Kimmett Cup 7 raised over $126,000 with $110,000 going to the Children’s Wish Foundation and $16,000 going to the Helping Families Handle Cancer Foundation.  Congratulations to “The Hellbenders” for capturing their 2nd Kimmett Cup Title and “The TransCanadas” for taking home the Recreational Title!

KC7 – Jan 16, 2015

48 Teams
400 Players
$127,000 Raised for the Children’s Wish Foundation and Helping Families Handle Cancer


Competitive Winner
Shot Stick Winner
Ricky’s Roast Beef
Recreational Winner

Team Rosters & Stories


It’s absolutely incredible. You stand at the edge of Mitford Pond, surrounded by a Cochrane winter in January, and Lindsay Kimmett is on the ice. She’s on the ice then, and she’s on the ice now. She’s in the stands, she’s volunteering behind the scenes, she’s bringing energy and excitement and enthusiasm to the day. Her day. Our day. The Kimmett Cup. The Pond, the rink, and all of Cochrane are fuelled by Lindsay’s Legacy, and for the seventh straight year, so is our team.

Jason Baserman
Mike Sullivan
Marc Rancourt
Aaron Rothery
Marnie Anderson
Dan Maragno
Amanda Tingley

Cochrane Toyota

After years of disappointment and not making the playoffs Tacoma Town is ready for a comeback year!!

Darcy Erickson
Austin Keller
Cory Wesse
Talus Hume
Emilly Robson
Kaitlin Hoefnagels

Baby Incredibles

It has been 6 years since the Baby Incredibles have been born into the frigid wasteland that is the Kimmett Cup. It was a time when going to the washroom during the tournament ment risking frostbite. When there was just a billowing bleak landscape of blowing snow, frigid ice, – 25 degree weather and a single sponser flag hanging off a desolate bleacher. Much has changed. The tournament has grown to epic proportions and thankfully going to the washroom is no longer a hazard. Once again we are back….no better then before….we may age and yet every year we play this wonderful tournament it is as if it takes us back to the first year, the bleak year when it was, and still is, all about hockey. Hockey is what we do, Lindsey is why we do it. So lets suit up, wear the 25 and skate wobbily onto the ice. Now if we only had some hockey powers.

Joel Tappay
Todd Leaman
Laura MacAulay
Brian Sew
Mark Hilger
Daniel MacAulay
Alex Kubinski
Drew Henn
Samantha Dougay
Sean Wilde

Tofield Fighting Snowgeese

It has been 6 years since the Baby Incredibles have been born into the frigid wasteland that is the Kimmett Cup. It was a time when going to the washroom during the tournament ment risking frostbite. When there was just a billowing bleak landscape of blowing snow, frigid ice, – 25 degree weather and a single sponser flag hanging off a desolate bleacher. Much has changed. The tournament has grown to epic proportions and thankfully going to the washroom is no longer a hazard. Once again we are back….no better then before….we may age and yet every year we play this wonderful tournament it is as if it takes us back to the first year, the bleak year when it was, and still is, all about hockey. Hockey is what we do, Lindsey is why we do it. So lets suit up, wear the 25 and skate wobbily onto the ice. Now if we only had some hockey powers.

Mike Kauffman
Ryan Wenger
Craig Wiens
Jon Kauffman
Steve Williams
Amy Moggy
Amy Coldwell
Brooke Brittnel
Ryan Tomlinson

We Are Almost Family

This year our team changed our name back to “We are Almost Family” because there is a member of our team that by next year this time will officially be a Kimmett! That someone is Leslie Erven who is engaged to Reid Kimmett. We also recruited some new All-Stars this year, the Biasini Brothers. We are hoping they are the ringers of the team as they are the 2 youngest. We picked a slogan to go with each member of our team so you can get a little insight as to how we may preform on game day! Leslie Erven: Don’t get through life without Goals. Sue Milledge-Fawkes: Intensity is not perfume. Spencer Faweks: 7 Days without hockey makes one weak. Rick Erven: My kid cross checked your honors student (although Ricks kid is also an honors student!). Aaron Biasini: Heart is the difference between those who attempt and those who achieve. Garrett Biasini: Our Blood, Our Sweat, Your Tears! Jocelyn Kimmett: You miss 100% of the shots you never take. See you on the ice!

