On behalf of the Kimmett Cup organizing committee, thank you for everything you’ve done to make Kimmett Cup 9 an overwhelming success.

Together we far surpassed our goal!  The fundraising numbers are $165,000 for the entire tournament reaching our goal of $125,000 to Children’s Wish to complete our $500,000 four year goal granting 50 heartfelt wishes to deserving children.  KidSport will be receiving over $7,000 and the remainder will fund local programs through the Lindsay Leigh Kimmett Memorial FoundationLindsay’s foundation has now contributed over $2,000,000 to local and international initiatives since inception in 2008.

To our Volunteers, thank you for your selfless gift of time, hard work and dedication.
To our Sponsors, thank you for your belief in our cause and for your commitment to our community.
To our Players and Spectators, you gave the day life. Thank you for the memorable games, loud cheers, competing with your hearts on your sleeves as Lindsay did, and great times together!
To our Wish Families, YOU are our inspiration.  Thank you for your heartfelt speeches and for sharing your stories whcih brought tears to our eyes and warmth to our hearts.

Special thanks to our event ambassador and wish recipient, Addison Willis (have fun on your Disney Cruise and make sure to give that dolphin an extra kiss from all of us!) and her fellow wish heroes, Tristan Jones, Owen Gallant, Ryan Smethurst, Aboudi Elouta and Kiptyn Claypool. 

We hosted our inaugural Kimmett Cup Kids Tournament on Sunday Feb. 12th in which 8 Cochrane minor hockey teams from Atom to Peewee competed on Mitford Ponds to raise money for Children’s Wish in memory of Lindsay’s late medical school classmate, Dr. Greg Roberts.  Greg was an amazing father and friend, a compassionate physician and children’s book author.  Congrats to the Purple Panthers who raised over $1500 and are this year’s “Spirit Bear Award” winners (named after Greg’s book S is for Spirit Bear: A British Columbia Alphabet).  You are an incredible example to the next generation.  Kudos!

Thank you again for this incredible tribute to Drs. Lindsay Kimmett & Greg Roberts.  Their spirits continue to show us that together we can make dreams come true, empower kids through sport and always strive to share that never ending gift of hope.  Looking forward to lacing up for a good cause in 2018!

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does”

Yours in service,

Kimmett Cup Committee

KC9 – Feb 11, 2017

56 Teams
500 Players
131 Sponsors
70 Volunteers
$165,000 Raised for Children’s Wish, Kidsport and the Lindsay Leigh Kimmett Memorial Foundation


Competitive Winner
Das Cows
Shot Stick Winner
Recreational Winner
We Are Family
Spirit of Kimmett Cup
ACH Wishmakers
Spirit Bear Award
Purple Panthers

Team Rosters & Stories

Competitive Division

Das Cows

We are Das Cows.

Joe Kendal (C)
Matt Johnston
Kris Moore
Lundy Day
Connor Elekes
Samantha Elekes
Jason Miller
Nicole McDonald


Just a bunch of people that play hockey I guess. Heard about the tournament and thought it would be fun to play.

Darcy Douglas (C)
Matthew Machmichael
Steve Reid
Jodi Reid
Taylor Owad
Robin Murkar


Once again the weekend of Kimmett Cup is both a reunion and celebration for the Hellbenders. We have players coming from Calgary, Camrose, Lethbridge, Chilliwack, Invermere, and even Ottawa this year!! We are very excited to welcome back Ed Schaffer and his abnormally long legs after a two-year hiatus. Can’t wait to lace ‘em up on February 11th once again with great friends and even better cause!

Michael Bosch (C)
Joel Stimson
Ryan Shields
Ed Schaffer
Jordan Amatto
John Stimson
Cairistin McDougall
Kaitlyn Longworth
Dana Stimson

Mabbott’s Marauders

A reluctant participant in the Competitive Division, the title sponsor of the tournament makes it’s second team entry this year after winning the Recreation Division during its tournament debut in 2016.

