played at all different levels. Some of us have barely played….our Swedish teammate (Jonas), and some of us have played some junior hockey….15 years ago mind you. Our ringers will be the girls for sure. We are very excited about the tournament and hopefully we can make a good showing.

Dwayne Mcmillan (C)
Ryan Bosanko
Wade Elliott
Justin Gillis
Ashley Van Beizen
Jonas Emillson
Kevin Emillson
Murray Ledene
Krystle Merkley
Kym Mundy

Flying Pylons

We are the next generation of Pylons.  The Pylon name has been a part of Cochrane Old Man hockey for over 20 years now and we are trying our best to keep up the traditions that have been developed over that time.  We are very excited about the 2011 Kimmett Cup because we are playing a game in the Spray Lakes arena where we can hit the ceiling with our empty beer can after the game.   It can be kind of difficult to do that out on the pond. We will do our best to make the past, present, and future Pylons proud

Ian Kruger
Slade King
Jake Trottier
Tara Trottier
Blake Clayton
Kevin Graff
Shawn Polley
Lindsay Steele
Kelsey Loftus

Team Shockers

Grinders Matter!

Jesse Mclean
Andrew Knouse
Tyler Richardson
Owen anfinson
Cody thielmann
Jill bowie
Scheila Kelly
Jillian Grant
Logan Harris
Jeff Hansen

The Incredibles

We’ve written at length about the incredible super powers of previous Incredibles teams but this team is incredible for another reason altogether.  Incredible because they have come together for one day to carry on Lindsay’s Legacy, and what an incredible legacy that is – live each day to the fullest and make every moment count!

The Incredibles intend to live out that sentiment today on the ice and when we’re through making our moments count we’re going to toast Lindsay as we hoist the Kimmett Cup high above our heads, then drink champagne from it in her honour – Cheers Lindsay!

Ali Reid
Adam Thomas
Amanda Tingley
Jason Thomas
John Webb
Scott Reid
Tasha Bergman
Joe MacLellan
Jason Baserman

Recreational Division

Homelife Country Realty – a.k.a. Jerome and Gnomes

We’re serious about having fun but please be gentle!

Jordan Vanderwater (C)
Cheryl Vanderwater
Serge Paquet
Kassidy Collins
Shannon English
Jennifer Gray
Conrad Schilbe
Ashley Borody

Hookers & Slashers

Lindsay was our friend and our teammate, some of us played hockey with her for years, and some of never got the chance to meet her. We are group of friends that love to play hockey.

Now of course you want to know about our name – Hookers & Slashers. We may be slightly competitive and want to be straightforward about our tactics on the ice. We play simple hockey; stick to stick passing, overload attack, no stay at home defence on this team. But don’t think you are safe cherry-picking by our net, we definitely have speed. Try to keep, ok!

Oh, you wanted to know about the name?! We all have to make a profession somehow….

Heather Ramsay (C)
Kristi Palmer
Sammy Smar
Joanne de Moissac
Ashley Aberdeen
Janell Castiglione
Heather Ramsay
Kelsey Goodwin
Carolina Arenas
Diego Arenas

Team Edge

Years of scouting has gone into the creation of Team Edge. Like the Calgary Flames, we think we are really good – but there is a good change we won’t make the playoffs. Unlike the Flames, we will have fun trying!

On playing in the competitive division: “Not a chance – we’re terrible. I have no desire to put any amount of effort in. We’re there to drink coffee and baileys.”

Mark Kondrat – Not even close to a 2-way player. Look for him to be hanging out at centre ice waiting for a pass!

Thane Kondrat – A great prospect – he is used to playing contact hockey so keep your head up!

Darren Kondrat – He taught Thane everything he knows – so definitely keep your head up!

Jordan Meulenbeld – Talks a lot of trash and can’t skate very well.

Greg Dyck – The last person in Canada to still use an aluminum shaft. Make sure you wear shin pads when playing against him.

Lindsay Dyck – Unfortunately she was taught everything she knows from her dad Greg. Despite this setback she is an amazing player!

Emily Robson – A new addition to Team Edge – Look for her to be put on waivers if she doesn’t perform.

Lauren Rivett – Just called up from the farm team – hopefully her and Jordan can focus long enough on the game, rather than each other, to score a goal.

On playing in the competitive division: “Not a chance – we’re terrible. I have no desire to put any amount of effort in. We’re there to drink coffee and baileys.”

Mark Kondrat (C)
Thane Kondrat
Darren Kondrat
Jordan Meulenbeld
Greg Dyck
Lindsay Dyck
Emily Robson
Lauren Rivett

Simply Awesome

Some call it destiny, fate, inevitability. We call it random chance. A few resident physicians in Calgary who hardly see each other although they work in the same buildings. However, when their call schedules aligned and the request for team mates was placed, they responded above and beyond the call of duty to lace ’em up. A few of them knew Lindsay, and it suffices to say that even if this team changes yearly they’ll always be a team that’ll come out and have a blast. And that makes them “Simply Awesome”.

