Over 430 players on 48 teams scored 2348 goals and had a great day playing hockey the way it should be – on the pond! Pro H2o defeated the Hellbenders 18-15 in the competitive final while the Jets prevailed over Mid Ice Crisis in the Recreational Division Championship. $147,000 was raised for the Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada, breaking all previous records!

KC6 – Jan 17, 2014

48 Teams
450 Players
112 Sponsors
100 Volunteers
$150,000 Raised for the Children’s Wish Foundation


Competitive Winner
Pro H2O
Shot Stick Winner
Recreational Winner
The Jets

Team Rosters & Stories


This is a rebuilding year for the incredibles. The team has lost key individuals, some to travel, some to career pursuits, and some to new additions to the family. After having made it to the semi finals for three years it’s time to make some adjustments. Now, new friends and family are excited to join the mighty Incredibles. The new look Incredibles are pursuing their first Kimmett cup championship.  Keep an eye out for them because they are feeling extra ‘Incredible’!!

Matt Pedrotti
Jason Baserman
Scott Reid
James Reid
Shannon Booth
Amanda Tingley
Marnie Anderson
Marc rancourt


We are back for our third consecutive tournament. We also have the challenge of defending the competitive division championship. We are a team of medical students in our third and final year of medical school and hope to have one last hurrah before we find ourselves separated in residency. We will play hard, but we will also fundraise harder to make wishes come true for some remarkable children. This tournament has become a big part of our lives and we hope that if this is our last tournament, we have the best time yet! Good luck to all the other teams and we look forward to seeing you on the ice!

Joel Stimson
Mike Bosch
Ed Schaffer
Ryan Shields
Steph Brass
Nicole Geddes
Brett Hollowell
Dana Schreiner

U of C Kaiju

Kaiju- A term that means “strange creature”. The U of C Kaiju have hail from parts unknown and descend upon Cochrane, Alberta to battle with other creatures and beings for the ultimate prize…the crown of Kimmett Cup Pond Hockey Tournament Champions!

Ryan Iwasiw
Danielle Downe
Dalynne Peters
Dave Cook
Joanie Stilling
Katie Jasper
Megan Bach
Robert Schultz
Stu Wiber

Tofield Fighting Snowgeese

Back for their second year, Captain Mike “the ring-bearer” Kauffman and the Tofield Fighting Snowgeese bring an optimal mix of grizzled tournament veterans and newcomers from the Tofield metropolitan area. Ryan “captain America” Wenger is back and has dragged along Steve Williams who will, once again, be providing the police escort for the team. We appreciate all that he does to keep us safe from our crazed fans (that’s you, mom and dad). Barring any other injuries after press-time, Craig “9.5 finger” Wiens hopes to be back on the ice again along with another Cochranite, Amy Coldwell, one half of the feared Amy Squared duo from the 2013 tournament. Travis Bouck is the older, grey haired gentleman that we needed to sign to get his lovely wife, Asa “red light” Bouck, on board. Also, after negotiations failed to land the rugged French d-man last year, we are delighted to have secured the services of Ben “pointy elbows” Houle this time around. Ben reports daily 5 am, -20 degree training on the backyard rink in preparation for the tournament. And finally, doing much better than in the prior year, we are thrilled that little big brother Jon Kauffman was able to secure a day pass to participate in the 2014 event. See you on the ice!

Mike Kauffman
Ryan Wenger
Ben Houle
Travis Bouck
Asa Bouck
Steve Williams
Jon Kauffman
Amy Coldwell
Ryan Tomlinson
Brooke Britnell

Oilers Suck

As long as our team name is accurate, team Oilers Suck will participate in the Kimmett Cup. So I guess we will never leave this tournament!! This team has been relatively consistent since it’s inception with the exception of a few minor roster changes. We continue to have our grind line of Jared and Stew, energy line of Ken and Geoff and (let’s be honest) our line that will play 80% of the time in Mark and Chris. One the women’s side, the stalwart Mrs. Morrison is back again looking for some blood (or at least a stiff drink). Our new additions are Heidi and Ashley. I am assured by Heidi that if we don’t win on the ice, we WILL win off the ice at the local tavern. We’re all looking forward to defending our trophy in the rec division and reminding everyone who plays in this tournament that the oilers really do suck by getting that team name engraved yet again on the trophy.

