To our volunteers, our sponsors, our players, and our friends:

All of us in the Kimmett Cup organizing committee want to extend our deepest thanks for everything you did to make the day such a success.  Together we raised $24,000 for The LINDSAY Virtual Human Project!

It takes a tremendous amount of energy to make an event like this happen, and it simply would not have been possible without all of you.  As volunteers, your selfless gifts of time and willingness to dive in behind the scenes to get the real work done is a testament to your character.  For doing so much without expectation of compensation or recognition, we are inyour debt.  As sponsors, your belief in our cause and commitment to your community is inspiring.  We hope the feeling of community is lasting and reciprocated, and we are proud to have businesses like yours call Cochrane and Calgary home.  As players and spectators, you gave the day life. Congratulations to all of you for the memorable games, and thank you for the great times together.

As well, we would love for you to share your Kimmett Cup photos and favorite moments on our Facebook page or via Email or Twitter.

Watch Kimmett Cup 4 on CBC, The National, Friday February 10th and on Hockey Day in Canada February 11th!

Thank you in advance for your input, as we continue working to make the Kimmett Cup bigger and better each year.

Jason, Joe, & Reid

Words from John Webb

From behind-the-scenes to the game’s puck-drop, the tournament is a balance between the Day and the Memory. I have attended Kimmett Cup as first a fan, then a participant, a volunteer, and eventually an enlightened combination of all three. This enlightenment reached me as the energy of the KC day and passion of Lindsay’s legacy blended together to create what I believe is the essence of the Kimmett Cup. I didn’t know Lindsay, but I do now. Her friends, her family, her community all carry her spirit, and with each round of Kimmett Cup involvement I am able to connect with her. I grow closer to her enthusiasm, her passion, and her love of life. KC4 allowed me to once again find Lindsay. The carving of ice, the crashing of sticks, the celebration, applause, laughter, eventually it all grew into reminiscing over past KC tournaments, stories with friends, new and old, the Cup, the Banquet, the overwhelming emotion bringing tears for the Day, for the Memory, and for the hope that this tradition will never end. In a culmination of everything the KC community has come to stand for, I felt chills roll through me as the cheers from hundreds, all wearing the number 25, met the photographer as he captured what the Kimmett Cup means to me; the tournament wide group shot will forever remind me that even from the deep sadness of loss, the human spirit is capable of anything, everything, and more.

Words from Todd Leaman

During medical school we had a tradition of booking a sheet of ice on Friday afternoons and playing a scrimmage.  People from all the classes would show up.  It was a great way to make friends and keep our sanity with the hectic pace of medical school.  Now that many of us are graduated and working, coming out to the Kimmett Cup has a similar feeling.  It is a chance to reconnect, and it is a chance to continue healing from the loss of our friend.  The spirit of the day is so special and so much fun to be a part of.  It has been amazing to see the scope of the day grow so much, and despite the large scale of the event, it really went off without a hitch.

Words from Marathon Man Martin Parnell

It doesn’t seem like a year ago that I played in the third annual Kimmett Cup pond hockey tournament. It was Jan. 22, 2011 and I had finished Marathon Quest 250 only three weeks prior. I had a great day with the Rotary Raucous Relics and promised myself that I would train and be better prepared for the 2012 event. Well, on Jan. 20, 12 months latter, I opened the hockey bag for the first time. This was not good. It is important to wash all the gear, immediately after the game. Last Saturday, as I drove down to Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre I thought about why I was participating in the fourth annual Kimmett Cup. Sadly, in February 2008 Lindsay Leigh Kimmett was killed in a car crash. Her parents, Kelly and Dianne have set up a foundation in her memory. One of Lindsay’s loves was hockey and so the first memorial tournament was held in 2009. In 2010 the foundation donated $5,000 to Right To Play in support of Marathon Quest 250. At the arena, I picked up the Rotary Raucous Relics sweaters and headed to the dressing room. I noticed that all the shirts had the No. 25 on them and I asked one of my team mates what it signified. He told me that, in 2002, when Lindsay first switched from ringette to hockey, she discussed with her brother Reid which number she should have on her new jersey. He asked her what her favorite numbers were and she said 20 and 5, so Reid said her number should be 25. Throughout her years with the Rangers, Prowlers, Sirens, Jets, and Macaques she always wore the No. 25. To honour Lindsay the Southern Alberta Women’s Hockey League have sewn “25” patches onto their jerseys. The Relics had a slow start, losing to the Jets. However, when we played our next game, at Mitford Pond, we came on like gang busters and won against the Baby Incredibles. The third game was critical to making it to the playoff. Unfortunately, we were pipped at the post by the Pro H2O. The weather was amazing, after a week of bone-crunching cold. The sun was out and CTV, Global and CBC caught all the action. Make sure you tune into CBC The National on Thursday, February 9 at 10 pm and on Hockey Day in Canada Saturday, February 11. The wrap-up party was held at AC’s restaurant, in Cochrane. This year, the proceeds will go to the “LINDSAY Virtual Human Project”, a 3-D, interactive computer model of anatomy and physiology, being developed by the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Medicine and Department of Computer Science. It will be used to educate medical students. Towards the end of the evening, the winning recreational and competitive division winners received their prizes. Players were invited to reunite in 2013 for the next Kimmett Cup. Finally, I joined Reid in announcing that, as part of next year’s event, a Guinness World Record will be attempted, for the most hockey players to play in an exhibition game of hockey. Stay tuned.

