Over 500 players and 500 other supporters came out to the coldest Kimmett Cup yet, but still managed to have a great time and raise $115,000 for the Children’s Wish Foundation. This year also saw the introduction of the Spirit of the Kimmett Cup trophy to highlight those players who best represent the meaning of the Kimmett Cup both on and off the ice. This year, the Toefield Fighting Snow Geese, who raised $15,000 between them, was honoured to receive the trophy.

KC8 – Jan 15, 2016

52 Teams
450 Players
$136,000 Raised for the Children’s Wish Foundation & Helping Families Handle Cancer


Competitive Winner
Das Cows
Shot Stick Winner
Recreational Winner
Mabbott’s Marauders
Spirit of Kimmett Cup
Tofield Fighting Snowgeese

Team Rosters & Stories

ACH Wishmakers

Team ACH Resident Wishmakers (story courtesy of Sunayna Gupta, Assistant Captain): We are the team of Pediatric Residents! We may not have any hockey experience behind us, and staying balanced on our skates will prove to be challenging, but we come excited and ready for this year’s Kimmett Cup! Working at the Alberta Children’s Hospital, we have the absolute pleasure of interacting with children and their loving families. Although we are early in our training, something has become clear to us very quickly. No matter how many medications we prescribe, we will never be able to match the therapeutic power of making a child smile. Jason Baserman, one of our incredible colleagues and tournament organizers, has given us the opportunity to do just that. Through competing in the Kimmett Cup, we can contribute to granting a child their very own wish and that is a pretty amazing feeling! The passion and energy Jason has put behind this tournament has inspired us all to become a part of it as well. Whether it is a trip to Disneyworld, or recording a song for the radio, we are proud to join the Calgary community in making dreams come true. Just don’t expect us to make the hockey highlight reel. See you on the ice! — Jody Platt (C)

Stacy Yeh
Caitlin Chang
Donovan Duncan
Krista Clark
Krystyna Ediger
Leena Desai
Renee Farrell
Robyn Buna
Simon Lam
Victoria Pang

AICEIM Shockers

Are we allowed to play the trap?

Jesse McLean
Andrew Knouse
Tyler Centrone
Matt Laz
Chase Kinch
Jeff Hansen
Junior Kelly
Jessica Shanahan
Marilynn Hay

All about that Bassyouni

A compassionate endocrinologist volunteers for a unique community service assignment: coaching a rag tag medical team of hockey students. When Bassyouni meets the team, she realizes the students have no practice facility, equipment or ability to go with it. Taking the team under her wing, she teaches them that the patient is the bioassay, and other hockey tips. Now playing as the All About That Bassyouni or AATB, named for Dr. Bassyouni, they recruit three new players: figure-skating siblings Curtis and Grazyna and slap shot specialist and enforcer Marguerite. Dr. Bassyouni learns that the star player for Amols Team, Joseph, should actually be playing for the AATB. Because of his well-to-do background, Joseph is given the nickname Cake Eater by his teammates. The name is, at first, seen as derisive, but then becomes a term of endearment. See you on the ice!

Bridget Gibson
Grazyna Burek
Hailey McInnis
Matthew Mah
Sierra Tamminen
Curtis Timmons
Olga Efimova
Marguerite Heyns
Joseph Ahn

Baby Incredibles

We’re ready for some fun on the ice to raise money!

Laura MacAulay
Todd Leaman
Sean Wilde
Mark Hilger
Paul Davis
Beka Stevenson

Baders Angels

Bader’s Angels Perennial favourites, Bader’s Angels are excited for Kimmett Cup VIII. After consistent years of missing the playoffs, GM Reggie Dunlop (aka Mr. Crowe) looked no further than to the Edmonton Oilers for advice and inspiration on how to properly re-build a team. Heeding that advice, the Angels slowly assembled a team consisting of first overall draft picks. In an unprecedented move, GM Reggie Dunlop also traded forward and former captain Byron Bader as the Angels simply could not afford the high salary that comes with such a highly skilled player. Unlike the Oilers, the Angels will be playing with a ‘defense first’ mentality which includes strategic use of defense zone toe-drags and cross-crease passes. This year’s team is all about finesse. Grinding it out in the corners will be last on the priority list. The Angels will have mirrors on the bench so that they are always looking sharp out there. Compliments will be high flying and smiles will be shared. We hope you will have as much fun as us this year! Thanks to all the Kimmett Cup organizers for putting on such a wonderful event in memory of Lindsay.