Matt Kirk (C)
Jeff Jobson
Ryan Bonnett
Calen Jobson
Robyn Chapman
Lindsey Gerstermer


The Outdoor Rink Original Gangsters or The ODR OG’s are a ragtag group of misfits and vagabonds. Gangsters only by name, they are encouraged by the words of the great Dalai Lama “Love, Compassion and Pond Hockey are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive”. This defines their styles on and off of the ice; having fun and playing hard everywhere they go.

Shane Sweet (C)
Derek Bishop
Alex Wray
Jose Reyez
Dave Sauve
Olivia Flemming
Ashley Richards
Lyndsy Daniels

Pro H2O

We couldn’t miss out on a great opportunity to spend time with family and friends and play the sport we all love…! We’ve called up our ‘A’ team for this year’s run at the Kimmett Cup Championship..! Were bringing the heat and packing the water..! ha

Tyler Hill (C)
Tanner House
Ryan Paiement
Tyler Swystun
Sam McCulloch
Janine McCue

Ricky’s Roast Beef

We are recent U of C Medicine grads along with some friends and family. Back for more Kimmett Cup action! Can’t wait.

Stuart Robertson (C)
Lee Fruson
Austin Fruson
Kyle Fruson
Scott Willms
Katy Josephs
Krista Reich
Laura Kosikowski
Mike Winnitoy
Justin Morello

Thrashing Humus

As third year competitors, the Thrashing Humus are hoping to climb up the ranks this year after their quarter final finish last year. The team hopes to mimic the aggressive, don’t-back-down attitude of the rooster with a combination of the swift, smooth agility one would see in a tropical fish. With some integral changes to the roster this year, these raging little land-swimmers may be seen as the underdogs. That hasn’t discouraged them, as there has been much chatter amongst these feathered swimmers that this tournament makes miracles happen. They’re hoping that if they can personify the spirit of Kimmett cup, a miracle may happen for them this year too!

Leanne Genge (C)
Mariel Van Woudenberg
Chase Kaskiw
Evan Genge
Miles Hunter
Scott Porter

Toon Squad

Just a group of friends who enjoy getting together to play some puck for a great cause.

Marc Rancourt (C)
Mike Sullivan
Kyle Doucet
Kyle Reed
Justin Wallingford
Matt Scrivens
Emily Walker
Katelyn Letendre
Taylor Palazeti

TransCanada Pipelines

This is TransCanada’s third year competing in the Kimmett Cup and we look forward to lacing up the skates and raising money for a great cause!

Kyle Mathewson (C)
Devin Ness
Kade Grant-Johansen
Michael Smilsky
James Douglas
Isaac Seto
Jackie Moss
Jen Mclean
Cat McMechan

Recreational Division Tier 1

Cochrane Cruisers

Our team name is an homage to the Tyke team many of us played on as kids! Nearly 30 years later and not much has changed: Chads still the best, Dayne can skate like the wind, Dave is taking penalties and Ryan & Tay are just trying to keep up. Best part is, we’re all still as good of friends now as we were back then, with a few additions. We’re excited to be a part of granting Addison’s and many others wishes!

Taylor Kimmett (C)
Brad Minogue
Dayne Poffenroth
Craig Vassie
Heather Irving
Lany Kossowan
Kali Kasper
Dave Marcial
Cara Lakeman
Chad Kossowan

Dr. Zanussi’s Zamboni’s

This is a team that does not play games. This crew has two years of Kimmett Cup behind them so they are out for TROUBLE this year. Bridget is the mastermind behind this OPERATION, our coach in hockey and in LIFE. Matt is our lead scorer but definitely does not hold a MONOPOLY on the offensive effort; comparing him to Curtis is like comparing APPLES TO APPLES. We took a RISK with go-getter Joseph but he scored a TICKET TO RIDE and you just can’t CONNECT FOUR better players than Grazyna, Hailey, Trevor, and Jess. Finally, GUESS WHO is joining us this year? None other than Dr. Lauren Zanussi. SORRY!, I know it is probably TABOO to brag about your team in the biography but we are just too excited to hold back.