Jocelyn Kimmett
Leslie Erven
Sue Milledge-Fawkes
Spencer Fawkes
Aaron Biasini
Garrett Biasini
Rick Erven
Christine Colvin
Clay Colvin


We are the Jets. Pretty young girls and fat old guys (except 1). We have been happy to support this great tournament and great cause since the beginning and are back again this year to have some fun!

Garry Roberts
Dave Lee
Pete Nielsen
Jaclyn Tate
Kelsey Roberts
Glenn Gordon
Barry McCurdy
Rene Mccurdy
Calvin Roberts
Haily Gordon

Dekes of Hazzard

We are The Dekes Of Hazard making our debut we have the talent and even a move or two. Passing, Shooting and Dekeing without you even seeing, Our fun will be contagious, But only our faces will be on all the front pages. The Dekes of Hazards are here to stay and will be sure to hoist the cup that day!

Tasha Bergman
Trenton Bergman
Jared Nastiuk
Keith Calhoun
Nicolette Hogg-Zadderey
Josh Martin

We Are Family

We Are Family are back for the seventh straight season of Kimmett Cup action and we are going back to basics. The team’s goal is to honour Lindsay’s memory with fair play, having fun, and working hard to make a child’s dream come true. We hope every player, volunteer, and fan has a great “Cup” weekend and we congratulate Joe, Jason, and Reid for their incredible efforts to put Kimmett Cup together! Please join us in showing your appreciation for “the boys” by getting behind the fundraiser in a big way and supporting all the events taking place cup weekend! Cheers to “The CUP!”

Kelly Kimmett
Mike Fredrich
Al Davies
Justin Fredrich
Ryan Crutchfield
Rodger Irvin
Taylor Irvin
Neil Davies
Jillian Pahl
Dianne Kimmett

We Are Family 2

Hello out there! We’re on the air, It’s Pond Hockey Night tonight; Tension grows, the whistle blows, And the puck rolls down the ice. Craig Vassie jumps, and the Marcial bumps, And the refs go insane; Someone roars, “Pegger scores!” At the good old hockey game. Oh! The good old pond hockey game, Is the best game you can name; And the best game you can name, Is the good old pond Hockey game! [spoken] “Second period….” Where the Koss’s dash with skates a-flash, The home team trails behind; But Steph grabs the puck and goes bursting up, And Dayne’s down across the line. Tay storms the crease like a bumble bee, He travels like a burning flame; We see Poff slide the puck inside, It’s a one-one hockey game. Oh! The good old pond hockey game, Is the best game you can name; And the best game you can name, Is the good old pond Hockey game! “Third period! Last game in the playoffs, too!” Oh, take me where the hockey players Face-off down the pond; And the Kimmett Cup is all filled up, For the champs who win the drink. Now the final flick of Vass’s hockey stick, And the one gigantic scream: “The puck is in” We are Family 2 wins, The good old pond hockey game! Oh! The good old pond hockey game, Is the best game you can name; And the best game you can name, Is the good old Kimmett Cup Pond Hockey game!

Taylor Kimmett
Dave Marcial
Chad Kossowan
Brad Minogue
Craig Vassie
Ryan Crutchfield
Steph Zimmel
Jackie Ho
Dayne Poffenroth
Natasha Stalany

Jofa Kings

Justin Gillis
Jeff McDiarmid
Philip Martins
Paul Hayes
Cody Farquharson
Angela Van Biezen
Kym Jarvis
Karey Cupples
Ryan Coslovich
Ryan Bosanko

Soft Dump in the Corner

A team of tournament rookies with a couple returning for our second year. We are excited to play our hearts out for the kids!