KC4 – Jan 21, 2012

32 Teams
300 Players
$25,000 Raised


Competitive Winner
Shot Stick Winner
Recreational Winner
Puckin’ Foudys

Team Rosters & Stories


A helter skelter assortment of seasoned CMHA C-team veterans is combined with an unlikely female roster of talented and ridiculously good looking allstars. Raised on the wisdom of some of Kimmett Cups most experienced participants, the classic confrontation of student versus teacher looms ahead. Youth and strategy will not be lacking, the burden of skill however, rests upon the narrow shoulders of three.

Katrina Smid
Stephanie Cook
Sarah Kinch
McKenzie Kissel
Scott Erven
Scott Gallagher
Garret Dillabough


Just here for fun and to help out a good cause.

Andy Degraw
Al Pistore
Darcy Ponath
Justin Davis
Sarah Onofreychuk
“Anne Smith”

The Baby Incredibles

Mixing new passion with experienced poise, The Baby Incredibles look to go on a run this year in the push for the Kimmett Cup. Under the steady hand of manager Jason “Big Apple” Baserman, and coach Joe “Big Sugar” MacLellan, the team managed to retain stars Joel and Brienne Tappay in free agency, and are in negotiations with the ‘incredible baby’ Aubrie for an entry level contract. The returning veteran presence of Jackie Dietvorst and Mark Hilger will add stability on offense, and the team will look for speed and energy from Laura MacAulay and Todd Leaman; two newcomers trying to make the jump to the big team from the AHL affiliate in Timmins. Also returning to the lineup this year will be Brandon “The Bruiser” Belland – only we’re not sure if he hands out bruises or receives them. Sean Wilde will be making his triumphant return to hockey since the glory of his medical school days. To round out special teams the organization made a late free agent splash, acquiring Heather Jamniczky, an anatomist known for dissecting opposing defenses, and Joanna Fay, a former RN-HL star known for her technical precision. All will be playing their hearts out in the spirit of #25, and are looking forward to a truly ‘Incredible’ day…Yeahhhh Baby!!!!

Joe MacLellan/Jason Baserman (Coach/GM)
Joel Tappay
Todd Leaman
Brienne Tappay
Laura MacAulay
Jackie Dietvorst
Mark Hilger
Sean Wilde
Heather Jamniczky
Joanna Fay
Brandon Belland

Puck Smugglers

This proud bunch of border breachers has been smugglin’ for centuries, long before the days of booze totin’ rum runners. But pucks haven’t always been their cargo of choice, no sir. Instead they got their start moving suitcases full of mighty mallards – yes, genuine Canadian ducks – across the 49th parallel. With the underground duck trade in full force business was booming, and the Smugglers soon became America’s #1 fowl trade partner. Everything was dandy, superb even, until their neighbors to the South came to a harsh realization in the mid 1900’s: ducks smuggle THEMSELVES across the border each and every year, flapping their wings furiously to avoid the harsh Canadian winter! Thwarted by mallard instinct, the Smugglers were doomed. About to close shop, their fortunes reversed when a peculiar order form from a misinformed buyer arrived at the office. As they opened the letter they saw a request that would change their lives forever… “I hereby demand 500 of your finest pucks, in short order!” – Gordie Howe, Detroit AHA! That was it! The whole world needs high-quality Canadian pucks! The Smugglers never looked back, and have quickly become a puck smuggling behemoth revered the world over. Some say if you hold their high-quality rubber disks to your ear you can still hear ducks quacking…

Andrew Woods
Josh Pollard
Byron Bader
Chad Newton
Andrew Kidd
Lars Green
Erin Temple
Shauna Bailey
Grace Coulter
Kristie Korbo


Members of the team knew Lindsay in medical school. Others are spouses/family members of these people. The team name represents two of the team members` background (real cowboy & cowgirl) and the best football team ever.