Bridget Gibson (C)
Matt Mah
Hailey McInnis
Grazyna Burek
Curtis Timmons
Joseph Ahn
Jessica Tamara-Wells
Trevor Luk
Lauren Zanussi

Glenbow Chiefs

After a 3-year hiatus, the Chiefs return to Kimmett Cup long on experience and short on talent. We are excited to be part of the action again and join our friends on the frozen ponds of Milford. Player coach P. Wilson reports “a subtle, one in a million, confidence building within the ranks.”

Patrick Wilson (C)
Mary Mcgillvary
Alexandra Mcadam
Cole Mitchell
Colin Mcneil
Pat Bryson
Nicole Paxman

HP Sauce

Buncha washed up local bums, trying hard for another shot at the big time. We’ll be slappin’ sauce all over the rink and doing minimal back checks. It’s celly time!

Tim Pearcy (C)
Katie Showell
Mike Holmberg
Brendan Toft
Andrea Woychyhyn
Jillian Pearcy
Real Cyr
Gord Winters

Ice Panthers

The Ice Panthers are a motley crew of middle school teachers, with a firefighter thrown in for good measure. While our students may think we know everything (and who are we to tell them otherwise), we certainly don’t have the game of hockey down pat. That said, we sure have fun trying and are looking forward to our 3rd Kimmett Cup!

Kendra Gilbertson (C)
Len Holland
Jerrie Holland
Marc Julien
Jean Simon Lavoie
Claude Langlois
Jill Tuttle
Mike Kennedy
Daryl Spracklin
Kyle Khubyar

Kind of a Big Deal

As a group inspired to help with a great cause, we are kind of a big deal, like all the teams here. The collective effort of Kimmett Cup has led to a lot of great things, so it seemed fitting to borrow this team name. Greg “Kind of a Big Deal” Roberts was a classmate of Lindsay’s in the University of Calgary medical school class of 2009, a valued hockey player, and the kind of great person you think of as definitely being a big deal. Sadly, we lost Greg this past fall to a long illness.

Beka Stevenson
Et al.


The French connection is back for a third year. We only changed our name for NDV 1 because we are all related to the Cochrane francophone school Notre-Dame-des-Vallees.

Alexandre Paradis (C)
Marc Lord
Dave Cox
Francois Scott
Kirsten Scott
Julie Vaillancourt
Katherine Cox
Zoe Scott


Kimmett cup is so popular that the francophone school had to make a second team. NDV is for Notre-Dames-des-Vallees. They are maybe NDV 2 but will have more talent than the #1.

Charles Brochu (C)
Pascal Richard
Nicholas Caza
Nicolas Brisebois
Daniel Boisjoli
Amelie Drouin
Adele Scott
Audrey Gelinas

No Women No Skill

No Women No Skill is proud to be joining the 2017 Kimmett Cup.

As the name implies, without the women on this team, there would be no talent. This motley crew of mainly first timers is led by eight-time Kimmett Cup veteran Amanda (Tings) Tingley. Tings is known for her fierce competitive nature and play making skills. Her patience may be tested this weekend by her rookie team. Next up is Tanielle “Hildy” Garcia, she may look like a figure skater, but don’t let that fool you as her hockey skills will quickly shine through and make you think otherwise. Then we have Julie “Jules” Manna, she is a great goaltender who is looking to put some G notes in the net and show the rest of the team how a goalie scores. Now that we have gotten the talent out of the way, we are going to introduce the other place holders on the team. Starting with returnee Clark “Handangles” Hannon, don’t be fooled by his nickname as the dangles prove useless out on the pond. He also prides himself on his skating ability, but you may find him rolling around on the ice if the conditions are not pristine. Next up, our main attraction Joe “Panda” Chan, if you’ve never seen a panda on ice, here is your chance! Although his shot is one to be reckoned with, his skating skills are questionable and he may resort to giving “bear” hugs, a harmless tactic used to help keep his balance. The side show Dennis “D” Garcia, his main talent will be distracting the other team with his “Ritchie Valens” good looks. He will have you star struck and singing La Bamba in no time. By his side is Jason “JD” DeMello, his stealth moves will help get our team up on the scoreboard. Watch out for Harry “Doh” Kim, he can beat you from the right side or the left side, he hasn’t quite figured out which way he shoots yet. Last, but not least is Mayson (BTC aka Brown Tom Cruise) Abraham, the competitive spirit that will help direct our team out on the ice. You’re sure to hear his famous saying “same boards” sometime during the day.