Melissa Schaffer
Brent Thiessen
Kenzie Mucciarone
Carson Andres
Evelyn Schaffer
Allan Schaffer

Ongrowing works

A gang of friends betrayed by their government they have gone underground and take work when they can find it. If you have a tough job a job that requires endevour, cunning, charm and moxie you might just need Ongrowing works.


Bar Down Clappers

The Bar Down Clappers have a long, storied tradition. The team formed in the Winter of 2014. It formed out of need and necessity. Some of the Clappers were a part of older organizations, older regimes. The Clappers emerged as an expansion team with fresh ideas and a fresh strategy for success. The team is built to withstand anything. They’ve got size, they’ve got speed, they’ve got tenacity, venom and fire and they’ve got Chad Newton – the decoy, the man who can confuse an entire opposition with a few spoken words. They’ve got it all and they’ve got your number!

Bradley Van Paridon
Byron Bader
Chad Newton
Josh Pollard
Darrell Van Paridon
Brianna Bugsby
Courtney Crowe
Scott Crowe

Oilers Suck

This will be the 6th year that team Oilers Suck have participated in this tourney. We are looking to get the greatest team name back on the trophy this year to keep reminding everyone how bad the Oilers are (check the standings Oiler fans). 2 of us went to high school with Lindsay and know how important having fun while playing sports was to her and that is our mission this year. We may not look the best out there but I guarantee that we are having the most fun (maybe too much fun the night before the tourney). We also know just how much she loved the flames and detested the Oilers so we will continue to keep that memory/truth alive.

Stewart Aune
Chris Mattson
Jared Fletcher
Mark MacInnes
Justin Maw
Geoff Rosenbaum
Kate Lindoff
Amanda Morrison
Heidi Guenther

Mighty Ninjas

The Mighty Ninjas! We decided to call ourselves the Mighty Ninjas as half our team is under 5 feet tall so we figured we at least needed an intimidating name until other teams actually see us, but don’t laugh too hard because this means the tiny nets look huge to them and our tall players are all actual ninjas. As former teammates and friends of Lindsay the Mighty Ninja’s are excited to be playing in the Kimmett Cup again this year and are honoured to each wear the #25 on our backs!

Ashley Aberdeen
Carolina Arenas
Amber Girling
Kelsey Goodwin
Kristi Palmer
Sammy Smar
Steph Rooney
Allison Rooney
Danielle Prefontaine
Marco Rooney

Team Old School

We are a mixture of hockey players/wannabe hockey players that love the game! Most importantly though, we are here for Lindsay Leigh because this was her game. Our team is called, Team Old School because there are members on the team that knew Lindsay through our school years where memories will never be forgotten. Last year we didn’t participate due to circumstances beyond our control however with a record of 1-14 since the tournament began, we are bound and determined to make this year victorious and make other teams take notice. After taking a year off, we scouted out and inserted some new faces in the line-up with some great talent so beware, Team Old School is gonna getcha! We are going to battle hard and play the game like Lindsay’s favorite team the FLAMES and destroy all of our opponents!

Glori Crerar
Curtis Crerar
Melanie Schade
Chris Kierzkowski
Paul Holden
Doug Inglis
Kevin Foisy
Arielle Schade
Kayleen Edwards
Ashley Buzzie

Pro H2O

Dwayne Lucas
Tanner House
Brett Tate
Lynda Cooke
Erica Farrer
Caitlin Metcalf
Ryan Paiement
Jill McIntosh
Trent House
Taylor House

Team Unreal

Led by the fearless front three of Larissa, Lily and Mandi, Team Unreal is back and stronger that ever. Honing in on their ice hockey skills during the offseason, hours of video games were played in an effort to learn those ever important “Dangles” that will help lead this team to victory. Passing skills have also been improved with numerous “Beverage” passes completed in the 12 months leading up to the 7th annual Kimmett Cup. Defense skills are still being polished, but with offense this potent, who really needs to back-check anyways? Team Unreal cannot wait to get out on the ice again this year and raise some money for such a great cause, while enjoying every moment in what is guaranteed to be a great day regardless of weather!