Scott Crowe
Josh Pollard
Chad Newton
Jeff Fox
Sarah Mackay
Kendrah Tulloch
Courtney Crowe
Dawn Armstrong


Team BGC is a rookie entry in the Kimmett Cup comprised of teammates originating from across the country from PEI to BC. Time will tell if this group of Flames/Oilers/Leafs/Senators/Habs/Canucks and Jets fans can form a cohesive unit!

Geoff Claypool
Scott Garrison
Max Duguay
Dylan Maxwell
Kristin White
Kim Newman
Sarah Newton
David Phan
Brian Zaharko
Tara Coultish

Big Kids

We’re not here to gloat, but the goats are gonna win. Just kidding, we’re kids.

Sunny Ho
Katrina Assen
Matthew Pfaff
Esther Kim
Scott Belyea
Amanda Wang
John Steyn
Evan Compton
Kinjani Jain


Just here for fun and to help out a good cause.

Andy Degraw
megan degraw
alan pistore
nathan pistore
darcy ponath
dustin ponath
justin davis
faith davis
harley davis

Cams SeaBass

Cams Seabass will be a new team to watch this year, will be on the rise. We are full of much out of shape players that will most likely need an onsite oxygen tank hooked up to the bench.

Derek Iwanicka
Dave White
Rob Finly
Tony Murphy
Darren Peebles
Destiny Peebles
Deanna Iwanicka
Amber Finly

Cochrane Rangers

We are representing the women of the Cochrane Rangers Soccer Club. We have all mastered the sport of soccer, so figured why not try to master the sport of hockey.

Kelsey Norman
Rebecca Goundry
Susan Goodman
Taylor Kanik
Joanne Daviduck
Terra Fillmore
Jennifer Delamare
Kim Dumanowski
Gina Christakos
Shae Matheson

Cochrane Toyota

Team Tacoma Town has gone through a major rebuild! No longer relying on young quick talent we have turned to our grizzled Veterans to help us return to the playoffs. This team knows what it takes to win and is not afraid to sacrifice the body out there.

Darcy Erickson
Logan Brown
Jay Labelle
Emilly Robson
Zakk Trigg
Madison Haller
Brandon Satchwell
Alicia Rose
Kelly Baum

Cocky fish

The cocky fish are a group of second year medical students at the University of Calgary. Watch out for amateur doctors playing amateur hockey, planning to bring home the gold for the rec league!

Allison Michaud
Amol Bhargava
Steve Slobodian
Kayla Feragen
Alec Campbell
Brandon Hisey
Jason Bau
Jessica Tamura-Wells

Das Cows

We are Das Cows.

Joe Kendal
Lundy Day
Connor Elekes
Samantha Hunt
Jason Miller
Kris Moore
Matt Johnston
Elin Brown

Dekes Of Hazzard

Dekes of Hazzard is coming back for a second season. We were unable to make it to the very end last year but this year have new recruits and are ready to lace up and put our all into it! We will be ready to skate like the wind and become the new champions!

Tasha Pascoa
leanne Bergman
Chris Pascoa
Mike Pascoa
Jay Henderson
Nicolette Hogg-Zadderey
Sandy Munnings
Brad Kallar
keith calhoun
jesse storr

Dirty Goatees

A few dusters who want a weekend off studying. We like charity and hockey.

Sean Andrea
Paul Bryan
Brad Stebner
Dan Meyers
Lauren Galbraith
Samantha McGinley

French Connection

Frenchs connection is back for a second time after a tough lost in last year quarter final. All the player are proud to be part of the francophone school from Cochrane, Notre-Dame-des-Valles. We have 3 teachers and 5 parents on the rosters. Allez la connection francaise! Go French Connection!