Stewart Aune
Jared Fletcher
Chris Mattson
Mark MacInnes
Ken Myers
Geoff Rosenbaum
Amanda Morrison
Ashley Faris
Heidi Guenther

Tacoma Town

After back to back round robin exits, the Cochrane Toyota team is ready for a deep play-off run in 2014. It has been 365 days of vigorous physical and mental training in preparation for this years tournament. Other teams beware as this years roster is committed to bringing home the bacon. All seriousness aside the Tacoma Town crew is very excited for another year of fun and support at this years tournament.

Darcy Erickson
Alex Papadoulis
Austin Keller
Talus Hume
Emilly Robson
Cory Weese
Ceri Mills
Jamie Cass

Gentle Giants

What is there to say about this team that hasn’t already been said. Determination. Flair. Phenomenal cosmic power. This year’s new addition is a Kimmett Cup rookie who brings a gritty, yet feminine, presence to the ice. Her fresh legs combined with the long-awaited return of the original gentle giant have this team chomping at the bit to show Cochrane once again what old tyme hockey’s all about. Hail.

Kali Penney
Ali Bagg
Mike Kennedy
Shane Sweet
Alex Wray
Tyler Goods
Alex Penney
Danielle Boyce
Liam Loucks

Jofa Kings

We are the Jofa Kings, and we are in our 4th year of the Kimmett Cup. We are very excited to be back again, and hopefully we will have as much fun as we have had in the past. We are a fun group mostly comprised of Firefighters and Teachers. We work hard and play harder. Look for us out on the pond. We will be wearing the goofy Jofa helmets, smiling, and having fun. Let’s play some hockey!

Dwayne McMillan
Justin Gillis
Ryan Bosanko
Wade Elliot
Derek Austin
Cody Farquarson
Ashley Van Biesen
Kym Jarvis
Debbie Burke
Jeff McDiarmid

Baby Incredibles

We are the Baby Incredibles! Don’t let the small capes and the baby faces fool you though, because behind the name is a ruthless hockey force to be reckoned with! If you let your guard down with us you’ll be fishing the puck out of the back of your net again! We’re looking forward to making a big push for the playoffs this year, and also sharing fun and laughs with good friends.

Scott Crowe
Mark Hilger
Todd Leaman
Laura MacAulay
Sean Wilde
Brian Sew
Courtney Crowe
Jason Thomas
Adam Thomas
Jackie Dietvorst

Flying Pylons

Well, it looks like the Pylons are back for another Cup. We might have a little different look but I am confident that we will have the same outcome as the past 5 years. We will have fun. We are all looking forward to hitting the ice in Lindsay’s memory. Also very excited that the Children’s Wish Foundation will be involved this year.

Ian Kruger
Trevor Onishenko
Kevin Sawatzky
Michelle Copithorne
Julie Torrie
Celins Wold
Kevin Graff

The Modern Family

This is the second year “The Modern Family” is participating in the Kimmett Cup and we are excited! Our team consists of the core, three lovely sisters (two of which work at the Alberta’s Children’s Hospital), and their respective partners. Although we might not be the most stereotypical family that people may imagine playing in a pond hockey tournament, there was no way we could pass up the opportunity to spend time together, playing a game we love, all while supporting a great cause.

Neal Austin
Hayleigh Austin
Laura Bird
Connie Maley
Charles Dourado
Jeremy DMello
Adam Blair

Funky Pucks

Funky Pucks are an old team with a new name. We play to honor the memory of our friend and support the wonderful memorial
foundation. We strive to be totally awesome and 100% Funky.