Joan Wheat-hozak
Justin Hozak
Alaina Aguanno
Sophia Pin
Peter Dobrowalski
AJ Doherty
Chris Doherty

Raucous Rotary Relics

The Raucous Rotary Relics are honored to be entering their third Kimmett Cup, having fully recovered from their second only recently. The player ratio of Rotarians/Ringers has steadily increased from two in year one to five this year, which probably won’t do much for their chances but might increase the “fellowship quotient”, whatever that means. The Secret Weapon we used last year to get into the playoffs, code named RGWP (Real Good Women Players) has been squandered this year, however team RRR will show up with skates laced and teeth intact ready to put forth a great effort for the benefit of the Lindsay Leigh Kimmett charity.

Dan Paarsmarkt
Tom Wilk
Scott Grattidge
Jonathan deCocq
Martin Parnell
Greg Wing
Nathan deCocq
Jolene Brander
Lindsey Hogan

Team Old School

We are a mixture of wannabe hockey players that love the game! We are 0-9 since the tournament began so we are hungry to get our first win. Better keep your head up cause this is our year! Most importantly though, we are here for Lindsay Leigh because this was her game. Our team is called “Team Old School” because a couple of us on theteam met Lindsay through our school years where memories will never be forgotten. We also have players on the team that have gotten to know who Lindsay was and want to play and help support the LLK Foundation. We are going to play the game like her favorite team “THE FLAMES” and destroy all of our opponents! Woot Woot!

Doug Inglis
Torrie Chartier
Paul Holden
Curtis Garvin
Chris Kierzkowsk
Curtis Crerar
Glori Bragg
Laura Whitehead

The Hellbenders

When we started school together in July 2011 we didn’t even know each others names let alone who played hockey. Over way too many hours of lecture and a friday shinny or two we met and formed a formidable team! We may have a few wonky knees and a ringette player or two but don’t count us out… We are the Hellbenders for a reason!!
Michael Bosch
Joel Stimson
Edward Schaffer
Michael Beach
Ryan Shields
Nicole Geddes
Stephanie Brass
Kayla Nelson


Following a string of unexpected wins at the 2011 Kimmett Cup, Captain Taylor Kimmett wonders if a repeat performance is possible from We Are Family 2. Kimmett was as startled by his team’s level of talent as the fans and opposing teams, but he believes that the grueling late-night practices and powerskating sessions will pay off. Returning to the team this year is WAF2’s Assistant Captain, Kelsey Wilson. Wilson was recently traded from the struggling Fox Creek Cobras to the somewhat-less-successful Eckville Diamonds. Her goal for this season is to procure at least one more female player, as last year’s back to back games sans substitute left her exhausted for the 7-hour drive back to Fox Creek. As a result, she is expected to make far fewer utterances of, “For Fox Creek!” this year. Wilson will not be disappointed, as TWO female players will provide the team with substitutes, and a more important and much-needed commodity: Skill. Jillian Hartley is a former MRC Cougar, played with Lindsay in SAWHA, and is considered a superhero by her teammates. The team is hoping, however, that Lindsay will provide them with a warm day, as the cold is crippling Kryptonite to Jillian. Paige Magnusson, on the other hand, thrives in the cold, and as a SAIT Trojan she is expected to carry the entire team. An unprecedented total of three lines consist of brothers this year, and there is fierce debate over which line will dominate. Chad and Lany Kossowan, who each hold the title of, “The most skilled Cochrane General to ever wear #13”, believe that their grit and determination will land them the title of “best brother line”. They are followed closely by Dave and Scott Marcial, however, who plan to sledgehammer their way to the top. The third brother line consists of the unstoppable force that is Taylor and Chandler Irvin. Only time and injuries will tell which line will provide WAF2 with the most success. When injuries or game-misconducts do occur, Kimmett is prepared to call up Keith Dougan, Jill Scotland, and their one one-year-old son Kashton from the farm team. While some members of WAF2 hope for glory, and others simply strive for survival, all members agree that their love of this game is matched only by their unwavering love for Lindsay.