Alexandre Paradis
Marc Lord
Carl Brault
Kirsten husband
Julie Vaillancourt
Adele Scott
Kirsten Scott

Grand Avenue Pharmacy Drug Runners

The youth movement is underway for the Grand Avenue Pharmacy Drug Runners, with 8 players under the age of 14. Captain Reid Kimmett is very confident in the team that has been put together, and thinks his line combinations will lead the team to a successful Kimmett Cup in the fun division. Line one features the combination of skill and tenacity from Ella & Max Kruger. The captains hope is that their skill will compensate for the ‘experience’ that their linemate Ian Kruger brings to the table. Line two is another family affair, and a trio of rookies, with future phenoms Marley and Sadie, joined by their Dad Murray Crawford. The third line is our youngest, with siblings Brynn, Noah and Parker Makkreel who look to bring a physical edge to their games. The fourth line features saavy vets Bill Messum, Shiv Nijjar and Captain Reid. The Kimmett Cup is always a memorable event for us, and it is heartwarming to see families from our staff come together to have fun, play hockey, and support The Children’s Wish!

Murray Crawford
Ian Kruger
Max Kruger
Ella Kruger
Reid Kimmett
Marley Crawford
Sadie Crawford
Parker and Noah Makkreel
Bill Messum
Brynn Makkreel


Just a ragtag group of boys and girls with a lot of horse power and little bit of sass!!

Tim Pearcy
Matt Pearcy
Real Cyr
Jillian Pearcy
Jessie Tapsy
Sarah pearcy
Mike Cann
Gord Winter
Brendan Toft
katie showell


Four years ago we were a group of randoms who just happened to be in the same class and wanted to get out and play some hockey for a good cause. Now this weekend is circled on the calendar every year and brings family and friends from far and wide together for a great time that makes a difference!! See you on the ice in a few short weeks!!

Michael Bosch
Joel Stimson
John Stimson
Dan Stimson
Kelsey Stimson
Ryan Shields
Steph Brass
Jordan Amatto
Kaitlyn Longworth

Ice Panthers

The Ice Panthers is a team of teachers who thought we’d come together to support a great cause last year and had so much fun, we’re back for another year! Though we’re not exactly hockey all stars, we like to think we’ll school you on the ice with our quick wit and determination!

Kendra Gilbertson
Mat Palkovits
Marc Julien
Jen Wilson
Len Holland
Jerrie Holland
Claude Langlois
Doug Jordan
Kyle Khubyar
Jean-Simon Lavoie

Jagr Bombs

Our team has been molded from a fire that burns from within. With the knowledge that true greatness in the game is driven by preparation, dedication, and constant fine-tuning. That is what brings amazing flow to the game. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Blow dry as needed. True freedom is the power of the wings poking out of your helmet’s ear flap and flowing from the back of your lid across your shoulders. Yes, the power that is the mullet. We will look to harness our inner Jagr and bring all his elements to the game: the youthful exuberance, the slick stick handling, the powerful skating, the incredible hockey hair, and the immense backside blocking out the opponents. Most of all, we will bring smiles and the pure enjoyment of the game.

Craig Grant
Owen George
Logan Niehaus
Scott Logan
Beccy Niehaus
Casey Irving
Ian George
Erin Davidson


The Jets are returning as defending Rec Div champs (ok 2014 – but still living the dream!!). We are proud to be part of this outstanding tournament that benefits so many great causes – and to support the many great people that make this tourney such a huge success.

Garry Roberts
Kelsey Roberts
Dave Lee
Barry McCurdy
Calvin Roberts
Luc Duplessis
Pete Nielsen
Jaclyn Tate
Jessica McCurdy
Rene McCurdy

Mabbotts Marauders

Mabbott & Company is proud to continue its relationship with the Kimmett Cup and this year, in addition to remaining the tournament’s title sponsor, Mabbott & Company is entering a team for the first time.

Matt Kirk
Jeff Jobson
Calen Jobson
Ryan Bonnett
Robyn Chapman
Lindsay Gerstermar

Maynards Minions

We are a family team from Southern Alberta. Our teams namesake – Maynard, was our Opa. He loved to see the family get together, and was passionate about investing in causes to help others. The majority of us get our hockey practice out at the family farm during the winter holidays, but what we may lack in (many) skills, we like to think we make up for in (many more), laughs. Bring it on, Kimmett Cup 2016!