Ashley Aberdeen
Heather Ramsay
Carolina Arenas
Kelsey Goodwin
Amber Pitura
Kristi Palmer
Rene De Moissac
Sammy Smar
Diego Arenas

The Not So Fast and Furious

With a flurry of support from our fans and with the help of a new CBA the ” NOT SO FAST AND FURIOUS ” have newly signed ( although very short term ) contracts and have agreed to play for our second year in Kimmett Cup VI. We look forward to giving the fans a great show but more importantly are looking forward to seeing some good friends and supporting what will once again prove to be a good weekend and a great cause.

Stacy Dallyn
Keysen Dallyn
Paityn Dallyn
Trevor Dallyn
Jodie Sieben
Rod Leer
Dwayne Cann
Mike Cann
Carlie Senkiw
Blaine Mainland

We Are Family 2

Our team is a group of friends who are proud to play hockey and raise money in Lindsay’s memory. Our three best players are Steph and Kylah who are competing in thier second cup and Kelsie who is participating in her first. The rest of the benchwarmers are: Taylor “Molasses” Kimmett, Dave “PIMS” Marcial, “Bad” Chad Kossowan, Lany “Not McDonald” Kossowan, Craig “Hack ‘n’ Slash” Vassie, Dayne “The ‘Stache” Poffenroth and new addition Brad “Peg Leg” Minogue. We live by the motto ‘win, lose, lets drink some brews!’.

Taylor Kimmett
Dave Marcial
Craig Vassie
Chad Kossowan
Dayne Poffenroth
Lany Kossowan
Brad Minogue
Stephanie Zimmel
Kelsie Fraser
Kylah Gaehring

We Are Family

Once again We Are Family hits the ice providing an easy 2 points for opposing Kimmett Cup teams. New signees Trish Whimster and Anne Kromm who are touted by Jay Feaster as the 2 best players playing outside the Kimmett Cup are expected to carry the team back to the playoffs. Crumbling veterans Mike Fredrich, Rodger Irvin, Charlie Crutchfield, and Kelly Kimmett will attempt to tear themselves away from the oxygen tanks at the bench to contribute a few shifts. Youngsters Stacie Poffenroth, Neil Davies, Taylor Irvin, and Justin Fredrich will need to be on top of their games to make up for the over the hill gang. Today all of us skate with our hearts on our sleeves and Lindsay Leigh in our hearts as we draw upon her spirit to guide our team. We wish all teams have a great tournament and hope they enjoy the company of friends, family, and fun.

Kelly Kimmett
Mike Fredrich
Neil Davies
Stacie Poffenroth
Rodger Irvin
Charlie Crutchfield
Taylor Irvin
Dianne Kimmett
Trish Whimster
Anne Kromm

Das Cows

Cattle (colloquially das cows) are the most common type of large domesticated ungulates. They are a prominent modern member of the subfamily Bovinae, and are the most widespread species of the genus Bos (read: Boss). Typically we are raised as livestock for meat (beef and veal), as dairy animals for milk and other dairy products, and as draft animals (pulling carts,plows and the like); we are the consummate givers. In some countries, such as India, we the cattle are sacred. We are sacred, the kids are sacred. Make a wish.

Joe Kendal
Micheal Greene
Andrew Robb
Lundy Day
Elliot Sampson
Katie Robb
Sam Hunt
Connor Elekes

Puck Junkies

The Puck Junkies 2014. As the years fly by, it is almost hard to believe that we will be participating in the 6th Annual Kimmett Cup. Our young players suddenly aren’t quite so young…and our older players are, well OLD! However, nothing gets the heart and soul, and creaky joints going, like old-fashioned shinny hockey on the pond, and the Monumental event that is the Kimmett Cup, is pond hockey at its finest. The Punk Junkies were a perennial powerhouse, in the early years of the tourney, and to this day, love the competition and camaraderie, not only amongst our teammates, but fellow competitors as well. It is the only time of the year we all come together; to laugh, celebrate, cajole, and commiserate. The team and players change slightly from year to year, but the spirit of the event ensures nothing really ever changes; as we all look forward to the games on the ice, the fun of the tournament dinner and party, perhaps a trip to the hotel, and a dip in the hot tub late at night. Shottie Sticks, frozen toes, pucks to the shins, Bob’s teeth, brittle ice, small nets, watching weather move in, and hopefully playing under the lights at night…these are the memories. These memories grow in stature, and the event continues to build on the legacy and Memory of Lindsay, for it is her Legacy that we are so proud and honoured to be a part of.