Scott Erven
Lily Grisdale
Larissa Schnieder
McKenzie Kissel
Mandi Jo Szjakly
Curtis Diallabough
Garret Dillabough
Scott Gallagher
Jeremy Youngblood
Ryan Priddey

Mid Ice Crisis

This is our third year competing in the Kimmett Cup. We had a good showing last year but unfortunately our captain has moved away. In Paul’s absence we will resort to 2 a day practices in preparation for the tournament, well maybe a weekend practise. We weren’t able to pick up anyone as talented as Dennis Marcial at the trade deadline so we will have to rely on good luck and savvy coaching by “Old Man Demeo”.

Harv Davies
Mitch Makarchuk
Justin Metcalfe
Ernie Portello
Blake Metcalfe
Tracey Lambie
Roma Dac Nelson
Tammy Christiansen
Becky Metcalfe
Heath Miller

Pulsonic Beavers

Playing on behalf of 2014 Wish Recipient Linden Walsh.

Ian Walsh
Rob Menard
Matt Odonnell
Ben Dowell
Cal McKeigan
Kris Loken
Erin Walsh
Karen Johnson
Darcy Stetz

Puddle Jumpers

This is the second year that the Puddle Jumpers have participated in the Kimmett Cup. We are a group of second year medical students at the University of Calgary – of the Narwhal class!! We are excited to bring our skills to the ice for another great weekend in support of the Kimmett Foundation!

Jackie Williamson
Renee Deagle
Andrea Letourneau
Keving Gowing
Brendan Doetzel
Katie Jasper
Megan Bach
Clay Creasy

Rickys Roast Beef

We are from U of C Medicine and we are returning this year for another weekend of fun and to take home the cup!

Stuart Robertson
Lee Fruson
Scott Willms
Kyle Fruson
Austin Fruson
Carli Bekkering
Carolyn Graham
Jacqui Stone

Raucous Rotary Relics

Triple R terror is back with a vengeance in 2015. This year we have perhaps a record 4 Rotarians on the team and 3 more with Rotary DNA (at least related to Rotarians). We’ve managed to avoid 1st round elimination by scraping together the requisite number of ladies to play on our team, thereby being granted the privilege to lace ’em up and get on the ice in the first place. It’s a small victory, but we’ll take it (thanks ladies)! We have one thing in common with all the other teams – a passion for this annual tradition and a desire to see it grow year after year. See you all on Saturday the 17th!

Martin Parnell
Tom Wilk
Scott Grattidge
Jonathan deCocq
Darryl Korody
Anita Cumbleton
Dominique Sylvestre
Clay Grattidge
JoJo Goetjen
Dione Wearmouth

Stus Second Date

School colleagues and friends alike coming together ready to strike. Our hockey skills are known across the nation, we’ll win it for the Children’s Wish Foundation!

Ryan Wilkie
Jacob Hardy
Brandon McGuiness
Cassidy Dahl
Michael Yosefi
Jess Clark
Steve Burgoyne
Erin Gore-Hickamn
Scott Boyko
Joe Bacani


Local hero Sam Stuart, owner of Shredz Shop, has put together a rag-tag team of skateboarders displaced by the harsh winters of Alberta. With the snow blowing and ice engulfing every corner of the skatepark Sam had no other choice than to take up the puck & stick and unleash the SHREDZ SLAPPERZ SQUAD. Stop 1? The Kimmett Cup. Stop 2? THE WORLD.