From the rough and tumble streets of Victoria and Kamloops the boys of the ODR OGs left home at a young age with nothing more than skates sticks and a dream. They dreamed of a place where OutDoor Rinks were plentiful and they could leave their lives as Original Gangters behind. They picked up a couple of local girls along the way to round out the team and have since left the streets behind in favor of frozen ponds and good times.

alex wray
Amanda Maclean
jose reyez
julie betz

Oilers Suck

This will be the 7th year that team Oiler’s Suck have participated in this great event. The name of the team has never been more relevant too 🙂 Several of the team members/coaches went to high school with Lindsay and then continued on at U of C with her. Each year the goal of the team is to not necessarily win the tourney but to win the before and after party 😉

Stewart Aune
Jared Fletcher
Chris Mattson
Geoff Rosenbaum
Justin Maw
Amanda Morrison
Jennifer Thoben
Ashley Wilson
Sean Anastasiadis

Old Farmers

A group of old farmers from Didsbury are once again heading out to Cochrane for what they call “the best hockey tournament in Alberta!” After making it to the recreational division finals in their Kimmett Cup debut last year, they will be clearing off their dugouts early to get a lot of practice in this year. They are determined to go back to Didsbury as Kimmett Cup Champions! You should have no trouble picking this team out on the ice… they will be the only team playing in Wranglers!

Mike Jackson
Lyle Block
Christy Pullen
Andrew Block
Luke Block
Ryan Block
Elisha Jackson
Dawn Jackson

OnGrowing Works

OnGrowing – A word that for us has many different meanings. It means to grow as a person, as a friend and colleague, and as a craftsman or craftswomen. It means to be willing to learn and teach all in the same day. It means to wake up each morning with the intent of bettering the people around us. But come the Kimmett Cup we will have only three things to prove. One – That sauce does not only come in a can; Two – That the only magic tricks that exist are Hat-Tricks; and Three – That beards do win playoff games.

Raymond Vincent
Wade McArthur
Shaun Fediuk
Mark Baraniuk
Robert Macdonald
Amanda Spencer
Victoria Brown
Kym Dalke
Bruce Kay
Dan Thibodeau

Pro H2O

We couldnt miss out on a great opportunity to spend time with family and friends and play the sport we all love…! We’ve called up our A team for this years run at the Kimmett Cup Championship..! We’re bringing the heat and packing the water..! ha

ryan paiement
Kyle Wig
Tanner House
Sam McCulloch
taylor house
Trent House
ryan aulin
Brady Lee

Puck Smugglers

Smuggling pucks is what we do
From under your skates, from out of the blue
You’ll end up with none when you swear you brought two
But the trail is as cold as an igloo
‘Cause troubling yourself in getting them back
Is a futile attempt, that’s a genuine fact
We’re the top of the crop, the cream of the stack
We’ll be gone well before you even react

Andrew Woods
Andrew Kidd
Chad Newton
Andie Kidd
Jake Sherlock
Byron Bader
Hannah Weiss
Grace Coulter


on a cold winter night, in the middle of the desert, in a christian brothel, satan appeared and issued a challenge, a pond ice hockey challenge, where the loser would be condemned to hell for ever! it was on this snowy winter eve, that 5 men and 4 women (who happened to be around the brothel, not paying customers or workers!) all from canada, accepted satans challenge, they called themselves Ramrod. Satan did not know they were canadian so he could not know how unbelievably great they were at pond hockey. In the first shift of the game, Satan tore his ACL, unable to skate, Ramrod beat satan, 10-0. the end

Ben MacLellan
kayla Ross
adam thomas
jason thomas
will pozzo
ryan ross
chloe nielson
cali jorgenssen
kaylee villadson
chris hollinger

Raucous Rotary Relics

The Raucous Rotary Relics are a band of merry Rotarians from Cochrane. They have played in this tournament for many years but have never reached their full potential. 2016 is their year.

Martin Parnell
Anita Cumbleton
Scott Grattidge
Bill Nutter
Barb Spiak
Debbie Goetjen
Devon Gryzko
Patti Gryzko

Rice Kings

We are the Rice Kings! A group of dedicated rec hockey players out to have a good time. We are playing with our young children in the fun division.