Rob Owens
Tom Brady
Ryan Owens
Ayla Owens
Cody Owens
Tracy Atto
Chris Mann
Ryan Kwas
Brad Mitchell
Carrie Mitchell

Wish Heroes

The Children’s Wish Foundation is thrilled to be part of the Kimmett Cup not only as a partner but also as a competing team, the Wish Heroes. This is a mixture of wish children and family members who have been granted a wish from the organization. Some are experienced hockey players, others have never played hockey. However, they all have one thing in common… they have experienced the magic of a wish and they can’t wait to help pay it forward to other children with life threatening illnesses.

Elisha Jackson
Christine Killam
Danielle Sears
Dave Roast
Matt Hope
Mike Jackson
Orin Markle
Alex Pintea
Ben Archibald
Robin Archibald

Rubber Puckies

The rubber puckies are a bunch of crazy kids that love hockey and enjoy a few cold ones while playing. When the chance came to put the two together and support a great cause we jumped at this opportunity! We all come from a hockey playing background and for the most part have all played at a high level but, we all know that we are completely washed up now.

Paige Magnusson
Alix Beatty
Erin Rennison
Scott Carpenter
Myles Magnussson
Graham Telford
Scott Bolland
Julian Hockley
Sean Bassingthwaite
Kali Jamieson

The Jets

A few fresh faces but the same old Jets. We’re happy to support this great tournament and the cause behind it. We may lose a few or win a few but we’re just happy to be here!

Garry Roberts
Pete Nielsen
Barry McCurdy
Glenn Gordon
Jacqlyn Tate
Jess McCurdy
Rene McCurdy
Haille Gordon

We Are Offically Family

Our team name had to be adjusted this year for a few reasons. We managed to draft one of the Kimmett Boys this year; Reid has joined our team so he can play next to his girlfriend Leslie. Jocelyn also became an official Kimmett this past summer and is proud to be registering as Jocelyn Kimmett. Our team consists of Jocelyn and Leslie’s families. We plan to keep a close eye on the father son duo of Spence and Clay – we will not let them get away with their signature move “The Slew Foot” on Kimmett Cup ice! We will be starting training camp in the next week so that Sue, Christine, Leslie and Jocelyn can work on their skills considering some have not been on skates since last year’s Kimmett Cup. Our team is looking forward to another year of laughter and fun in honor of Lindsay!

Jocelyn Kimmett
Leslie Erven
Reid Kimmett
Sue Milledge
Spence Fawkes
Clay Colvin
Christine Colvin
Rick Erven


Created from the hard work and determination of a young salamander, the snotsicles are a sign of perseverance and……THE COLD! Brushed off the noses of many young hockey playing hellbenders, the snotsicles are back, and this year they’re taking number one! Snot! Snot! Snot! Snot! Snotsicles!!!!

Graeme Matthewson
Nick Baldwin
Kimberly Williams
Lynda Pederson
Kayla Nelson
John Fralick
Max Lebeuf


Welcome to the show.
Keeping it unreal three years in a row.
We’ll skate by you in a flash.
We never miss a pass.
Our team morale is high.
It’s easy to see why:
Our shots are dialed in
And we are sure to win.

Garret Dillabough
Larissa Schneider
Lily Grisdale
Scott Erven
Jeremy Youngblood
Curtis Dillabough
McKenzie Kissel
Rod Youngblood
Jessica Youngblood

The Donkeys

Just a team of young hopefuls trying to make it in the big leagues.