David Ward (C)
Erin Ross
Lindsay Stockdale
Paul Davis
Stacey Hall
Kristen Brown
Kareem Jamani

Triple Crown

Our Story is one of similarity to Lindsay’s story, with the difference being two young men, both passing away very young, and loved by their families and friends!

At Kimmett Cup 2, our team, Matthew’s Mob, played for Lindsay and our Son Matthew Gensorek.

Matthew passed away one month to the day of Lindsay’s passing: January 17, 2008 at the age of 22.

Our son David Gensorek played in Kimmett Cup 2, and had a great time playing for Lindsay and his brother Matthew. Sadly, David passed away October 5, 2010 at the age of 26, with 27 on January 6, 2011. We are now playing in David’s honor also.

Our name, Triple Crown, is most fitting for three young people dearly loved and missed by their families and friend, regarded and valued by each of us as ‘Royal Crowns’. We know God has a special Crown for each of them in heaven!

We will join everyone to celebrate our Triple Crown’s on January 22, 2011 at Kimmett Cup 3!

Gerald Gensorek (C)
Sarah Gensorek
Glen Doig
Tessy Pavlatos
Thomas Dueck
Jodi Sawyer
Jeff Sawyer
Louise Belair
Quinton Peers
Frank Hufnagel

Puckin’ Foudy’s/Taylors

This team includes the 6 members of the Foudy family; Kevin, Karen, Matthew, Conor, Logan, and Keara. Joining us is our brother-in-law Alan Taylor, his daughter Siobhan and his son Philip. Our family has a Christmas tradition of having a big family hockey game on Boxing Day. We all look forward to this game. Playing in the Kimmett cup gives us an opportunity to start another tradition, besides it’s for a really good cause. Our goal this year is to beat the defending champs!!!!!!

Kevin Foudy (C)
Matthew Foudy
Logan Foudy
Philip Taylor
Karen Foudy
Alan Taylor
Conor Foudy
Keara Foudy
Siobhan Taylor
Pauline Taylor

Team Old School

We are a mixture of wannabe hockey players that love the game! We are 0-6 since the tournament began so we are hungry to get our first win. Better keep your head up cause this is our year! Most importantly though, we are here for Lindsay Leigh because this was her game. Our team is called “Team Old School” because a couple of us on the team met Lindsay through our school years where memories will never be gorgotten. We also have players on the team that have gotten to know who Lindsay was and want to play and help support the LLK Foundation. We are going to play the game like her favorite team “THE FLAMES” and destroy all of our opponents!
Woot Woot!

Glori Bragg (C)
Curtis Crerar
Chris Kierzkowski
Tanya Popplewell
Curtis Garvin
Paul Holden

Original 7.25

The Original 7.25 are return to the glorious Kimmet Cup this year with a renewed sense of enthusiasm as well as a recommitted sense of purpose. Having two of our core members being recently released from commitment in a provincial care facility has led to this burning desire to once again show the type of dominance that led to the Original 7.25 being revered and honoured in the Cochrane world of pond hockey.

Though slower of foot and drinking more, the team promises to play a thinking man’s game that will more than make up for any physical shortfalls we may have. The constant reminder and promise to finally score a goal of a clear header remains. As always, the team is open to bankrolling post-game hijinks and sharing from the flask between intermissions.

Chris Dimopolis (C)
Shawn Sykes
Deana S
Katelyn D
Madelyn D
Courtney S
Kevin R
Trevor B
Dyana M


The Jets – we have 1 Swede – 1 Asian – 1 Irishman and 1 Frenchman – and we are rounded out by a bunch of good looking girls (not sure how we pulled that off). Game on!

Garry Roberts
Dave Lee
Pete Neilsen
Kelsey Roberts
Bev Mycyk
Luc DuPlessis
Erin Roberts
Terry Scotland
Steph Scotland
John Adshead

Oilers Suck

This is our 3rd time in this tourny. A few of us went to high school with Lindsay and one of our team members went to U of C’s med program. Aside from that we generally all just hate the Oilers passionately!

Stewart Aune
Chris Mattson
Geoff Rosenbaum
Margot Ellis
Mark MacInnes
Jared Fletcher
Ken Myers

Red Deer Also-Rans

Word of the Kimmett Cup has reached the frozen north near Red Deer where all hockey is played on ponds and the only thing sharper than our skates are our elbows. With representation from three decades and three provinces, the Also-Rans expect to finish well within the top 30!

Robert Warren
Dustin Devereaux
Jason Bucko
Emily Hornby
Jacqueline Bucko
Steve Rahn

The Bud Wiserhood

We are playing to support the Kimmett Cup tournament, get a little exercise and enjoy some baileys and beer, with a few young recruits that will just get some exercise.