Lane Mosolf
Riley Sykes
Dru Hicks
Sam Stuart
Alyssa Boynton
Ashlee-Ann Johnson
Tyree Wildman

Pond Stars

The Pond Stars are in year 3 of competing in the Kimmett Cup. Although like most great teams there is some yearly turn over the core group always finds great people to play key roles on the pond! We have our returning 3 year players Sam Cassleman, Trina Radcliffe, Brittany Ehmann, Kelly Wilcox and Christy Hystad and have included Sarah Meade formerly of the Puck-A-Roos and Amy Floyd a newbie to the Kimmett Cup circuit. We look forward to a fantastic weekend and hope to keep the blades on the ice and not in the ice cracks!

Trina Radcliffe
Brittany Ehmann
Kelly Wilcox
Christy Hystad
Sam Casselman
Sarah Meade
Amy Floyd

Not So Fast and Furious

We are once again looking forward to another fun filled weekend. “Not So Fast And Furious” will be once again be putting on a show for all of our fans comparable to Team Canada’s Performance at the world juniors this year. Due to prior contracts/ commitments and discussions with our agents and legal advisors our Team will only be able to sign autographs for a period of 15 minutes after each game.

Stacy Dallyn
Trevor Dallyn
Keysen Dallyn
Dwayne Cann
Mike McRae
Blaine Mainland
Rod Leer
Carlie Senkiw
Aspen Kozak
Paityn Dallyn

The Farm Team

Mom’s a city girl but hopefully she can learn how to stop before the tournament starts. Zack’s my younger brother and we have a lot of fun playing street hockey together. Hopefully he doesn’t come home with a bunch of bruises. My dad says he’s not 40 but I think he is. He’s also one of my hockey coaches so he’ll have lots of experience in hockey. I have no clue how well Auntie Sherri-Lynn can skate. Hopefully, she can skate better than my mom. My cousin Caleb is really funny. Hopefully, other people don’t faint because of his funny jokes. Nathan is my cousin too. I have 4 pictures of him in my wallet. We are both crazy about hockey and this is the first time we are going to get to play hockey together. My uncle Ryan just made an outdoor rink for his kids so I think he’s going to improve a little. The other mom on our team just had a baby. I don’t know her but she must be really hardcore. And my name is Landon. I’m 8 and I live in Vancouver. I love hockey and I like helping people and am excited to help these kids at Children’s Wish. See you on the ice! Additional note re: roster (as mentioned to Jason): In addition to the 10 players that are reflected on our roster, we also have two additional players (daughters of Shawna Meyers). These players are: Cadence Meyers – female – age ~9 Averi Meyers – female – age ~ 7 Total of 12 players on the roster.

Mike Kauffman
Ryan Wenger
Landon Kauffman
Nathan Wenger
Zack Kauffman
Caleb Wenger
Stephanie Kauffman
Sherri-Lynn Wenger
Amy Moggy
Shawna Meyers


2013 Kimmett Cup Champions, 3 time finalists, and newly minted doctors, The Hellbenders, are travelling from Kingston, Chilliwack, Edmonton, and Calgary to compete and raise funds for a great cause!

Ryan Shields
Stephanie Brass
Joel Stimson
Mike Bosch
John Stimson
Dan Stimson
Kelsey Stimson
Jordan Amatto

Flying Pylons

Well it looks like we are back for yet another year to make a run for the cup. We spent the last year analyzing the game tapes from last year and we have decided to make a few minor changes to our line up. I can’t predict a place in the finals but I can promise that we will have a lot of fun and do our best to raise awareness for the Children’s a Wish Foundation and the Lindsay Kimmett Foundation.

Ian Kruger
Trevor Onishenko
kevin Sawatzky
Jake Trottier
Blaise Trottier
Tara Trottier
Sandra Donnelly


We are a group of baseball players who can’t seem to win when it matters most…now we’re trying our luck in hockey with the goal of bringing a championship back to the southern suburbs of Calgary.

Ben MacLellan
ryan ross
matt livingstone
kayla ross
amanda harbus
brandon belland
cali jorgenssen
will pozzo
adam thomas
jason thomas

Hutchs Rink gRATs

This team has straight As in effort. Our motto is No pain, no problem. That sounds like a swell time.  The Hutch’s gRATs are ready to take the ice in Cochrane and show the rival teams what hockey really looks like when you are just learning to play hockey. We can’t wait to take home the gold in participation. See you on the ice!