Jessica Clark
Gabrielle French
Cassidy Dahl
Ryan Wilkie
Brandon McGuinness
Steven Burgoyne
Maninder Longowal

Blazing Beauty’s

Once upon a time there was 6 people wandering through an enchanted forest after a big rain storm when they came across a giant flaming pile of gold wristwatches. They wondered how gold could be set on fire, and Eric explained that the fire had started with the help of one lock of Kendra’s blazing red hair. They put the fire out with magical fairy dust that Jocelyn found over by a rainbow and needed to continue on their journey through the forest to the giant fishing pond. Winter was coming and they needed to make sure that the water was the right color for making a skating rink. But when they arrived it was bright pink, purple and orange!! They didn’t know what to do. Luckily Eric just visited Amsterdam and they love to skate there. He called one of the local skaters and he said for Eric to help the Blazing Beauties ASAP and told them to spike the water with one of their white coats. But where would our wonderful team find such an enchanted Dutch water-spiking white coat? Thence emerged another flock of flaming watches, over by the base of the rainbow. “Why do these firey golden watches keep appearing?”, they queried. And, just as the intonation of their voices rose to the question mark at the end of that sentence, a graceful unicorn slid down the rainbow, with the Dutch coats streaming behind it! Aha! They threw the white coats into the pond and the water rapidly developed into the most magnificent crystal white skating rink there ever was. The day was saved and they now could host the best hockey tournament in the world- the Kimmett Cup. And they all lived happily ever after!

Kendra Houston
Jocelyn Slemko
Meg Olson
Megan Alton
Christy Harzan
Laura Harper
Eric Campbell


The leftovers from Calgary’s original WHA team – formed in 1979 in anticipation of a rivalry with the also brand new Edmonton “Oilers” the team folded after the draft but before the first season. Surviving members have come together to bring honour back to the Bronco name and play some good old fashioned pond hockey!

James Huffman
Mike Libin
Randall Berlin
Nelson Berlin
Mikki Sutherland
Toni Lassu
Jamie Fox
Andrea Zabloski
Derek Oickle
Lindsay Gerstmar

OnGrowing Works

Ongrowing works: a Fellowship Our team is made up of all manner of different folk. From every corner of the earth, some come from caves, some from the hill, and some from the blackness. We come together and unite as one to play hockey for justice and freedom weather trolls or orcs, man or elf We shall prevail! Exelsior

Mark Baraniuk
Shaun Feduik
Brooks Walsh
Dan Thibideau
Lucas Steeves
Roney Dolan
Nicki paisley
Terry Norman

Raucous Rotary Relics

The Raucous Rotary Relics return for another round of the Kimmett Cup. Although the Rotary members of our team are reaching retirement, rejoice we have recruited some really reliable young renegades to wreak havoc on the rink. Although we know right from wrong and do not seek revenge, we will be ruthless in regaining or reputation as a respectable runner-up.

Scott Grattidge
Tom Wilk
Tammie Nagel
Martin Parnell
Morgan Nagel
Jonathan deCocq
Reagan Nagel
Emma Nutter
Katherine Haggendorn
Kassy Podenko

Mid Ice Crisis

We are a team of mid aged athletes trying to add Hockey as one of our sports. We entered the Kimmett Cup Pond hockey tournament last year in the FUN division and had a blast. After much debate, this year we thought we’d move up to the REC division and still hope to have big smiles on our faces afterwards. Fantastic people and a great charity to support this year.

Paul Thomas
Ernie Portello
Harv Davies
Heath Miller
Blake Morris
Tracey Lambie
Roma Dac Nelson
Tammy Christenson
Justin Metcalf

The Charity Cases

A rag tag team of misfits.

Brittany Schaffer
Jeremy Hengeveld
Melissa Schaffer
Allan Schaffer
Breanne Sich
Melissa Martin

Pond Stars

The Pond Stars were a rookie team on the ice at Kimmett Cup V but we have honed our skills on the ice so be prepared for the new and improved version of the pond stars at Kimmett Cup VI.