Taylor Kimmett
Kelsey Wilson
Lany Kossowan
Chad Kossowan
Taylor Irvin
Chandler Irvin
Paige Magnusson
Dave Marcial
Scott Marcial
Jill Hartley

The Flying Pylons

Once again the Pylons are back. This year we are HOPING that we might win a game but we KNOW that we are going to have a great time. This weekend has quickly become a tradition that we all look forward to every year. All the best to the other team. Have fun!!!

Ian Kruger
Slade King
Blake Clayton
Kelsey Clayon
Ally Clark
Jordan Wenzel
Shawn Polley
Amber Lawrence
Jake Trottier

Gentle Giants

Don’t let the team name fool you – this group of six scrappers was handpicked in an effort to bring some toughness and grit into the Kimmett Cup. While all 6 Gentle Giants believe in fair play and family fun, they also believe in finishing their checks and olde tyme hockey. Bagg is coming off a career high 287 penalty minutes last season, while Oglethorpe Penney has the distinction of being the only guy to fight a girl in his intramural league (she won, but he gave it a good effort, which is what this team is all about). In a recent CBC interview, Kennedy shared his thoughts on the upcoming tournament in Cochrane. “We’re looking forward to it. What we lack in skill, size, speed, and talent we make up for in true grit.” K. Penney, though rarely making it onto the scoresheet, has been described as “the Tiger Williams of female rec hockey” and is known both on and off the ice for her toughness. Wray and Sweet provide the scoring finesse for this squad. Both declined call-ups to play for unmentioned NHL teams and are taking an extended Christmas holiday to train for the tourney. The Gentle Giants’ inaugural Kimmett Cup appearance promises to thrill fans of all ages.

Alex “Ogie Oglethorpe” Penney
Alex “Sting” Wray
Ali “The Agitator” Bagg
Kali “Enforcer” Penney
Mike “Cement hands” Kennedy
Shane “Danger” Sweet


The aye-ayes are a group of second year medical students and friends that are proud to be first time participants in the Kimmett Cup. The aye-aye (Daubentonia madagascariensis) is a lemur, a strepsirrhine primate native to Madagascar that combines rodent-like teeth and a special thin middle finger to fill the same ecological niche as a woodpecker. It is the world’s largest nocturnal primate, and is characterized by its unusual method of finding food; it taps on trees to find grubs, then gnaws holes in the wood and inserts its narrow middle finger to pull the grubs out. The only other animal species known to find food in this way is the striped possum. From an ecological point of view the aye-aye fills the niche of a woodpecker, as it is capable of penetrating wood to extract the invertebrates within. Look forward to seeing everyone on the ice!

Brett Hollowell
Billy Brown
Daryl Dillman
Ian Mitchell
Ellen Brown
Nicole Macdonald

The Mountain Trappers

The “Trappers” originally developed from the “Original Six” Due to a binding advertisement deal with Gatorades new drink “purple boisenberry” the Original Six were bought out by the Trappers. 3 hockey pucks, a burlap bag, and a loaf of banana bread sealed the deal. The Trappers propose to be a younger, more vibrant but equally lazy group of hockey players destined for some failure and proud of it. Our team CHEER was borrowed from the Calgary Flames, “WE’RE HERE TO DO OK”

Shawn Sykes
Clayton Sykes
Riley Sykes
Dru Skilnick Hicks
Matt Lee
Kevin George
Chris Dimopoulos
Katelyn Dimopoulos
Andi Bullis
Laurie Champagne

Oilers Suck

Most of us either went to high school or university with Lindsay and we all know her love for the Flames and hatred for the Oilers. We figured we would keep the tradition alive of always reminding people just how much the Oilers suck (aside from pointing out the standings year in and year out) by incorporating the theme into our team name….