Gerald Kim
Peter McNay
Grace Kim
Michael Kim
Leah Kim
Sam Yu
Evelyn Yu
Abbie McNay

Rickys Roast Beef

We are a group of 3rd year medical students from U of C. We have played in the tournament the past 2 years and had an absolute blast raising money for Childrens Wish and enjoying a day out on the pond. The championship trophy has eluded us so far, but we are confident that this is our year! Can’t wait to see all our fellow classmates, as well as people from the community out to support a good cause.

Stuart Robertson
Scott Willms
Dean Mrozowich
Krista Reich
Jacqui Stone
Carli Clemis
Austin Fruson
Lee Fruson
Kyle Fruson

Soft Dump in the Corner

We are a random group of people. Our team is made up of some veteran tournament players as well as some rookies. We are very excited for this year and cant wait to get back onto the pond!

Melissa Schaffer
Evelyn Schaffer
Allan Schaffer
Kenzie Mucciarone
Brent Thiessen
Kate Schadlich
Craig St.Pierre
Nicole Foley
Lindsay Craig
Jason Scribner

Team Mito

Since 2012 this band of misfits has practiced the ancient art of wangling across the frozen frontiers of our great nation. Whether it be toe-dragging between a pair of benders or tossing the sickest of sauce over veteran D-men, few teams have provided a challenging contest. The first line centered by Elizabeth “Scott Stevens” Dickin and alongside wingers Michael “Wangle McDangle-Berry” Samsom and Warren “Bar-Down” Xu actually declined playing as the first line for Team Canada in Sochi so that Sweden would have a chance to clinch the gold. The second line, which consists of ¾ of the A-Team, is centered by Lisa “Top-Cheddar” Campkin, with wingers Christopher “Boom-Stick” Newell and Jeffrey “Snipe-Show” Kenzie. A few quotes from previous competitors are below. “This team is lights out. – Thomas Edison “The sickest mitts North of the border. – Albert Einstein “I thought I could wheel until I saw these guys play.” – Genghis Khan

Chris Newell
Elizabeth Dickin
Michael Samsom
Lisa Campkin
Warren Xu
Jeffrey Kenzie

Team Old School

We are a mixture of hockey players/wannabe hockey players that love the game! Most importantly though, we are here for Lindsay Leigh because this was her game. Our team is called, Team Old School because there are members on the team that knew Lindsay through our school years where memories will never be forgotten. We are going to battle hard and play the game like Lindsays favorite team the FLAMES and destroy all of our opponents!

Glori Crerar
Curtis Crerar
Paul Holden
Spencer Holden
Curtis Garvin
Chris Kierzkowski
Ally Holden
Kaylene Edwards
Ashley Buzzie
Laura Whitehead

Team Unreal

We are team Unreal. A rag tag bunch of 3rd line grinders are looking to fill the net with goals to help raise funds for Children’s Wish. We may not be overly skilled, and we may not try overly hard, but with the smiles that this team brings we are sure to be highly competitive in the category of best looking team!

Scott Erven
Scott Gallagher
Jeremy Youngblood
Ryan Priddey
Larissa Dillabough
Garret Dillabough
Curtis Dillabough
Mandi Jo
McKenzie Kissel
Lily Grisdale

The Incredibles

The Incredibles coming into The 2016 Kimmett Cup, are pleased with their roster including several stronghold veterans and some very promising Kimmett Cup rookies. Amongst the core leadership group is Captain Marnie “Dizz” Anderson, who will be in charge of drawing up the winning plays and keeping the team on schedule. Though herding the troops throughout the day will prove to be difficult, her greatest task will be leading the Incredibles to the long awaited cup. Alongside her is Amanda “Tings” Tingley, who isn’t afraid to lower the shoulder or raise the elbows if things get greasy on the ice. And Aaron “Rottweiler” Rothery returns, with his grit along the boards, the Incredibles are sure to win the puck battles every time. Coming hot onto the scene is Clark “Handangles” Hannon, who with his silky hands is looking to have a promising Kimmett Cup in front of all of the potential scouts. Alongside him as a linemate is Kimmett Cup rookie Alex “Muellsy” Mueller, whose main superpower of firing the puck, will play useless in the pond hockey format. Watch out if you’re catching the action live from the nearest snowbank! Also included, coming off recent knee surgery is Kimmett Cup rookie Reid “Chessman” Chessell , who can’t wait to cycle down low on the forecheck. Not to be overshadowed by the boys, our team’s newest female recruit, Ayesha “Doc” Ebrahim, will provide our team with much needed speed and off-ice medical adjustments, because let’s be honest, we’re all going to eat ice at some point. To round up, is our final Kimmett Cup rookie, Paul “Bolesy” Boles. Don’t let his size fool you, he’s a defensive stalwart who likes to join the rush on occasion, even though he may be more of an asset guarding the goal with a big pair of winter boots and a baseball mitt.