The team knows that the key to success is to outskate, outpass and outshoot the other teams, but this will prove to be secondary. We are all about good looks, high-fives, laughs and if you get too close, bum taps. We are excited to participate in a great cause and look forward to making this an annual event.

Amanda Tingley (C)
Joe Chan
Jason deMello
Mayson Abraham
Dennis Garcia
Tanielle Garcia
Clark Hannon
Julie Manna
Harry Kim

Old Farmers

A group of old farmers from Didsbury are once again heading out to Cochrane for what they call “The best hockey tournament in Alberta!” After making it to the recreational division finals in their Kimmett Cup debut last year, they will be clearing off their dugouts early to get a lot of practice in this year. They are determined to go back to Didsbury as Kimmett Cup Champions! You should have no trouble picking this team out on the ice… they will be the only team playing in Wranglers!

Mike Jackson (C)
Llyal Block
Ryan Block
Andrew Block
Luke Block
Heather Pritchard

Puck Junkies

An original team from Kimmett Cup 1, the Puck Junkies have changed over the years but our goal is still the same: Have a great time. For Kimmett Cup 1, the team consisted of a combination of two great hockey families, the Shelleys and Owens’. Even with lots of history the team bonded over the shared goal of the Shottie Stick. Yes, not only did our team love pond hockey, we all saw the Shottie Stick and, as one, decided that our goal for this tournament is second place. While that was a hearty dream around noon, later that night we found ourselves in a shootout after three overtime periods in the semi-finals. As we all know, the Puck Junkies made it to their goal after another shootout at the end of Kimmett Cup and reached the ultimate goal of the Shottie Stick.

So why do we love & live hockey and especially pond hockey?

Because its fun. We make new friends for life. Celebrate our passion with old friends. Live out our dreams. Never grow old. See young minds, egos & bodies blossom. The thrill of competition. Learn to win and learn to lose with class. Sportsmanship. Leadership. Teamwork and giving your all at anything you do. Learn to laugh at yourself.

All the values that Lindsay cherished and lived so passionately.

Rob Owens (C)
Ayla Owens
Ryan Owens
Cody Owens
Chris Mann
Dwayne Cann
Brian Fitzgerald
Michelle Vogt
Kayla Oakley

Shake and Bake

We are group of friends and family who have come together to play some great pond hockey in support of an amazing cause. Introduced to this tournament last year, we are building a team that hopes to carry on this tradition and celebrate the Kimmett Cup and all that it is about for many years to come.

Logan Niehaus (C)
Brent Kuntz
Marc Breamault
Beccy Niehaus
Logan Jones
Caitlin O’hara
Erin Davidson

Tacoma Town

Tacoma Town was born from the spirit of the west and is powered by Cochrane Toyota.

We have finally settled into the rec division where we belong. After years of first round playoff exits…Lets be honest, most of the time we never even made the playoffs. One time we made the playoffs but our whole team went home without asking if we had another game. Make no mistake our team is still hungry for victory were just tired of the competitive teams skating circles around us!

Darcy Erickson (C)
Josh Klamot
Tanner Grey
Zach Trigg
Emilly Robson
Alex Papadoulis
Jordan Mccrimmond
Gerri Hume
Alicia Rose

Team Old School

We are a mixture of hockey players/wannabe hockey players that love the game! Most importantly, though, we are here for Lindsay Leigh because this was her game. Our team is called, “Team Old School” because there are members on the team that knew Lindsay through our school years where memories will never be forgotten. We are going to battle hard and play the game like Lindsay’s favourite team the “FLAMES” and destroy all of our opponents!

Glori Crerar (C)
Curtis Crerar
Paul Holden
Curtis Garvin
Chris Kierzkowski
Ashley Buzzie
Kaylene Edwards
Spencer Holden
Mel DS
Doug Inglis

Tofield Fighting Snowgeese

The Fighting Snowgeese are honoured to be back for their 5th appearance in the Kimmett Cup. Captain Mike “the ring bearer” Kauffman is hopeful that a revamped roster will be what’s needed to make some progress in the playoffs; but concerned that the most recent big city additions may give us salary cap trouble.