Stewart Aune
Jared Fletcher
Ken Myers
Chris Mattson
Mark MacInness
Amanda Morrison
Shannon Leydon
Kristen Lipscombe

Young Guns

We are the Young Guns, not! We are playing for three Young Guns, who have been promoted to heaven, ever loved and thought of! Matthew Gensorek, Lindsay Leigh Kimmett, and David Gensorek! On January 21, 2012 we will be celebrating their lives and building stronger family ties and friendships which defines the spirit of the Kimmett Cup, and of which all three lived their lives by. I’m sure David has shared his Kimmett Cup II experience with Lindsay and Matthew, and a heavenly audience will be cheering all Teams on come January 21, 2012!

Jodi Sawyer
Sarah Gensorek
Louise Belair
Tessy Pavlatos
Jeff Sawyer
Quinton Peers
Bart Stone
Daryl Stone
Tom Dueck
Gerald Gensorek

Flying V’s

We are a team comprised of 9 ladies and 1 man with a lady name. Rene likes to be just ‘one of the girls’ and our pre-game cheer “girl power!!!” was his clever idea. Us girls are excited to Bring It On during the tournament. Our team was mostly inspired by the Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants and we are thrilled to Step Up for the Kimmett Cup. Go Girls Go!

Ashley Aberdeen
Heather Ramsay
Amber Pitura
Stephanie Rooney
Kristi Palmer
Sammy Smar
Kristen Odland
Jen MacDougall
Joanne De Moissac
Rene De Moissac

We Are Family

Reid Kimmett
Kelly Kimmett (IR)
Craig Vassie
Amber Pitura
Shirley Daniel
Sarah Daniel
Al Davies
Spencer Fawkes
Clay Colvin
Rodger Irvin
Jerry Gilbertson (retired?)
Denis Marcial (FT)

Scissor Me Timbers

Scissor Me Timbers is a hockey team playing in the MWHL (Morning Wood Hockey League) Carolina Arenas, the veteran captain player-coach, has no idea how she can keep her team glued together to win the MWHL hockey league this year. Scissor Me Timbers are about to hit rock bottom. After acquiring the sister’s Mac Wilson and Diego Arenas, the bespectacled violent goon twins with child-like mentalities Sonia Georg and Hedi Syme, the injury ridden Jena Iuliano, and the trio of thugs Cassandra Atkins, Christina Jablonski, and Gemma Randle. Carolina decided to expand the team’s horizons and to head west to Alberta for a shot at the big leagues, playing in the Kimmett Cup. In hopes this tournament would lift her team’s spirits being for an unreal cause, all 9 players jumped on Carolina’s quadruplet mexican donkeys and set sail. 100L of water, 4 lbs of carrots, 8 bails of hay, and 14 pairs of undies later, Scissor Me Timbers have arrived in Cochrane, Alberta, and are ready to skate for a cause.

Carolina Arenas
Gemma Randle
Sonia Georg
Diego Arenas
MacKenzie Wilson
Hedi Syme
Christina Jablonski
Jena Iuliano
Cass Atkins


After winning the inaugural Kimmett Cup, The Misfits decided to let other teams join in the glory. This year though, we are planning on drinking from the Cup once again! Returning players Ryan the Rocket Crutchfield, Dayne the Smoothie Poffenroth, Neil the Tenacious Davies, Marcus the Speedster Simpson, Kristy the Tiger Wannop, Miranda the Leopard Zugelder, Margo the Cheetah Nelson and Charlie too Old Crutchfield along with newcomer Sarah, goaliepads, Finch are anticipating the return to the podium. The team has been practicing hard and have a few new tricks up our sleeve to get us to our goal! Go Misfits Go!!!

Charlie Crutchfield
Ryan Crutchfield
Dayne Poffenroth
Neil Davies
Marcus Simpson
Kristy Wannop
Miranda Zugelder
Margo Nelson
Sarah Finch

Team Freddy

After losing players to retirement, injuries, and free agency. Team Freddy is totally revamped even with a new name. There are a lot of expectations for this team and the G.M job is on the line if these expectation are not met.

Mike Fredrich
Lauren Fredrich
Dave Hardy
Kyle Hardy
Kelly Murray
Kenzie Menzak
Justin Fredrich
Brady Karlson
Robin Karlson

The Dingleberries

We are an 8 man wolfpack, ready to compete as a team for the first time in the tournament. Ryan Hellard with his Donkey Kong chest brings strength. Andy Lee with his fancy footwork like a figure skater brings speed. Ryan Priddey is a natural pylon with his experience as a goalie. Cam Kennedy brings team spirit with the cheerleader that lives inside of him. Stephie brings sportsmanship with her positive attitude and laid back personality. Jazanne Whitney brings intimidation and height measuring in at 5’2. Danica Listhaeghe brings the sharp elbows that will getcha in the corner. All together these attributes make our winning team, THE DINGLEBERRIES!