Marnie Anderson
Amanda Tingley
Clark Hannon
Alex Mueller
Reid Chessell
Paul Boles
Ayesha Ebrahim
Aaron Rothery

The Mighty Ninjas

Our team consists of old teammates and friends of Lindsay’s who love to support the event in her name and enjoy some stick puck at the same time. We are all looking forward to another amazing tournament!

Steph Rooney
Allison Rooney
Kristi Palmer
Sara Sharp
Danielle Prefontaine
Rachel Claggett
Heather Ramsay

The Puck Junkies

Puck : A round, vulcanized piece of rubber that all hockey nuts dream of taking end to end & putting it top shelf or five hole or wherever Mama keeps the peanut butter.

Junkies : People like us who are who are hooked on Pond Hockey.

The Puck Junkies started eight years ago at the first Kimmett Cup: Two families with a passion for the Best Game You Can Name. Seven Kimmett Cups later, many more families, friends and kids have become part of the Puck Junkie story. We are all here for the same reason: A chance to play out our Pond Hockey passion with our kids and friends. Coaching your kids and friends is one thing. Playing with them is quite another. Regardless of age, gender or ability, the thrill of competition and the satisfaction of being part of a team is the same . And maybe if you’re good enough and the Hockey Gods are on your side, you get to sip from the Shottie Stick ( Yeah Baby! ) But the reward doesn’t just come from a Win. It comes many times all through the game: That “Wow” moment when a teammate or even an opposing player makes a sick move and puts the biscuit in the basket. Or the tick -tack -toe passing play. Or maybe the poke check that broke up the 3 on 1 and saved a goal. The laughs when we screw up. There’s usually some pain along the way too: The gasping-for-air feeling after a shift too long. A whack on the shin by a puck or errant stick. Or when your skate catches a crack and you splat on the ice? All part of Pond Hockey. All part of why we love the game. You pay a price but it’s always worth it. And along the way something else very special happens: You get a chance to be part of making something special happen. You get hooked. It’s contagious. You feel it: How much fun it is to work with old friends and new friends to make the Kimmett Cup happen. Yeah it’s a lot of work but you almost feel honored to be a part of it. And then we see what fantastic things we accomplish when we work together: The smiles and stories from the Children’s Wish kids. How much it means to their brothers and sisters and Moms and Dads when a wish is granted. Thank You Lindsay for the way you lived your life. It’s what the Kimmett Cup is all about.

Rob Owens
Ryan Owens
Nick Mann
Ayla Owens
Andy Lee
Chris Mann
Brian Fitzgerald
Paul Emery
Michelle Vogt
Dwayne Can

The Raging Roosterfish

As second year competitors, the Raging Roosterfish are hoping to climb up the ranks this year after their quarter final finish last year. The team hopes to mimic the aggressive, dont-back-down attitude of the rooster with a combination of the swift, smooth agility one would see in a tropical fish. With some integral changes to the roster this year, these raging little land-swimmers may be seen as the underdogs. That hasnt discouraged them, as there has been much chatter amongst these feathered swimmers that this tournament makes miracles happen. They’re hoping that if they can personify the spirit of Kimmett cup, a miracle may happen for them this year too!

