Kimmett Cup 5 and Hockey Quest 500 Achieve Guiness World Record!

On January 19, 2013, the 5th Annual Kimmett Cup Pond Hockey Tournament teamed up with Martin Parnell (Marathon Quest 250), Right to Play, and 374 of our closest friends for “Hockey Quest 500”. We have now officially set the Guiness World Record for the most people to participate in an exhibition hockey match! In doing so, we also raised $100,000.25 for Right to Play, giving the gift of play to 8,000 children worldwide.

To our volunteers, sponsors, players, and friends:

All of us in the Kimmett Cup organizing committee want to extend our deepest thanks for everything you did to make the day such a success. Together we raised $100,000 for Right To Play! Every dollar fundraised will be matched three times giving us a grand total of $400,000 providing 8000 children with weekly sport and play programs for an entire year. A monumental achievement! Also, a very special thank-you to Martin Parnell and The Right To Play Club at the University of Calgary for partnering with the Kimmett Cup and sharing a common vision of improving lives through sport.

It takes a tremendous amount of energy to make an event like this happen, and it simply would not have been possible without all of you. As volunteers, your selfless gifts of time and willingness to dive in behind the scenes to get the real work done is a testament to your character. For doing so much without expectation of compensation or recognition, we are in your debt. As sponsors, your belief in our cause and commitment to your community is inspiring. We hope the feeling of community is lasting and reciprocated, and we are proud to have businesses like yours call Cochrane and Calgary home. As players and spectators, you gave the day life. Congratulations to all of you for the memorable games, and thank you for the great times together.

KC5 – Jan 19, 2013

48 Teams
60 Volunteers
$400,000 Raised for Right to Play


Competitive Winners
Shot Stick Winners
Rubber Puckies
Recreational Winners
Oilers Suck

Team Rosters & Stories

Competitive Division


We are a medical school class looking to get away from the textbooks and get out to play some pond hockey. We are a second year KC participant and hope to win a tournament after a sour defeat to our fellow medical school classmate’s team last year. But more importantly we are here for a good time, for a good cause and to enjoy some out door hockey!

Joel Stimson (C)
Michael Bosch (A)
Ryan Shields
Ed Schaffer
Mike Beach
Daryl Dillman
Steph Brass
Nicole Geddes
Alyssa Bosch


It’s absolutely incredible. You stand at the edge of Mitford Pond, surrounded by a Cochrane winter in January, and Lindsay Kimmett is on the ice. She’s on the ice then, and she’s on the ice now. She’s in the stands, she’s volunteering behind the scenes, she’s brining energy and excitement and enthusiasm to the day. Her day. Our day. The Kimmett Cup.

The Pond, the rink, and all of Cochrane are fueled by Lindsay’s Legacy, and for the fifth straight year, so is our team.

It’s all the usual suspects. Long time veteran Cup-Chasers Amanda Tingley and Marnie Anderson return to KC action as experienced Pond Hockey Pros, ready for whatever the tourney has to offer. A One-Two Punch of Thomas in brothers Adam and Jason are back, bringing the battle for another round of grit and finesse on the outdoor ice. Word is out on former Secret Weapon Tasha Bergman, who is still as much the Weapon as ever, but is now complete with a reputation for skate speed and puck magic that precedes her. The Dynamic Reid Duo look to showcase two-way hockey, with impact players Scott and Ali covering both ends of the ice, and doing it with unforgettable style. Former fan and photographer, John Webb, puts down the camera, picks up a stick, and likes the trade, joining the team in pursuit of the soon-to-be dynasty’s first hoisting of the Cup. And finally, new recruits Aaron Rothery and Matt Scrivens have officially signed contracts committing to fancy goal scoring, rugged shot-blocking, and filling the roles of “Ringer 1” and “Ringer 2” for the 2013 edition of the team.

Five years ago, with the ink of the tournament’s blueprint still drying on the page, Joe MacLellan and Jason Baserman began piecing together a team. From roster to training-camp, line combinations to choreographed offensive-zone blitzkrieg style attack formation, Joe and Jason have been the team’s foundation since the beginning. Creating an atmosphere that blends competition with an unwavering love for the game, this Player/Coach/GM pairing have harnessed Lindsay’s incredible passion and infused it in these ten teammates. As they lace up for Kimmett Cup 5 and aim to be the last team standing on January 19th, the squad will be leading the charge for bench bosses Joe and Jason, playing in memory of Lindsay Kimmett, and above all else, enjoying this incredible day.