Stephie Listhaeghe
Ryan Hellard
Danica Listhaeghe
Andrew Lee
Chris Mann
Ryan Priddey
Jazanne Whitney
Cam Kennedy

The Jets

Like the re-birth of the Winnipeg Jets – our Jets team is also new, vibrant and exciting!!!….no, no wait – we’re the same old Jets back for our 4th year to support this great event. Yes, 1 Asian, 1 Swede, 1 Frenchman and 1 Irishman surrounded by 4 HOT girls (ok daughters and friends). Have fun and stay focused on what this is all about!

Stephanie Scotland
Kelsey Roberts
Erin Roberts
Jaclyn Tate
Luc Duplessis
Pete Nielson
Dave Lee
Garry Roberts

Pro H2O

We’ve traveled far and wide (West Valley, River Song, Grand Valley Rd, Water Valley, Edmonton, Saskatchewan & Calgary) to dust off the old CCM’s and lace them up in support of such a great event and an amazing organization..! We couldn’t miss out on a great oportunity to spend time with family & friends and play the sport we all love…! We’ve called up our A team for this years run at the Kimmett Cup Championship..! We’re bringing the heat and packing the water..! ha

Tyler Hill
Dwayne Lucas
Trent House
Kyle Wig
Justin Heidman
Kyle Stecyk
Jessie Jackson
Gillian Kendall
Carrie Mitchell
Colette Kalo

The Incredibles

Every great sports dynasty has had one thing in common – a great name. A great name strikes fear into competitors, inspires a team to achieve greatness, and serves as a rallying call for its fervent fans.

After years of toiling and struggling with imperfect names like “the unbelievables”, the “improbables”, and “the unimaginables”, we’ve finally found a name that embodies our team’s true identity – THE INCREDIBLES.

Now we have a name that we can relate to – an identity that will unite us and bring us the championship we’ve been thirsting for all these years…

Jason Baserman
Joe MacLellan
John Webb
Scott Reid
Ali Reid
Tasha Bergman
Amanda Tingley
Matt Scrivens
Adam Thomas
Marnie Anderson

Puck Junkies!

An original team from Kimmett Cup 1, the Puck Junkies have changed over the years but our goal is still the same: Have a great time . For Kimmett Cup 1, the team consisted of a combination of two great hockey families, the Shelley’s and Owens’. Even with lots of history the team bonded over the shared goal of the Shottie Stick. Yes, not only did our team love pond hockey. We all saw the Shottie Stick and as one decided that our goal for this tournament is second. While that was a hearty dream around noon, later that night we found ourselves in a shootout after three overtime periods in the semifinals. As we all know, the Puck Junkies made it to their goal after another shootout at the end of Kimmett Cup and reached the ultimate goal of the Shottie Stick.

Going into Kimmett Cup 2, with the expansion of the tournament required the Puck Junkies to have to recruit some more family and friends to help the team continue to be competitive. However, all the other teams came in strong and it was a tough battle all the way to the end where we once again came out on top, and by that I mean we won the Shottie Stick for the second year in a row.

While the dream was lived through the first two Kimmett Cups, Kimmett Cup 3 was more of a challenge. The team from the previous year put together a valiant effort but weren’t able to find the right sync to make it past the first round of the playoffs. All was not lost though; everyone had another stellar time at the tournament and was available to assist the remaining players on the actual Shottie Stick champion team in hoisting their prize.

This coming tourney will see lots of new faces on the Puck Junkies. With the loss of the Shelley’s, the Puck Junkies welcome the Kwas family , Dayna Beaorg and Tracy Atto to help fill in the gaps. Even though the team may look different, our values stay the same. With many years experience playing hockey & ringette, coaching, officiating and most important of all shinny & boot hockey on the pond, mountain lakes and backyard rink, this team was built for the Kimmett Cup.