Brother Jon “yes, I am related to Mike even though he is 1 foot shorter than me” Kauffman is back once again and is even bringing his rowdy wife and kids along as fan support this time. Local Cochranites Craig Wiens, Amy Moggy and Jaci Klassen are all back again and joined by one other local, Molly Ferdinand. The group brings good local knowledge of alternatives to Days Inn for breakfast and a whole bunch of kids for fan support.

After years away, Benoit Houle and his smooth French accent and wonky back returns again and this might have been what was needed to finally lure fellow Edmontonians, Trevor Philippon, Kelly Redinger and Troy King to the event. Trevor will be tracking advanced stats for the team while Kelly captures it all on film. Troy promises to sharpen his skates and tape his splintered stick in hopes that this will be more effective than the other way around.

Mike Kauffman (C)
Jon Kauffman
Craig Wiens
Trevor Philippon
Kelly Redinger
Ben Houle
Troy King
Any Moggy
Jaci Klassen
Molly Ferdinand

We Are Family

We Are Family is back for a ninth consecutive Kimmett Cup as we skate for Lindsay. The aging process has decimated most of the male portion of our team with 5 players over the age of 53; which should place us in the new “Dinosaur Division!” In order to scrape into a playoff birth we are totally dependent on our two young studs Taylor and Justin and our incredible female component of Amanda, Lauren, Jill, and Kelsey. If you are lucky enough to draw us in your round robin game get ready for as much obstruction as the rules allow! We wish all teams a great couple of days at “The Cup” as we do great things in Linds name for the kids!!!

Kelly Kimmett (C)
Charlie Crutchfield
Al Davies
Mike Fredrich
Rodger Irvin
Justin Fredrich
Taylor Irvin
Amanda Crutchfield
Lauren Fredrich
Jillian Pahl

Recreational Division Tier 2

Baby Incredibles

Yearly returning, but ever changing roster of mostly former med school classmates of Lindsay and their friends. We come for friends, for fun and to put a few pucks in the net! Hoping for another monumental Kimmett Cup!

Sean Wilde (C)
Sebastien Fallu
Lindsay Stockdale
Todd Leaman
Beka Stevenson
Laura Macauly
Gina Christakos
John Athanasiou
Daniel MacAulay
Mark Wylie

Bader’s Right Angles

Oh, hi there! Welcome to Bader’s corner of the square! You got it! Hot eats and cool treats! Coming off of major success in last year’s Kimmett Cup, Bader’s Right Angles have made absolutely no changes to their game plan. That’s right, wheel, snipe, celly! Wheel, snipe, celly! Wheel, snipe, celly! Natural hatty.

To let you in on the secret, watch out for player-coach Byron “The King” Bader serving up sweet sweet dangles, sick mitt toe drags, sniping top shelf beauties, bardown clappers, cloggin’ up the middle and playing shutdown defense. Never has there ever been such a player-coach at the intersection of two perpendicular straight lines! That’s right baby! This guy is straight up 90 degrees! Sizzlin’ hot! All of Bader’s Right Angles (aka the orthogonals) have been handpicked from top tier hockey programs – some real, some fantasy.

Chad Newton (C)
Byron Bader
Jake Sherlock
Jeff Fox
Scott Crowe
Courtney Crowe
Shauna Bailey
Johnny Chimpo
Kent The Wrench
Ringer A Rossy


Just here for fun and to help out a good cause.

Andy Degraw (C)
Al Pistore
Darcy Ponath
Justin Davis
Meghan Degraw
Faith Davis
Harley Davis
Dustin Ponath
Noogie Pistore

Cam’s Seabass

Played last year. Looking to have some fun on the outdoor rink.

Derek Iwanicka (C)
Dave White
Darren Peebles
Destiny Peebles
Rob Finlay
Deanna Iwanicka
Spencer Holmes

Half Hitch Cold Ones

As Canadians, we know there’s no better combination than a cold brew and a good ol’ hockey game. However, in our perfect combo, the beer comes first! What we lack in hockey skills, we make up for in suds. Unfortunately, our brewmaster is on the ice today, so don’t even bother coming to the brewery, were closed for business until we win this damn pond hockey tournament.