Bridget Gibson
Hailey McInnis
Olga Efimova
Shauna Sawich
Natalie Sachrajda
Chelsea Morin
Matthew Mah
Jared Sykes
Christina Frizzo
Sierra Tamminen

Grand Avenue Pharmacy PEDs

The Grand Avenue Pharmacy PED’s are back for their second year! Returning this year will be Ella, Max and Ian Kruger, Ernie Brucker and Reid Kimmett. With a little roster turnover during a turbulent offseason the team has entered a ‘rebuild’, or as Jay Feaster would call it a ‘retooling’ Gone are brothers Noah and Parker Makkreel, in are father-daughter tandem Charlie and Amanda Crutchfield. Gone is Bill Messum, and in are Kelsey Norman, Shiv Nijjar and Amy Coldwell. The team looks forward to having a lot fun. Some even believe they have a shot at winning the fun division, which is done by having the most fun! This is a cause and event very near and dear to the entire team, and we look forward to being a part of the day.

Reid Kimmett
Ian Kruger
Max Kruger
Ella Kruger
Kelsey Norman
Ernie Brucker
Shiv Nijjar
Amy Coldwell
Charlie Crutchfield
Amanda Crutchfield

Rebels with a Cause

Rebels with a Cause Our team is comprised of the finest people from Children’s Wish, Helping Families and their friends and family. We are all truly Rebels with a Cause sharing a common goal of making a difference whether big or small we all stand tall knowing that life is measured not by what you receive but what you give. This is our first Kimmet Cup we look forward to strapping on the old cheese cutters at least that’s what they were called last time I wore them. We are good people doing great things and in Lindsay’s name we are proud to be apart of this extraordinary event!!!

Adam Pickering
Elisha Jackson
Robin Buck
Spencer Wik
Brian Comeau
Cody Pickering
Lenora Collins

Puck Junkies

Puck Junkies Origin ( A historical must-read by Ayla ) Once upon a time, a long, long time ago in a land far, far away there was a wee lad playing hockey in a backyard rink. His name: Robbie Owens. Little did we know, this lad would start and nurture the Puck Junkies storied franchise in the Kimmett Cup. Having skated, deked (or tried to!) and shot as many pucks as one could imagine in his own backyard, Robbie would decide to take his game and venture far and wide from his little town. After a long and arduous journey, Robbie would find himself in the small town of Cochrane with a new family (Annette, Ryan, Ayla and Cody). It is here where his scouting and tutoring would begin. Two key turns of fortune would happen for Robbie in Cochrane:  The Mann family became his neighbors and he joined the legendary Ranchmen Oldtimers hockey team . Robbie would unknowingly begin his scouting and training for a team that was only at the edge of his imagination. It started with a family tradition of a backyard rink, where Ryan, Ayla, Cody, Alex, Chris, and Nick would learn all the fundamentals of outdoor hockey. While fun, this preparation did have its hardships: Bruised shins from the serious foul of a lifted puck; Black & Blue knees from falling and the occasional (or frequent depending on your point of view) brawl were just some of the struggles that these young prospects faced. A whole wealth of creative talent was introduced to Robbie when he signed with the Ranchmen: One of a kind Christmas gifts; Inspirational beer cards and the world renowned Richard Award. All of this creativity would play a part in the future Puck Junkies However, Robbie seemed dissatisfied with just organized, indoor hockey to scout players for the Puck Junkies. Thus began the annual Boxing Day Barrier Lake Outdoor Classic. If ever there was a venue made for pond hockey , it would be Barrier Lake in Kananaskis: Crisp temperatures, polished ice, and nestled in the heart of the towering Rocky Mountains. To-die for conditions for any outdoor hockey enthusiast. Finally, unbeknownst to Robbie, the day would come when all his hard work would be realized when Joe MacLellan and Jason Baserman started the Kimmett Cup, a 3 on 3 pond hockey tourney on Mitford Pond in the dead of winter. A fitting tribute to Lindsay Kimmett who passionately did everything she could to bring the joy of hockey into the hearts and souls of friends and co-workers, many of whom had never skated before. No other hockey team in the world had so many one-of-a-kind name bars, an innovation started by the one and only Monumental #25 The first Puck Junkies team were few in numbers but large in heart, following Annette “the Hockey Mom” team catchphrase, “Play hard, Play safe, and Have fun.” The team consisted of all the Owens, Liz Stewart and a small, unheard of hockey family named the Shelly’s. This team would go onto win the ultimate prize of the Shottie Stick. With competition even stronger than the first year, the Puck Junkies would take on a few new additions and repeat as Shottie stick champs. The third Kimmett Cup would begin a dry spell for the Puck Junkies, but don’t tell that to this team as they continue to “play hard, play safe, and have fun.” It would also see some roster changes with the Shelley family moving on and Blake Morris, the Mann, Brady, Kwas and Mitchell families joining the squad. All these new additions scouted over the years on the ponds, rinks and Ranchmen events. On to Kimmett Cup 7, where the Puck Junkies have been training hard in the offseason with trips to Barrier Lake, Booze Cup and other pre-tournament activities . They have their skates sharpened, helmet straps tightened, and sticks taped and are eagerly awaiting the chance to “play hard, play safe, and have fun”. A motto that Lindsay lived so passionately every time she hit the ice.