Leanne Genge
Mariel Van Woudenberg
Miles Hunter
Ben Valentino
Chase kaskiwchase@gmail.com
Jordan Goerzen

Tofield Fighting Snowgeese

Well 2016 marks the Fighting Snowgeese’s 4th appearance at the Kimmett Cup and it is truly an honour to participate once again. A new year brings a new roster, although some of the regulars have proven tough to shake. As usual we have Captain Mike “the ring bearer” Kauffman who is being flown in from the coast bringing with him his looks, leadership, and talents in an effort to lead the Geese back into the playoffs. Local Cochranite Craig Wiens will be making his 3rd appearance with the Geese, and defending his title as “King” of the ice. Jon Kauffman, also back for round 3 at the Kimmett Cup, has his heart set on keeping his stick on the ice and maybe scoring at least one goal on the unattended net this year. Locals Amy Moggy and Brooke Britnell are also back for another run at the Cup. Amy’s spent the past year dryland training chasing her toddler around. Brooke is moonlighting during the tournament with another gig with a local woman’s team. The Geese are proud to welcome 4 ganders and one gosling into the flying V for the 2016 run at the Cup. Joining the Geese for the first time this year we have Tim the “Sniper” Lusk, who is taking a brief leave from his illustrious curling career to grace us with his presence, hurry hard, and hopefully sweep the Geese to a solid set of victories and a sip from the coveted Kimmett Shot Stick. Also joining us for the first time is “Dancin” Darrel Lukawenko, who when he isn’t busy pullin’ wrenches is out skating circles around his competition and using every tool on the workbench to get the :W” for his team. Brad “the Bold and Beautiful” Boettger not only gets the job done on the ice, but he looks good while doing it! Dane “the BIG Deal” Voegtlin rounds off the list of ganders. Dane will tell you it’s no big deal, but we will tell you it’s not every day you get to skate with the 2006 First Rookie All Star D man from the MJHL’s OCN Blizzard!!! And last but not least, born and raised Cochranite Jaci Halliday also joins us for her first Kimmett Cup, with her 4 junior Hallidays helping to fill the stands in support of the team. Captain’s note: Certain details contained herein may have been fabricated including references to the captain’s looks and talents.

Mike Kauffman
Jon Kauffman
Craig Wiens
Brad Boettger
Tim Lusk
Jaci Halliday
Amy Moggy
Brooke Britnell
Dane Voegtlin

Too Many Men

If there’s anything the Sedin brothers taught the world, it’s that two brothers is better than one – even if they’re butt ugly. Add one more and the mathematical advantage on this team speaks for itself as three Maetche brothers join forces. Kyle, Scott and Curtis hit the ice hard, with all the raw force of Slap Shot’s Hanson brothers – and at least as much intelligence, too. But they’d all be lost without Mountie Myron to keep them on the straight and narrow. Myron keeps the bros in check between forechecks, backchecks and bodychecks. Together they’ve been taking the pond hockey world by storm. Speaking of storms, if it feels like one just blew into town then you must have had an encounter with the ladies of the Calgary Hurricanes. Jodi, Zuber and Dani’s reputations are more than hot air. Even the best weatherman can’t predict what kind of plays these ladies will pull off next. And they’ve graciously taken two rookies under their wings: Katie and Sarah. These little heat waves will be wreaking havoc like full-fledged Hurricanes in no time.

Jodi Maetche
Kyle Maetche
Curtis Maetche
Scott Maetche
Bianca Zuber
Dani Chicoine
Katie Graves
Myron Hleck
Sarah March

Toon Squad

Our team is a mix of good friends with some new faces getting together to have some fun for a great cause. After getting involved through Jason Baserman and The Incredibles for that past two years, we decided to branch off with our own team in hopes of growing the event even further. Looking forward to January 16th!

Marc Rancourt
Jeff Sapieha
Justin Wallingford
Kyle Doucet
Dan Maragno
Kyle Reed
Leanne Kisil


We are a team of TransCanada Pipelines employees who are competing in our second consecutive Kimmett Cup. We had a great time last year and are looking forward another fun tournament, we are in business to deliver Championships are raise money for a great cause!