Chase Kosloski (C)
Jared Sabo
Britt Kozloski
Brett Sabo
Teighan Keller
Mayra Heier
Jonathan Babin
Colman Farell
William Ford
Leisha Hitchings
Chris Heier


The Jets are a mix of (mostly) old guys and young girls who love hockey and love supporting the Kimmett Cup. We have played in this tourney since Day 1 and have always had fun – win or lose!

We’re proud to be a part of this great tradition in Cochrane that supports so many great causes

Garry Roberts (C)
calvin roberts
kelsey roberts
dave lee
pete nielsen
glenn gordon
jaclyn tate
barry mccurdy
rene mccurdy
jessica mccurdy

Mighty Ninjas

We are a group of Lindsay’s friends and teammates. We have played in this event since it’s inception and we are so proud to participate in this wonderful annual tradition to keep her memory alive. Our team is all about girl power! We have only two men who, let’s face it, are primarily there to fill the water bottles and pass us a stick when we break one. Happy KC9 everyone!

Ashley Aberdeen (C)
Heather Ramsay
Rene DeMoissac
Kelsey Goodwin
Carolina Arenas
Diego Arenas
Jody Fenrich
Amber Pitura
Kristi Palmer
Sammy Smar

Puck Smugglers

The Puck Smugglers have been playing in Kimmett Cup since the beginning. We’ve seen it all (well, except for a championship). Once fresh-faced hockey players dreaming of KC glory, we are now grizzled vets armed with a desire to have fun, and most importantly, survive the day without injury. Smuggling pucks ain’t glamorous, but hey, it’s a living!

Andrew Woods (C)
Andrea Oppenheimer
Scott Foster
Darrell Van Paridon
Erin Colquhoun
Andrew Kidd
Grace Coulter
Hannah Weiss
Jason Wheeler


Perhaps the most gifted group of softball players ever assembled has teamed up for a chance to be called the best. Mashing home runs will not be a problem for this team, and their outfield defense more than makes up for their terrible pitching. Expect big things from this team in the summer of 2017, as for this winter, expect little and you won’t be disappointed!

Ben MacLellan (C)
kayla Ross
chris hollinger
jody hart
matt livingstone
cali jorgenssen
ryan ross
kaylee hollinger
joey schweitzer
will pozzo

Soft Dump in the Corner

The second year we have put together this team. We are a random group of people all brought together with the purpose of playing hockey. Some tournament veterans as well as rookies!

Melissa Braybrook (C)
Evelyn Schaffer
Kenzie Mucciarone
Michelle Backstrom
Jeff Backstrom
Allan Schaffer
Jody Dawson
Ayden Backstrom
Tanessa Andres
Tristan Hunt

Team Unreal

Team Unreal is back for another season. We’re out for another year of blazing quick speed, soft hands and sharp passing in hopes of going 2-1 in the fast paced rec division.

Our main goal is beating our fundraising goal of $1000 to help out Children’s Wish Foundation and to show Joe, Jason and Reid and the rest of the volunteers and sponsors how grateful we are for all their hard work to make this event a reality!!

Scott Erven (C)
Scott Gallagher
McKenzie Kissel
Ryan Priddey
Brett Kendall
Garret Dillabough
Carling Wright
Sam McCarthy
Carling Wright

Warriors Youth Recreational Hockey Team

Our team was established due to the demand of teenagers wanting to play hockey in a friendly environment. Perseverance, dedication and respect are what defines our team this season. A few obstacles came along when we first established this program. Our players were faced with a few stigmas within the community but never gave up their right or their love for this sport. Respect for one another, encouraging each other and being the best that they can be is what we reinforce during our practices and games. Our team name sure defines our players! Go Warriors!

Alexandra Brochu (C)
Bobby Brochu
Derrick Brochu
Catherine Brochu
Luc Blanchette
Celina Bouchard
Austin Deslauriers
Adrien Houle
Cameron Hammon
Dominic Labrecque
Josh Tardif
Cole Deslauriers
Kahlil Elliott
Adyn Ouelette
Darren Roby
Jaydyn Bedard

Fun Division

ACH Avengers

A team of players from the Alberta Children’s Hospital.