Rob Owens
Cody Owens
Ayla Owens
Brad Mitchell
Carrie Mitchell
Chris Mann
Andy Lee
Tom Brady
Paula Emery
Ryan Webb

Puck Smugglers

We can do this the easy or hard way
In the end it remains up to you
Simply give us your pucks by the end of the day
Or there’s no telling what we might do
We aren’t here to count wins and losses
We don’t play for goals or assists
Our cross-border smuggling bosses
Just want cold hard Canadian disks
There’s no reason we can’t get along on the ice
As long as you meet our demands
Hand over your rubber and we will play nice
Keep it clean for the folks in the stands

Andrew Woods
Andrew Kidd
Hannah Woods
Andie Kidd
Erin Colquhoun
Jason Wheeler
Scott Foster
Jon Reed


We are the team of Pediatric Residents! We may not have any hockey experience behind us, and staying balanced on our skates will prove to be challenging, but we come excited and ready for this year’s Kimmet Cup! Working at the Alberta Children’s Hospital, we have the absolute pleasure of interacting with children and their loving families. Although we are early in our training, something has become clear to us very quickly. No matter how many medications we prescribe, we will never be able to match the therapeutic power of making a child smile. Jason Baserman, one of our incredible colleagues and tournament organizers, has given us the opportunity to do just that. Through competing in the Kimmet Cup, we can contribute to granting a child their very own wish and that is a pretty amazing feeling! The passion and energy Jason has put behind this tournament has inspired us all to become a part of it as well. Whether it is a trip to Disneyworld, or recording a song for the radio, we are proud to join the Calgary community in making dreams come true. Just don’t expect us to make the hockey highlight reel. See you on the ice!

Jody Platt
Sunayna Gupta
Leena Desai
Victoria Pang
Stacy Yeh
Peter Vetere
Simran Sierra-Kjinserdahl
Kayla Nelson

Budweiser Hood

Just here for fun and to help out a good cause.

Andy Degraw
Al Pistore
Justin Davis
Darcy Ponath
Meghan Degraw
Faith Davis
Harley Davis
Thomas Pistore
Nathan Pistore

Das Cows

“Das Cows” is more than a name. It is a tradition. It is a lifestyle. Das Cows as an organization was built from the ground up with the backbone of the UofC med school class of 2015. We were built on the founding principles of overall excellence, soft hands, filty passes and utterly perfect flow. We are Das Cows and we are all out of bubblegum. Moo.