Version 5.0 and the 2013 edition of “The Incredibles”

Jason Baserman (GM)
Joe MacLellan (GM)
John Webb (C)
Scott Reid (A)
Matt Scrivens
Aaron Rothery
Amanda Tingley
Tasha Bergman
Marnie Anderson
Jason Thomas
Adam Thomas
Ali Reid

Gentle Giants

After falling short of the high expectations placed on them last year by tournament organizers, the Gentle Giants are back again and they’re looking better than ever. They turned heads at the last KC with their “take no prisoners” style of play and cutting edge helmet technology, but they plan to turn heads this year by scoring goals and making new friends.

Kali Penney (C)
Mike Kennedy (A)
Ali Bagg
Alex Penney
Alex Wray
Shane Sweet

Rubber Puckies

Bunch of retired hockey players slash roommates looking for a good reason to play some puck.

Paige Magnusson (C)
Lindsey Audia (A)
Alix Beatty
Bianca Zuber
Shaye Radford
Graham Teleford
Myles Magnusson


We Are Family 2 is a team captained by Lindsay’s brother Taylor. The team composition is truly eclectic; a mix of high level skill, grit and low level skill. The line-up shakes out as follows:

Line #1/ PP #1 / PK #3 AKA KOSSORING

“The Brothers Koss” (Lany & Chad) will be teamed up with a member of the Flames Big Country Ice Crew Kylah Gaehring. I’m not sure Kylah knows it yet but she has been put on the line which will have to account for ~95% of WAF2 scoring as what follows are 2 lines which can, at best, be categorized as “Checking”.

Line #2/ PP #3 / PK #1 AKA DCT

This line is the definition of mediocrity mixed with some sandpaper. Our Captain Taylor will be bringing the mediocrity to the equation while line mates Dave and Caitlin will be in charge of the sandpaper. This line is our #1 PK unit as it is likely that either Dave or Caitlin will be in the sin-bin at all times.

Line #3/ P2 #3 / PK #2 AKA POFFENZIMMIE

Dayne, Craig and Steph make up our 3rd line dubbed POFFENZIMMIE. POFFENZIMMIE will be anchored by our 2nd Flames Big Country Ice Crew Member Steph Zimmmel. She is in for a long day of carrying her old geezer line mates around on her back.

We Are Family 2 is proud of all that the Lindsay Leigh Kimmett Memorial Foundation has accomplished over the years and are excited to be a part of KC5!

See you on the ice…. watch out for the elbows.

Taylor Kimmett (C)
Dave Marcial (A)
Chad Kossowan
Lany Kossowan
Craig Vassie
Dayne Poffenroth
Stephanie Zimmel
Kylah Gaehring
Caitlin MacIsaac

Locked Out NHLers

Most players on this team are from the incredibly talented (yet somehow underachieving) Sharks in the Bow Valley Recreational Adult Hockey League. This is our first Kimmett Cup as a team, but many of our players have played in this tournament for other teams in previous years.

Shane Gryzko (C)
Denny Phipps (A)
Navada Russell
Serge Paquet
Nathan Bruder
Jonathan Hagel
Rachel Denner
Carolyn Langill

Pro H2O

This has been an interesting year, our TEAM has been shaken up! With the lockout in full swing, several players decided to play overseas. After the 113 day lockout ended, a few of our ‘Core’ players have decided to pursue a professional pond hockey career in Siberia. It came with such disbelief, we tried everything to get them to return home, we even sent in heated dog sleds to bring them back! haha

We’ve traveled many miles to find some new recruits and were looking forward to our run for the Prestigious Kimmett Cup with our new TEAMMATES!!!

Tyler Hill
Jake Barnett
Dwayne Lucas
Trent House
Kyle Wig
Steve Rae
Kyle Tucker
Jessie Jackson
Lindsay Dyck
Kara Mailloux

Puck Junkies

This is what being Canadian is all about! Doesn’t matter what your talent level, on the pond in a game of scrimmage, everyone is equal. And everyone has the same goal – to have a good time! The Kimmett Cup is the ultimate venue – it allows everyone to do just that, and at the same time provide opportunities for the less fortunate to share in the exhilaration we all feel when we strap those blades on, grab a stick, and strut our stuff!