Kyle Mathewson
James Douglas
Devin Ness
Kathleen Ricketts
Jackie Moss
Jennifer Newton
Michael Smilsky
Kade Grant-Johansen


The underACHievers story courtesy of Bobby Shyleyko, Assistant Captain: We are the team of pediatric residents, nurses, and staff pediatricians all working at the Alberta Children’s Hospital, or ACH! If you’re looking for highlight reel goals, Wayne Gretzky style moves, or Carey Price calibre saves, you best keep searching. But where this team underACHieves in on-ice finesse, we more than make up for in heart and enthusiasm!! Together, we are committed to giving the best possible care to all the awesome kids and families who come to the Alberta Children’s Hospital. Kimmett Cup is just another opportunity for us to support our incredible patients through granting very special wishes, and have some fun in the process! We all feel very lucky to partake in this amazing annual hockey tournament, and are excited to see an entire community rally together for a very worthy cause! Keep your stick on the ice, Bobby and the UnderACHievers crew.

Jason Baserman
Bani Falcon
Bobby Shyleyko
Jackie Harrison
Jody Platt
Kayla Nelson
Lydia Shyleyko
Nikki Fischer
Phil Quon
Simone Kortbeek

We Are Family

We Are Family returns for the eighth straight Kimmett Cup with a curious collection of aging baby boomers and twenty somethings. The thought process in putting the team together involved fusing experience with youth and speed but unfortunately the scale is tipped far too much to the experience side of the formula. Anyway we are here to enjoy the day, skate for Linds, and help some very deserving children realize their wishes. Best of luck to all teams participating and to those rec teams drawing us as opposition – YOU’RE WELCOME for the 2 points!

Kelly Kimmett
Al Davies
Charlie Crutchfield
Mike Fredrich
Rodger Irvin
Taylor Irvin
Kelsey Wilson
Jillian Pahl
Ashley Grantham
Dianne Kimmett

We Are Family Too

Lindsay’s brother Taylor Captains this squad that is long on talent but short on ambition…..Fun is the name of the game for this crowd. Other teams look at us as an easy win…..and they are absolutely correct in that assumption! See you on the ice!

Taylor Kimmett
Dave Marcial
Chad Kossowan
Lany Kossowan
Craig Vassie
Dayne Poffenroth
Ryan Crutchfield
Brad Minogue
Jane Doe

We are Officially Family

This team is a team full of extended family! Through in-laws, cousins, wives and grand babies! Leslie will be stepping onto the ice for the first time as a Kimmett and we know she is going to light it up! She has been practicing for weeks! I (Jocelyn Kimmett) will likely be unable to lace up my skates this year… this first Kimmett Grandchild is due to arrive on the Saturday of Kimmett Cup this year, Jan 16. So I either won’t be able to reach my skates to tie them up or i will have my hands full with a tiny new born on the big day – potentially the youngest Kimmett Cup participant! We welcome some new friends and family to our team this year, my brother AJ and his fiancee Morgan are joining us, I’m sure Morgan will spend most of her time holding AJ up, but thats ok! Matt is also new to our team – he is Aaron’s friend, and if he is anything like Aaron, he will be another ringer for us! We are happy to bring Sue, Spence, Rick, Aaron and Garrett back for another year! Their support and love for the tournament is always monumental! Best of luck to my team! Have fun!

Jocelyn Kimmett
Leslie Kimmett
Rick Erven
Sue Milledge=Fawkes
Spencer Fawkes
Aaron Biasini
Garrett Biasini
Matt Nesselbeck
Morgan Jollimore
AJ Mattie

Winners of All Games

Winner of All Games! An extravagant claim, to be sure. Still, no one would have doubted Lindsays sincerity when she proclaimed it after winning a game. In the fun division, everyone is a winner so well be able to make this boast with the same candor Lindsay did.

Joe MacLellan
Vikki MacLellan
Brandon Belland
Ashante Hebert
Michelle Hanbidge
Gerald Gensorek

Wish Heroes

The Wish Heros team is comprised of players who know first-hand the impact of a wish granted. A number of wish children and their families will join forces and bring their unwavering determination and bravery to Kimmett Cup for the second year in a row. They are a team to watch, having come extremely close to making it to the finals last year. They can smell victory and can’t wait to take part in a tournament that supports a cause so close to their hearts.

Elisha Jackson
Ryan Smethurst
David Smethurst
Ben Archibald
Rebecca Iles
Jacob Iles
Evan Smethurst
Kyla Martin

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