So why do we love & live hockey and especially pond hockey?
Because its fun. We make new friends for life. Celebrate our passion with old friends. Live out our dreams. Never grow old. See young minds, egos & bodies blossom. The thrill of competition. Learn to Win and Learn to lose with class. Sportsmanship. Leadership. Teamwork and giving your all at anything you do. Learn to laugh at yourself.

All the values that Lindsay cherished and lived so passionately.

Cody owens
Blake morris
Ryan owens
Ayla owens
Ryan kwas
Rob owens
Tracy atto
Taylor kwas
Tom brady
Dayna beaorg

Glenbow Chiefs

Patrick Wilson
Chris Graham
Colin Mcneil
Kelly Reid
Mary McGillivary
Krystin Giroux
Shannon Davies

Team Toyota

Team Toyota, a Team put together from our Staff and Families. While we be able to score a goal, win a game, our even lace up our skates? Who knows, but we do know, we will have some Fun all for a Great Cause!

Ryan Baum
Dave Trieu
Beth Dilbella
Leanne Wong
Mike Moreau
Darcy Erikson

The Shockers

The score would have been worse if we hadn’t blocked the kick after that second touchdown!

Jesse Mclean
Andrew Knouse
Tyler Richardson
Owen Anfinson
Cody Thielmann
Jill Bowie
Scheila Kelly
Jillian Grant
Logan Harris
Steve McEwan

Jofa Kings

We entered into the Kimmett Cup Pond Hockey tournament last year, and found ourselves in the competitive division. Wow! We were in the wrong division. We got blown out. In some cases by over 20 goals. We learned our lesson and this year we are trying for the rec division. Hopefully the scores will be a little closer. Our team is a bunch of friends from in and around Cochrane and Calgary. Don’t be surprised to see a few of us with Team Sweden colours or Jofa helmets, as there is a strong Swedish component on our team. Let’s all hope the weather cooperates this year, as last year was awesome! We will be there all smiles and ready to play, but always remembering what this tournament is about. Good Luck to everyone and Thanks to all of the volunteers and sponsors!

Jason Wood
Dwayne McMillan
Jonas Emilsson
Justin Gillis
Kevin Emilsson
Wade Elliott
Ashley Van-Biezen
Krystle Merkely
Kym Mundy

Young Guns

We are the Young Guns, not! We are playing for threeYoung Guns, who have been promoted to heaven, ever loved and thought of! Matthew Gensorek, Lindsay Leigh Kimmett, and David Gensorek! On January 21, 2012 we will be celebrating their lives and building stronger family ties and friendships which defines the spirit of the Kimmett Cup, and of which all three lived their lives by. I’m sure David has shared his Kimmett Cup II experience with Lindsay and Matthew, and a heavenly audience will be cheering all Teams on come January 21, 2012!

Jodi Sawyer
Sarah Gensorek
Louise Belair
Tessy Pavlatos
Jeff Sawyer
Quinton Peers
Bart Stone
Daryl Stone
Tom Dueck
Gerald Gensorek


After defecting from the Incredibles and taking a year off to take power skating lessons in Southeast Asia, Team captain Ben Maclellan has teamed up with Willie Pozzo (formerly captain of the Sprinting Turtles) to assemble a team that’s expected to skate circles around the competition.

Ben MacLellan
Kayla Ross
Ryan Ross
Chris Hollinger
Will Pozzo
Amanda Harbus
Sara Dreger
Steve Cavanagh
Jody Hart

Puckin’ Foudy’s

This team includes the 6 members of the Foudy family; Kevin, Karen, Matthew, Conor, Logan, and Keara. Joining us is our brother-in-law Alan Taylor, his daughter Siobhan and his son Philip. Our family has a Christmas tradition of having a big family hockey game on Boxing Day. We all look forward to this game. Playing in the Kimmett cup gives us an opportunity to start another tradition, besides it’s for a really good cause. Our goal this year is to beat the defending champs!!!!!!

Kevin Foudy
Karen Foudy
Matthew Foudy
Conor Foudy
Logan Foudy
Keara Foudy
Alan Taylor
Pauline Taylor
Siobhan Taylor
Philip Taylor

IM’s on Time

We hardly ever see each other. We don’t even play hockey on a regular basis together. The team changes year after year. Yet count on us to sign up and lace ’em up for Kimmett Cup (even if its the ONLY time we lace ’em up). So what we lack in skills we make up in soul so – watch out! You never know how the games will end; we’ve even been known to score an own goal or two!

David WARD

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