The “mature” players on our team grew up playing their minor hockey in outdoor rinks, where in some cases players benches were merely carved out of the snow drifted against the boards. Even at temperatures of -20C and falling snow, the game went on! The younger generation still love the game that much as they cannot resist the lure of a sheet of ice on a backyard rink or nearby pond. Frozen toes mean nothing when there is a “spinnerama” or “top-shelf shot” to be mastered.

With years of experience in playing, coaching, officiating, rink building, and “mascotting”, and many more years in just plain having a good time, this team was truly built for the Kimmett Cup and is truly Canadian!

Let the games begin!

Rob Owens (C)
Ryan Kwas (A)
Ayla Owens
Ryan Owens
Cody Owens
Tracy Atto
Taylor Kwas
Tom Brady
Dayna Baerg
Bob Kwas

Penner’s Pancakes

After all experiencing freak back injuries due to consuming pancakes the Penner Pancakes are healed up and ready to play.
5th year returning captain Carolina (linas) Arenas arranged a sponsorship with IHOP and was able to recruit rookie sensations Megan Price, Dillon Robison, Luc Dion and Anthony Iuliano. While Returning players Cass Atkins, Jena Iuliano, Diego Arenas and Mack Wilson have spent the last year training with Dustin Penner to be ready for this years Kimmett Cup.

The Penner Pancakes are ready to lace up their back braces and skates for a good cause!

Carolina Arenas (C)
Diego Arenas (A)
Jena Iuliano
Anthony Iuliano
Megan Price
Dillon Robison
Luc Dion
Mack Wilson
Cass Atkins

Cochrane Yotoa’s

Team consists of staff friends and family.

Very excited to be back again this year and cant wait to raise money and awareness towards this great event.

Old time hockey is this teams motto, so that means they are not going to shy away from a battle.

The team has been training for weeks up at Cochrane Toyota pond so the competition better watch out!

Darcy Erickson (C)
Kris Keller (A)
Talus Hume
Austin Keller
Emilly Robson
Female TBD


Reid Kimmett (C)
Tyler Fyten (A)
Dave Holmberg
Travis Rodney
Tanner Boothby
Chad Willis
Jason Longden
Caitlin Fyten
Emily power
Daria O’Neil

The Shockers

Grinders Matter!

Jesse McLean (C)
Chase Kinch (A)
Andrew Knouse
Clayton Dubyk
Logan Harris
Jeff Hansen
Scott McCulloch
Jillian Grant
Sam Watt
Jill Bowie

Glenbow Chiefs

The 2013 Glenbow Chiefs lineup features a deep collection of grinders, pluggers, checkers, and muckers in an attempted to underwhelm the competition into submission. Former bronze medalists – the Chiefs have tasted shot-stick glory and now aspire to the ultimate prize in pond hockey lore. Much like our beloved Flames, the Chiefs feel the window of opportunity closing upon us as we enter our 4th glorious Kimmett Cup competition. The time for G.C supremacy is now.

Patrick Wilson
Mary Macgillvary
Krystin Giroux
Chelsea Hagerty
Janine McCue
Patrick Bryson
Kelly Reid
Chris Graham
Colin Mcneil

Puckin’ Foudy’s

This team includes the 6 members of the Foudy family; Kevin, Karen, Matthew, Conor, Logan, and Keara. Joining us is our brother-in-law Alan Taylor, his daughter Siobhan and his son Philip.  Our family has a Christmas tradition of having a big family hockey game on Boxing Day.  We all look forward to this game. Playing in the Kimmett cup gives us an opportunity to start another tradition, besides it’s for a really good cause. Our goal this year is to beat the defending champs!!!!!!