Joe Kendal
Michael Greene
Andrew Robb
Kevin Lanni
Lundy Day
Sam Hunt
Kevin Bayrack

Reef Royalty

Reef Royalty is the ofishal team the Humuhumunukunukuapua’as 2017 class of U of C Med. Although our namesake fish is accustomed to the warm and sunny waters of the tropical Pacific we are prepared to scale up against any team on the icy pond. It’ll be plain to sea our skills will finish us at the top. Our line will take all others to school. Watching the competition take the bait with sly dangles will surely hook the crowd in. Dive in and watch the competition try to keep their head above water. Wave gold goodbye folks, we’re reel serious.

Evan Genge
Miles Hunter
Jesse Steranko
Leanne Genge
Mariel van Woudenberg

The AICEIM Shockers

Grinders Matters!

Jesse McLean
Andrew Knouse
Steve McEwan
Jordan Smith
Jeff Hansen
Matt Laszynski
Tyler Centrone
Shiella Junior
Jill Bowie
T Faasse

Ice Panthers

New to the Kimmett Cup this year, the Ice Panthers have been training hard in a middle school gym and are now ready to roar themselves into Kimmett Cup history. Made up of a motley crew of teachers of all sorts (and a doctor, for safety of course!), we’re ready to bring our mediocre floor hockey skills to the ice!

Kendra Gilbertson
Mat Palkovits
Kyle Khubyar
Doug Jordan
Mike Kennedy
Kali Kennedy
Marc Julien
Jen Wilson
Claude Langlois
Wes Gilbertson

Trans Canadas

We are friends and co-workers of Taylor. He told us about the tourney and about the cause. We couldn’t say no. It sounded like too much fun. Looking forward to being part of it! Thank you so much, TransCanada

Jim Tran
Jeff Tenove
James Douglas
Kyle Mathewson
Jackie Moss
Kathleen Ricketts

Cochrane Dodge Bikers

We are one big family of all different hockey talents , from just starting out to college and major league teams. All out for a good cause and to have some fun ! And we all love to ride motorcycles!

Janine McCue
Jay Layton
Nicole Pike
Trevor Grey
Jessie Mykula
Matt McCue
Glenn McCue
Kristy Berryman
Lynne Arnold

Wish Heroes

The Wish Heros team is comprised of players who know first-hand the impact of a wish granted. A number of wish children and their families will join forces and bring their unwavering determination and bravery to Kimmett Cup for the second year in a row. They are a team to watch, having come extremely close to making it to the finals last year. They are champions in their own right and can’t wait to take part in a tournament that supports a cause so close to their hearts.

Elisha Jackson
Matt Hope
Rob Hope
Andy Pinder
Ben Archibald
Brad Bitz
Kandas Hope
Leah Andrews

Old Farmers

A few old farmers from Central Alberta are leaving the homestead behind to play in Kimmett Cup for the first time. They know theyre up against come tough veteran teams but they are up for the challenge… who knows pond hockey better than a couple of farm boys/girls? The old farmers have seen the magic of a wish first hand in their home town of Didsbury and are thrilled to be part of an event that is setting out to grant even more wishes.

Elisha Jackson
Michael Jackson
Lyle Block
Andrew Block
Luke Block
Christie Filmore

The Heat

This team is made up of a bunch of misfits that work together! Some who have played hockey, some who have no idea what they are doing. We work for a fun company who enjoys a good time and encouraged us to put a team in. So here is the ICS team!

Dale Brummitt
Duane Nagy
Lavon Zawada
Acie Lazaro
Jason Cluff
Lucas Rivoire

The French Connection

The francophone community is a growing part of Cochrane. We all made the travel from outside the province to became live here in this beautiful place call Cochrane. We all have in common the love of the game and the langage and that bring us together. Go the French Connection

Alexandre Paradis
Amelie Drouin
Julie Vaillancourt
Sylvain Renaud
Marc Lord
Joel Matthews

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