Brittany Ehmann
Trina Radcliffe
Sam Cassleman
Sarah Scott
Kelly Wilcox
Christy Hystad
Starr Turpel


Puck-A-Roos second edition is very happy to be part of Kimmett Cup VI We have a mix of skill, speed and lack of back checking which will likely lead to defensive problems similar to what the Toronto Maple Leafs face on a nightly basis!

Trina Radcliffe
Anna Stathakis
Sarah Meade
Robb Price
Laurie Gainer
Patty Slywchuk
Logan Frison
Rance High

Grand Avenue Pharmacy P.E.D.’s

Grand Avenue Pharmacy Performance Enhancing Dopes (PEDs) are making their first appearance in The Kimmett Cup. Our roster may change at any time due to possible PED testing and/or suspensions due to PED use. In any case we will be thinking of and remembering Linds who worked for many years at the pharmacy growing up. Grand Avenue Pharmacy is celebrating serving Cochrane and area for 25 years in 2014 and is a proud Monumental Sponsor at Kimmett Cup. We hope everyone enjoys their weekend and thanks the organizers, volunteers, and sponsors for helping Children’s Wishes come true. Happy New Year

Ian Kruger
Al Davies
Denis Marcial
Reid Kimmett
Max Kruger
Stacie Poffenroth
Kelly Kimmett
Ella Kruger
Ernie Brucker
Bill Messum

Triple Crown

Triple Crown – Matthew Gensorek – Lindsay Kimmett – David Gensorek. We are celebrating the lives of three significant people who we miss very dearly, celebrating the way they would want us to. They are part of our heavenly audience cheering us on as well as each and every Team on these two days of Kimmett Cup VI. Every one of us in the Triple Crown line-up, and each and every Team miss someone special in their lives. We encourage everyone to celebrate that someone as you participate in this special event! Triple Crown is looking forward to a lot of fun and cheering and enbrance the spirit of the Kimmett Cup! All the best to each Team, and thank you for the superb job by the organizing committee, and thank all sponsors! Sincerely, Gerald Gensorek for Triple Crown 🙂

Gerald Gensorek
Jodi Sawyer
Jeff Sawyer
Sarah Gensorek
Travis Lylyk
Leona Doig
Helen Overwater
Adam Overwater
Samantha Overwater
Glen Doig

Boys on the Bus

There was a time, a time before indoor arena, when the local ponds and ODRs reigned supreme, when people believed in playing hockey outside. This was the golden age of hockey, and coaches made teams golden. And in Calgary, one coach was more man than the rest. His name was Prasan Patel. He was like a god walking amongst mere mortals. He had a voice that could make a wolverine purr, and suits so fine they made Sinatra look like a hobo. In other words, Prasan Patel was the balls. Prasan Patel has gathered a team from the far reaches of Libin and Theatre 4 and assembled a rag-tag group of danlgers and grinders and will lead them to the the victory. And raise funds and awareness for a great cause! This is 24/7, road to the Kimmett Cup.

Mark Diaz
Nicholas Li
Vanika Chawla
Danielle Hubbert
Siri Reinbold
Brett Edwards
Trevor Luk
Mike Martyna

Chocolate Roberts

Well another year and another Kimmett Cup and I couldn’t be happier about it. This event is such a great way to bring communities together for a great cause. Our team is once again thrilled about participating with our fellow pond hockey lovers. Although this year we are hoping to get a sniff of that trophy. Our team would also like to give a special thanks to the organizers and volunteers of this tournament. It takes a lot of hard work by a few individuals to make this thing happy and we couldn’t be more grateful for that! Best of luck out there on the rinks.

Jake sherlock
chad newton
andrea oppenheimer
tj waltho
grace Coulter
andrew kidd
darrell ven paridon
shauna bailey
luke devlin

Ricky’s Roast Beef

We are a group of students from U of C medicine. We like to play hockey!