Kevin Foudy (C)
Karen Foudy (A)
Conor Foudy
Logan Foudy
Keara Foudy
Evan Skowron
Philip Taylor
Siobhan Taylor
Julia Skowron
Chris Carrier

Recreational Division

Baby Incredibles

The Baby Incredibles return again this year after a spirited 2012 tournament that saw the team win more hearts and fans than they did games. Management has responded by dipping into the free agent pool to round out the roster. While not Swedish or twins, Laura’s brother Daniel took a pay cut to sign a package deal with his sister. Matt and Whitney were picked up in a surprise deal with Edmonton that saw two draft picks and a bag of pucks go the other way. Richard and Paul have proven their mettle in the Calgary junior affiliate squad and have been called up to the big leagues for good. Veterans Joel and Brienne were instrumental in recruiting Jon and Kevin, while Todd and Sean spent the off-season training by playing NHL 94 and eating potato chips. True to the team spirit, they’ll all be cheered on from the sidelines by the incredible baby Samuel Tappay; the newest addition to the family. This year everyone is focused on the collective goal: pizza. But if they happen to make the playoffs, that’s cool too.

Todd Leaman (C)
Joel Tappay (A)
Laura MacAulay
Richard Lee-Ying
Matt Hoblak
Daniel MacAulay
Brienne Borlé
Sean Wilde
Whitney Eberle
Brandon Belland

We Are Family

We Are Family returns to the Kimmett Cup with a totally revamped lineup after last year’s debacle in the competitive division after lifting the Rec trophy in 2011. In attempting to drop down a division captain Kelly Kimmett added a lot of experience to the lineup (old farts in other words). Former captains of defunct Kimmett Cup teams Charlie Crutchfield and Mike Fredrich have been added to returning grizzled veterans Denis Marcial and Rodger Irvin. To balance the slowness of the veterans Taylor Irvin, Scott Marcial, and Justin Fredrich bring some much needed youth to this band of creaky old cranks. The ladies are all new to the team with Lindsay’s cousin Kelsey a veteran of all 4 Kimmett Cups being picked up in a deal with WAF2 along with former Misfit Kristy Wannop and rookie Stacie Poffenroth. Longtime WAF super sub Amber Pitura is available in reserve along with Neil Davies who has yet to settle his contract. WAF will play with their hearts on their sleeves and Linds in their hearts and hope all enjoy the day!

Kelly Kimmett (C)
Charlie Crutchfield (A)
Rodger Irvin
Denis Marcial
Taylor Irvin
Mike Fredrich
Kelsey Wilson
Stacie Poffenroth
Kristy Wannop
Scott Marcial
Al Davies
Neil Davies
Diane Kimmett
Amber Pitura


What may appear as a hodge-podge mix of players we all have one uniting factor. At one point or another we have been lucky enough to stay under the “Dillaplex” roof. Although we have never all set foot on the ice together, our common grounds have led to levels of comraderie sure to elevate our game to unprecedented levels.

Win or lose, we are all in this for the same reason, to spread Lindsay’s love for the sport and community, while raising as much as we can for such a worthy cause.

Scott Erven (C)
Larissa Schneider (A)
Garret Dillabough
Mckenzie Kissel
Kirsty Edwards
Lily Grisdale
Mandy Szakaly
Jordan Huraj
Bryce Stevens

Fur Traders

All women’s team ranging in ages from 27 to 49. Some of us are still new to hockey while others have been playing for many years.

Jill Collyer (C)
Robin McAlinden (A)
Daniela Frydecka
Dana Pinnock
Hollie Potvin
Danielle Parker (DJ)
Holly Salhab
Niki Feininger
Laura Akitt


Just in time the NHL strike (ok lockout) is over so the Jets are back with the same old faces and a few fresh and pretty faces. We are proud to be part of the Kimmett Cup, and helping to raise money for the Lindsay Kimmett Foundation, and now this year for Right to Play. Go Jets!

Garry Roberts (C)
Dave Lee (A)
Pete Nielson
Barry McCurdy
Calvin Roberts
Kelsy Roberts
Erin Roberts
Ellen Sparling
Jessica McCurdy

Beynogues (Beynon Bombers)

A mixture of 2 awesome families… the Beynon Bullies and the Maniac Minogues. We are a dangerous combination of mad skills and good looks. Watch your back – we are coming for you! (Don’t be too scared, most of us can’t even skate)

We are very honoured to be part of this monumental year of the Kimmett Cup. This is for you Lindsay.