We’re physicians, residents, and nurses joined by the Owen Gallant (Wish recipient) and his brother Austin.

Sangeeta Jain (C)
Spencer Cutten
Caitlin Chang
Bobby Shyleyko
Lydia Shyleyko
Lily Sia Lu
Jody Platt
Amonpreet Sandhu
Avani Dhillon
Veerin Dhillon
Owen Gallant
Austin Gallant
Jace Dergousoff
Brieanne Rogers

ACH Dream Catchers

A team of players from the Alberta Children’s Hospital.

Our team is made up of physicians and their families, along with nursing staff, and joined by recent Children’s Wish recipient, Ryan Smethurst and his family.

Allene Goehner (C)
Nicola Wright
Russell Wright
Owen Wright
Thomas Wright
David Smethurst
Ryan Smethurst
Mike Koselek
Deborah Fruitman
Mike Power
Michael Power
Christina Power

ACH Wishmakers

A team of players (mostly) from the Alberta Children’s Hospital.

Most of us are residents but we’re joined by the one and only, Aboudi (Wish Recipient). He’ll be coaching us all the way to the championship!

Jason Baserman (C)
Abbie Canavan-Lebeuf
Brittany Schaffer
Kayla Nelson
Mark Anselmo
Robyn Buna
Justin Lui
Gary Galante
Kiptyn Claypool
Stacey Holbrook
Amber McGlone
Hope Boychuk
Jasmine Shourounis

Cochrane Rangers

Our Cochrane Rangers Soccer team made their Kimmett Cup debut in 2016. We glided across the ice with such grace and elegance, and sometimes even managed to stay up on our skates. We are back again this year to show off more of our impressive skills (fyi stopping isn’t one of them) so you better watch out!

Kelsey Norman (C)
Rebecca Goundry
Jennifer Delamare
joanne Daviduk
Curtis Norman
Kellen Forrest
kaylee Daviduk
Shae Matheson

Family Jewels

All of the dads on our team have been involved in hockey our whole lives and now our children have built a love for the game as well!  Having the chance to play in the Kimmett Cup along side our novice and atom aged children is an opportunity to build lasting hockey memories while also helping to raise money for a very worthy cause.  The Family Jewels are so excited to be part of such a great opportunity!

Darwin Lewko (C)
Keegan Lewko
Gord McCann
Kadon McCann
Kale McCann
Warren Boychuk
Riley Boychuk
Steve Kelly
Bennett Kelly

Grand Avenue Pharmacy Drug Runners

The Grand Avenue teams (now Two Pharmacy teams) are made up of the finest drugists, and natural health consultants the town of Cochrane has to offer. Each year the roster continuse to get younger and younger, with former superstars like Ian Kruger, Murray Crawford, Ernie Brucker and Reid Kimmett taking on smaller roles on the ice. While future superstars like the Makkreels (Parker, Noah & Brynn), Crawfords (Sadie & Marley) and Krugers (Max & Ella) take over the leadership of this team. Newcomers this year include Anastasia & Reg Hendryanto (making their hockey debut), Dr. Greg Sikorski and Kari Larson. Finally we have special weapon this year, and it comes in the form of the youngest and smallest Kimmett Cupper; 4 year-old Leo Hendryanto will be a handful for our opponents. We will also be joined by friends of all of our youngsters.

Reid Kimmett (C)
Sadie Crawford
Marley Crawford
Ernie Brucker
Ella Kruger
Noah Makkreel
Parker Makkreel
Brynn Makkreel
Leo Hendryanto
Greg Sikorski

Grand Avenue Pharmacy Performance Enhancing Drugs

The Grand Avenue teams (now Two Pharmacy teams) are made up of the finest drugists, and natural health consultants the town of Cochrane has to offer. Each year the roster continuse to get younger and younger, with former superstars like Ian Kruger, Murray Crawford, Ernie Brucker and Reid Kimmett taking on smaller roles on the ice. While future superstars like the Makkreels (Parker, Noah & Brynn), Crawfords (Sadie & Marley) and Krugers (Max & Ella) take over the leadership of this team. Newcomers this year include Anastasia & Reg Hendryanto (making their hockey debut), Dr. Greg Sikorski and Kari Larson. Finally we have special weapon this year, and it comes in the form of the youngest and smallest Kimmett Cupper; 4 year-old Leo Hendryanto will be a handful for our opponents. We will also be joined by friends of all of our youngsters.