Stuart Robertson
Jacob Hardy
Lee Fruson
Scott Willms
Kyle Fruson
Dean Mrozowich
Jacqui Stone
Carolyn Graham
Carli Bekkering

Maynard’s Minions

On a farm that began as dairy
Was a pond in the middle of the prairie
It froze well, under the sun
And Maynard would call the family to come
With sticks and skates, and boots for the net
He’d gather the family – we’ll never forget!
To play pond hockey, to just have fun
As Maynard’s Minions, under the sun
We gather again, for a worthy cause
Service to others would earn Maynard’s applause
Kimmett Cup VI, we’re coming for you!
To help a child’s wish come true.

Alex Fay
JoAnna Fay
Steve Van Geest
Dave Abma
Jack Puurveen
Denise Puurveen Van Schothorst
Ashley Wagenaar
Geela Abma
Anthony Van Schothorst
Courtney Morris

Puck Smugglers

Smuggling pucks is what we do
From under your skates, right out of the blue
You’ll end up with none when you swear you brought two
But the trail is as cold as an igloo
Don’t trouble yourself with getting them back
It’s a futile attempt, that’s a genuine fact
We’re the top of the crop, the cream of the stack
We’ll be gone long before you react
Straight to the border the Smugglers will go
With our newly found contraband rubber in tow
Off to wintery parts all over the globe
Selling black market pucks for huge dough

Andrew Woods
Byron Bader
Brianna Busby
Scott Foster
Erin Blankenau
Josh Pollard

The Shockers

Grinders Matter!

Jesse McLean
Andrew Knouse
Logan Harris
Gord Winters
Tanner Bootheby
Chase Kinch
Casey McLeod
Tonya Faasse
Jillian Grant
Junior Kelly


Old friends here for the good times

Andy Degraw
Al Pistore
Darcy Ponath
Justin Davis
Meghan Degraw
Faith Davis
Harley Davis
Nathan Pistore

Puddle Jumpers

An amazing group of Narwhals coming together for our inaugural Kimmett Cup Performance! As Narwhals, we’re looking to spend some time above the ice instead of swimming around beneath it!!

Jackie Williamson
Kevin Gowing
Renee Deagle
Andrea Letourneau
Bruce Griffioen
Brendan Doeztel
Catherine Doeztel

Cochrane Dodge Bikers

We are bikers! Family and close friends from Cochrane and Edmonton, for once our hockey (Flame, Oiler ) rivalry will be put aside as we are now one! We are a mix of talent, some learning some semi pro but we all share a passion for hockey..and bikes!

Janine McCue
Jeremy Layton
Matt McCue
Glenn McCue
Lynne Arnold
kristy Berryman
Nicole Pike
Tyler Swystun
Jessie Mykula
Trevor Grey


Tyler Hill
Ryan Paiement
Tanner House
Trent House
Taylor House
Scott McCulloch
Sam Watt
Lynda Cooke
Andriana Bullis

Electro Shot Treatment

We have an impeccable team. Some are good skaters, some are hopefully good with pucks, but all are incredibly good listeners. Everyone will be surprised by our Lanny MacDonald-hairstyle slapshot, because that’s clearly against the rules, but we will blow your calf-length socks off with our deep compassion to your loss. – Let’s play shrink hockey! Rahh!

Stephanie Hyder
Cristin Fitzgerald
Reilly Smith
Rita Watterson
Nathan Finkbeiner
Patrick Brennan
Ian Hons


Ben MacLellan
Chris Hollinger
jody hart
matt livingstone
will pozzo
ryan ross
kayla ross
amanda harbus
kaylee villadsen

Afternoon Delight

Our team is made up of players off the Cochrane Generals. We put this team together to support the community and play the game we love.

Garrett Iverson
Corey Geoson
Tyson Soloski
Riley Fordyce
Connor Rendell
Shania Dillabough
Sarah Chipchar
Sandra Iverson

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