Carla Minogue (Beynon) (C)
Brad Minogue (A)
Trevor Beynon
Tamille Beynon
Robbie Beynon
Michelle Minogue
Maddie Beynon
Alex Beynon


Team Captain Trina played in the 2012 Kimmett cup and was motivated to put a team together for 2013! This team is made up of fun, passionate people that are dedicated to the sport of hockey and helping people out in any way possible either as coaches, teachers or volunteers! We are super pumped to play in the Kimmett Cup!

#25a Trina Radcliffe… Stay at home defencemen and by stay at home we mean she should just stay at home!
#25b Robb Price… has moves like Jagger
#25c Kevin Bathurst… all heart no height and pure skill
#25d Anna Stathakis… puts the puck where grandma keeps the peanut butter (bottom shelf lazy Susan) stop that!
#25e Sarah Meade… Easy Breezy beautiful play maker
#25f Mandi Duhamel… transplanted from Ottawa she has hopes of finally making it to the playoffs… we’ll see
#25g Erica Ludwar… Lady Byng award winner right here but look out because she will gangnam style right around you!

Trina Radcliffe (C)
Robb Price (A)
Kevin Bathurst
Anna Stathakis
Sarah Meade
Mandi Duhamel
Erica Ludwar

Team Old School

We are a mixture of hockey players/wannabe hockey players that love the game! Most importantly though, we are here for Lindsay Leigh because this was her game. Our team is called “Team Old School” because there are members on the team that knew Lindsay through our school years where memories will never be forgotten. Our team has made changes over last season and we have some new recruits that will help us on our way to victory, so keep your head up! With a record of 1-11 since the tournament began, we have tasted our first win and we are ready for more.

We are going to play the game like Lindsay’s favorite team “THE FLAMES” and destroy all of our opponents!

Glori Crerar (C)
Curtis Crerar (A)
Chris Kierzkowski
Curtis Garvin
Sarah Degraw
Chelsea Williams
Emily Watts
Paul Holden
Doug Inglis

Really, Really, Really Ridiculously Good Looking

Extended extended extended family, who are all really really ridiculously good looking.

Neal Austin (C)
Jeremy D’Mello (A)
Laura Bird
Connie Maley
Hayleigh Austin
Charles Dourado
Ted Henley
Erika Carrasco


Just here for fun and to help out a good cause.

Andy Degraw
Al Pistore
Darcy Ponath
Justin Davis
Katrina Smidd
Thomas Pistore
Dustin Ponath
Meghan Degraw

Washed up Amateurs

We have known each other for many years,
are competitive crazy and have no fears.

Some of us can really shoot and score,
Others are big and have a loud roar.

A few of us are speedy fast,
yet some are slow and often last.

We try to include everyone and always pass,
And cheer others on as we are a team of class.

We will be ready to go with our sticks with fresh tape,
And lots of water to spare as we are so out of shape.

Either way we will come together and work as a team,
as winning the Kimmett cup is our dream.

Stephie Listhaeghe (C)
Ryan Hellard (A)
Ryan Priddey
Cam Kennedy
Chris Mann
Andrew Lee
Danica Listhaeghe
Jazanne Whitney

Blue Hares (Jags)

No story just a group of hockey players wanting to support the cause…

Lesley MacKinnon (C)
Sandy MacIsaac (A)
Sarah Sanderson
Liz Robinson
Cortenay Wolochatiuk
Rebecca Yunker

Foreign Bodies

A collection of emergency room docs from Calgary

James Huffman
Jamie Fox
Mikki Fox
Kyle Mclaughlin
Randall Berlin
Michelle Top

Jofa Kings

The Jofa Kings are back for their 3rd Kimmett Cup. The same basic rowdy’s are returning with a couple of new faces this year. Hopefully the new blood can bring us a couple of wins this year. We are very excited to be playing again this year and look forward to seeing all of the familiar faces again.

Dwayne McMillan (C)
Justin Gillis (A)
Jason Wood
Tory Nilson
Derek Austin
Wade Elliott
Ryan Bosanko
Ashley Van Biezen
Krystle Merkley
Kim Mundy

The Pylons

We are back for another year. We would not miss weekend for anything. It will be fun to be apart of a Guinness World Record. Looking forward to some sweat, tape-to-tape passes and lots of laughs.