Andy Degraw
Darcy Ponath
Justin Davis
Al Pistore
Dustin Ponath

Raucous Rotary Relics

The Raucous Rotary Relics will achieve their goal this year of adding more actual Rotary Club members to their Kimmett Cup team roster. Up from last year’s total of 2 we have added one whole more Rotarian, and 1 ex-Rotarian, which is kind of like 1/2 a Rotarian, except for his size. In addition to the 3 and 1/2 Rotarians on our team we have more Rotary DNA in the form of Julian deCocq’s sons Nathan and Jonathan, back to join the team again this year. We also have 3 new ladies who have agreed to play, and are reported to be actually pretty good, so us Relics will likely be preoccupied mainly with getting rid of the puck, preferably in the direction of one of these talented ladies, with the hopes that this strategy may net us a few goals. We hope they will all show up, because Plan B is sticking a bra on one of our Rotary team members so we can hopefully fool the powers that be into thinking we have met our requirement for one lady on the ice at all times.

Our team has a lot of respect for the Lindsay Leigh Kimmett Memorial Foundation and what it represents. We are proud to be part of this event again this year and looking forward to a great time on Saturday the 22nd!”

Tom Wilk
Jolene Brander
Ian Barclay
Dan Paarsmarkt
Brent Hopauf
Kendall Waiting

Team Toyota

Team Toyota, a Team put together from our Staff and Families. While we be able to score a goal, win a game, our even lace up our skates? Who knows, but we do know, we will have some Fun all for a Great Cause!

Megan Sparrow
Amanda Theede
Matt Davidson
Darwin Matiece
Ryan Baum
David Trieu
Dean Radke
Leanne Wong
Charlie Sparrow

The Beynon Brigade

The Beynon Brigade is a group of Cochranites brought together by the Kimmett Cup. Some of us have never met, but we all have at least two things in common: we love our community, and all have a connection to the Kimmett family. While some of us are excellent hockey players, the rest of us haven’t skated in years! We are honoured to play in Lindsey’s memory, and thank the Kimmett family for sharing her with us and the rest of the world.

Dwight Beynon
Brad Minogue
Rick Erven
Scott Erven
Dr. Mike Foster
Cory Mossing
Brad Pace
Carla Beynon
Shianna Pace
Michelle Minogue

The Baby Incredibles (aka “The Farm Team”)

Built from the ground up, players spread from all over North America….we are the true epitome of “I Need Borrowed Equipment” Grass Roots Hockey. Our dream – to one day make the Incredibles – till then, we will use our less than super powers against the other teams, the ice and most of all, gravity. We vow to play hard and fall even harder – We are the Farm Team!

Kevin Mah – Owner of his own hockey card at the age of 11, destined for the big leagues. Though his dream was cut short, his patented backhand saucer pass perfected against his own garage, continues to live on.

Joel Tappay – Wannabe part time goalie and part time golfer, Tappay Gilmore flounders in this non-goaltending, non-4 iron pond hockey affair. Nevertheless, he will use his goalie skills to be a wall on defense…..who is he kidding….wall…..invisible wall.

Geoff Thomas – Possesses limitless skills in mathematics, physics, and other sciences….we haven’t figured out how that’s going to help us on the ice yet…

Dina Smith – Here for the coffee and bailey’s but don’t underestimate her…

Jan Kaemingh – Like Lindsay she has honed her skills playing ringette but also loves hockey and hitting the pond!

Brandon Belland – Last year’s experience as a ref has given this new recruit an edge on the competition – he now knows how much he can bend the rules without getting a penalty!

Chris Lamoureux – Another new recruit – management hopes he might be the “next one”

Da Chang –

Megan Geist –

Ermin Nath – When not playing, he’ll double as team doctor – careful, he’s still in training!

Brandon Belland
Chris Lamoureux
Da Chang
Ermin Nath
Joel Tappay
Megan Geist
Kevin Mah
Geoff Thomas
Jan Kaemingh
Dinah Smith


Taylor Kimmett
Kelsey Wilson
Lany Kossowan
Chad Kossowan
Taylor Irvin
Chandler Irvin
Dave Marcial
Scott Marcial

Puck Smugglers

That’s right folks, we’re back
And we’ve got pucks aplenty
By the time you react
You won’t be left with any

The underground puck trade
Our great source of pride
The Smugglers get paid
With each and every stride

Oh we’ll steal all your passes
We’ll soak up your shots
The question we’ll ask is:
“That all that you got?”

They say third time’s a charm
So if my math is right
We’ll be raising our arms
With the cup come tonight!

Andrew Woods (C)
Erin Temple
Jake Sherlock
Grace Coulter
Byron Bader
Chad Newton
Josh Pollard
Shauna Bailey

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