The Pylons

Ian Kruger (C)
Tara Trottier (A)
Jake Trottier
Slade King
Kevin Graf
Blake Clayton
Mike King
Blaise Trottier
Lisa Bouchard


We are a group of baseball players who can’t seem to win when it matters most…now we’re trying our luck in hockey with the goal of bringing a championship back to the southern suburbs of Calgary.

Ben MacLellan (C)
Adam Thomas (A)
Jason Thomas
Chris Hollinger
Matt Livingstone
Willie Pozzo
Kayla Ross
Amanda Harbus
Kaylee Villadsen

Puck Smugglers

Smuggling pucks is what we do
From under your skates, right out of the blue
You’ll end up with none when you swear you brought two
But the trail is as cold as an igloo

Don’t trouble yourself with getting them back
It’s a futile attempt, that’s a genuine fact
We’re the top of the crop, the cream of the stack
We’ll be gone long before you react

Straight to the border the Smugglers will go
With our newly found contraband rubber in tow
Off to wintery parts all over the globe
Selling black market pucks for huge dough!

Andrew Woods
Josh Pollard
Byron Bader
Chad Newton
Andrew Kidd
Lars Green
Erin Temple
Shauna Bailey
Grace Coulter
Kristie Korbo

Oilers Suck

For the better part of ever, history has pointed to several truths. The sun will always come up and the Edmonton Oilers will always suck (they got lucky in the 80’s). This team has been assembled to let those who may have forgotten this second fact know the truth. We will continue to be a part of the Kimmett Cup as long as this truth is self evident (meaning we will always be a part of the tourney).

Stewart Aune (C)
Jared Fletcher (A)
Chris Mattson
Mark MacIness
Geoff Rosenbaum
Amanda Morrison
Sarah Knickle
Shannon Leydon
Jill Duffy
Charis Fung

Tofield Killer Snowgeese

Captain Mike Kauffman of the Tofield Killer Snowgeese has assembled quite a talented line-up for their first time out at the Kimmett Cup (at least he thinks so). Ryan Wenger is the team’s token American, and the lone current Tofield resident, and brings an annoying American accent. Ryan Tomlinson was one half of the team’s first ever signing and will be bringing the hotdog buns… better late than never (inside joke). Shawna Meyers Penner, a former figure skating star, is the other (more important) half of the team’s first signing and will be keeping Ryan in line. Trevor Philippon will be the team’s statistician and has never met a number he didn’t like. Kelly Redinger is the team photographer and joins Trevor as the other half of the feared Edmonton connection. Craig Wiens is the lone Cochrane resident and chief recruiter of female talent.  A pair of late signed free agent Amy’s round out the roster…thanks to Craig’s recruiting and an assist from Reid, I think.

Captain Mike is Lindsay’s mom’s cousin (and ring-bearer in her wedding!) and, for that, hopes he has earned a spot on the fourth line.

Mike Kauffman (C)
Ryan Wenger (A)
Trevor Phillippon
Kelly Redinger
Ryan Tomlinson
Shawna Meyers Penner
Craig Wiens
Amy Abotossaway
Amy Coldwell

Frozen Snotters

A motley crew of medical students and associates, the Frozen Snotters originate from the alma mater of Lindsey Kimmett. Our name is derived from the majestic Snot Otter that serves as class mascot to some of our members. Our ranks also include friends and family, as well as members of another class known as the Cows.

Our skills were forged in beers leagues and pick-up hockey around Calgary. We eagerly anticipate suiting up to raise money for a good cause, supporting a great organization and having some fun on the ice.

Ian Hons (C)
Justin Lui (A)
Kimberly Williams
Sharla Mark
Danielle Downe
Peter Iglinski
John Paterson
Jackie Moss
Quinton Downe
Sahil Kooner

Prancing Ponies

Once upon a time, on a prairie far away (southern Alberta), a farm was built and a family legacy made. Pond hockey was a winter staple here, cultivating great skills in some, harvesting many bruises in others, and reaping everlasting fun and friendship for all. The Prancing Ponies is a team of family and friends who have joined together to honor this tradition of hockey and good company. All armed with skates, a stick, and a fair bit of humor, the Prancing Ponies are thrilled to participate in the 2013 Kimmett Cup!

JoAnna Fay (C)
David Abma (A)
Alex Fay
Candace Van Geest
Steve Van Geest
Geela Abma
Ken Mayer
Jack Puurveen
Denise Van Schothorst

Not So Fast and Furious

We are a newly formed team that was put together only because of the current NHL lockout. Without this lockout the majority of us would be under our NHL contracts and unable to play. So luckily not only for our team having the opportunity to get together for a skate but for the rest of the teams to have such a unique opportunity to play against some of their hockey idols !!!!

We also have proudly sponsored this event since the beginning and are looking forward to participating for the first time.

Stacy Dallyn (C)
Rod Leer (A)
Trevor Dallyn
Jodie Sieben
Dwayne Cann
Mike Cann
Keysen Dallyn
Paityn Dallyn
Marni Stutz-Avramenko
Carlie Senkiw

Byron’s Angels (Puck Burglars)

The great story of Bader’s Angels came of age in the late 70’s. Player/coach Byron Bader, patched together a team of hippies, not looking for much out of them. They surprised him. They strung together a series of magnificent pond hockey championships spanning over a decade. The hippies continued to improve over that time into the mid 80’s when the songs of David Bowie, queen and Prince (the artist formerly known as)were rocking the nation. Then George Michael of Wham and bands like Toto took over the scene and it was all downhill from there.
Championship after championships the vegetarian team won. Queen even wrote a song about them (We are the champions, I do believe it was titled). Eventually, the hippies hemp skates wore thin and their bones grew weak due to lack of protein and the team was forced to retire, as champions of course similar to a young Mario Lemieux and Bobby Orr.
Fast Forward circa 1998, with the invention of soy, tofu and pho bacon, Bader’s Angel’s were able to slowly gain strength over the past 15 years and re harness their immense hockey skills. They were also able to collect enough cans to buy new hemp skates. And BAMMM! here they are out of retirement and ready to continue their championship run starting at the Kimmett Cup 2013.

Jake Sherlock (C)
Byron Bader (A)
Josh Pollard
Andrew Kidd
Chad Newton
Scott Crowe
Andrea Kidd
Grace Coulter
Shauna Bailey

The Snotsicles

Inspired by the laudable philanthropy of Kimmett Cup organizer Jason Baserman and by the memory of Lindsay Kimmett this team of U of C medical students is eager to lace up the skates in support of a commendable charity. We look forward to seeing all the other teams on the ice and are greatly appreciative of the tremendous effort put into this tournament by organizers and volunteers.

Nick Baldwin (C)
John Fralick (A)
Graeme Matthewson
Kayla Nelson
John Fralick
Michael Weldon
Dustin Anderson
Lynn Peterson
Ashley Rommens
Sean Spence

Fun Division

Frozen Assets

We all work at a local accounting firm and 4 of us have never played hockey before. We are here to support the Kimmett’s and the tournament. We would be pleased if we can actually pass the puck to each other and stop without falling down.

Wes Bouw (C)
Pam Nelson (A)
Jason Matshes
Biju Abraham
John Grant
Tara Bouw

Mid Ice Crisis

We are a group of middle aged active people who really wanted to be a part of this event. We really only have 2 hockey players on the team so we entered the fun league this year. We have players who haven’t skated in YEARS, don’t know if they shoot left or right and have to borrow some equipment. BUT, we’ll be there having fun, laughing and leading the charge of what this event is all about, ‘Having fun and participating’.

Paul Thomas (C)
Mitch Makarchuk (A)
Harv Davies
Heath Miller
Ernie Portello
Roma Dac-Nelson
Tracey Lambie
Tammy Christensen
Blake Morris

Flying V’s

“Have you guys ever seen a flock of ducks flying in perfect formation? It’s beautiful. Pretty awesome the way they all stick together. Ducks never say die. Ever seen a duck fight? No way. Why? Because the other animals are afraid. They know that if they mess with one duck, they gotta deal with the whole flock.” Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack…

Heather Ramsay (C)
Ashley Aberdeen (A)
Kristi Palmer
Kristen Odland
Tamara Fanhankel
Amber Pitura
Allie Rooney
Joanne Powell
Rene de Moissac
Glenn Ramsay

We are Almost Family

We are a team that is made up of the Kimmett boys “better halves!” Jocelyn will become a Kimmett next summer when she marries Taylor and Leslie and Reid are dating. Leslie and Jocelyn rounded up family members and friends to join us in this years tourney. Spence, Clay, Rick and Leslie are all returning players to Kimmett Cup. Jocelyn, Susan, Christine, Christopher, and Nancy are all Rookie players, ready to lace up for a great cause!

We are all looking forward to some good clean fun…. that is if Leslie can keep her gloves on and Spence can control his Slew Footing! 🙂 ha-ha just kidding! Going to be a great year!

Jocelyn Mattie (C)
Leslie Erven (A)
Rick Erven
Nancy Chudleigh
Susan Milledge-Fawkes
Spencer Fawkes
Clay Colvin
Christine Colvin
Christopher Pike


The Youngblood team is excited to be a part of the Kimmett cup fundraiser! Most of us have been friends with the Kimmett’s for the greater part of our lives and wanted to show our love and support by joining this event. We hope to share good times and laughs with everyone!!


Team Youngblood

Jeremy Youngblood (C)
Lindsay Deck (A)
Curtis Dillabough
Rod Youngblood
T.J. Goth
Amy Goth
Alanna Youngblood

Raucous Rotary Relics

The Raucous Rotary Relics have been proud to be a part of the Kimmet Cup since its inception. 2 years ago we tentatively welcomed Marathon Martin to the team (tentatively, as we were concerned he would eventually make us become part of some insane world record attempt and of course, 2013 will be the year this happens! We are relieved however, that this record involves being a part of the biggest (as opposed to the longest or most painful) hockey game, and will again give it our all on Jan. 19 as we take to the ice in honour of Lindsay Kimmett, this time supporting the great charity Right to Play!

Tom Wilk (C)
Carter Nagel (A)
Martin Parnell
Scott Grattidge
Jonathan deCocq
Reagan Nagel
Jordan Nagel
Madison Nagel
Tina Clyde
Fredrik Haugland

The Pond Stars

Not much to say, just a bunch of chix with stix who love to play hockey and are super excited to be part of such a great fundraiser!

Cindy Christie-Brooks (C)
Kelly Wilcox (A)
Sam Casselman
Starr Turpel
Christy Hystad
Brittany Ehmann
Julie Allen


People often ask me “how do I recognize an encopretic when I see one”? It is a great question, without a doubt we closely resemble the normal population and the differences require a highly trained eye/nose. You see, that’s because there was once a time when we were normal, just like everyone else, talking, walking, potty trained, totally normal. But not anymore, oh we still walk and talk all right, of that you can be sure, but encopretics have learned the special skill of conglomerating all things coming our way (except the very sneaky!). We are a tight knit clump of med students and friends and very little will get past us! I know what your thinking “how does one become very sneaky, such that I may avoid this conglomeration?”, I will never tell, but if you somehow discover a way past us you would indeed be a very sneaky little poop! And let me be the first to warn you, if you believe you can just come in and break up our group with your little stick you will have a flood on you hands, a flood of team mates with no where to go but up in yo’ grill. And after said flood you will forever remember the Encopretics!

So, if you find yourself facing normal looking opponents that are somewhat difficult to break apart and you can only squeeze around us if you’re one sneaky little poop… be afraid, and hope you are wearing your mask.

Spencer “lounge cat” Montgomery (C)
Kody “Yale” Johnson (A)
Marlies “the moustache” Houwing
Steven “leatherfoot” Griffith-Cochrane
Eric “baby daddy” Butler
Royce “hitower” Henning
Darren “pound foolish penny” rich
Shannon “amiga” Brown
Ryan “telegraph” Iwasiw
Dalynne “for the win” Peters

Les Incroyables

French affiliate team to the Incredibles. For most of them, this is their last kick at the can and if they play well, they just might just get the call-up to the Bigs.

Paul Davis (C)
Lindsay Stockdale (A)
Erin Ross
Brian FItzgerald
Janet Norman
Chris Dimopoulis
Anthony Chaloner
Ryan Clarke
Chase Dolomont
Brandon Belland
Lorraine Lau

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