Reid Kimmett (C)
Sadie Crawford
Marley Crawford
Ernie Brucker
Ella Kruger
Noah Makkreel
Parker Makkreel
Brynn Makkreel
Leo Hendryanto
Greg Sikorski

Ongrowing Works Heroes

The OGW heroes are here to demonstrate just how great your favourite heroes are at hockey! We save your cities and planets from evil forces; but can we save ourselves from the puck? From the fierce competition? I’m not certain…

Curtis (C)


A team of players from the Alberta Children’s Hospital.

Most of us work together in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

Steph Hall
Aaron Rothery
Rachel Rothery
Derek Allen
Nicole Ewart
Cheryl Forbes
Lisa Kroetsch
David Driedger
Jessica Oleksiuk
Gurpreet Khaira
Angie Crosby
Colleen Ryckman
Cody Ryckman


3rd times a charm on the team story! After missing last year’s event, the Pond Stars are eagerly anticipating their return to KC IX! With 5 original members; Kelly the glide Wilcox, Brittany hot hands Ehmann, Christy hard hittin’ Hystad, Sarah Snipeshow Meade and Trina the washed up goalie leading the charge, and 2 KC first timers, Rann-Dean oh yeaaaaah Savage and Jen spinmeister Donofrio we have found balance between experience and young guns! We rely on the prolific passing and dodging of significant ice cracks of our Pond Star veterans to show the newbies how it’s done. We have a renewed competitive fire and you can expect to see some wicked toe drags along the way! Probably with both our feet and hands! Look out WAF the Fun Division just got a whole lot funner! More fun? Funnerest?

Trina Radcliffe (C)
Rann Dean Savage
Brittany Ehmann
Kelly Wilcox
Christy Hystad
Jen Donofrio

Puckin’ Around

Team Puckin’ Around is made up of old and new friends that like to have a good time adventuring and laughing together, and never take themselves too seriously. The team has members from Cochrane, Calgary, Airdrie, and Camrose, with a few people having hockey experience, most having no experience, but all looking forward to a great weekend for a great cause!

Morgan Mattie (C)
Anthony Mattie
Jennifer Bird
Kaila Pharis
Ryan Pharis
Cody Borody
Tomas Herperger
Aura Herperger
McKenzy Cichacki
Scott Tunkin

Raucous Rotary Relics

The Raucous Rotary Relics have been around a while and they mean business. If experience counts then this team has no chance BUT if enthusiasm counts then watch out, the Relics are Roaring!!!!!!!!

Martin Parnell (C)
Scott Grattidge
Tom Wilk
Anita McDonald
Clay Grattidge
Carolee Gudehus
Celine Hof
Jon Decocq

Rice Kings

This is our second year at the Kimmett Cup and we are excited to get on the ice. We’re a mixed bag of middle agers and kids and we love to play hockey!

Gerald Kim (C)
Peter McNay
Al Dickinson
Fraser Dickinson
Grace Kim
Leah Kim
Sam Yu
Evelyn Yu
Abby McNay
Michael Kim

The BGC Bulldozers

We are just an assorted bunch of dirt nerds that don’t get out much. We are a team of marginal 4th line grinders that occasionally get called up to the big leagues. Our inexperienced head coach Uncle Andy works with the team daily to push us to strive for mediocrity. Coach Andy has instilled in us the old adage “Shoot for the net. Even if you miss, it will land among the snowbank.” He has also been known to say “Set the bar as low as possible to have the best chance of meeting your goals”. We aim to live up to both of these statements on judgment day. February 11th, 2017. This is Thunderdome.

Scott Garrison (C)
Kristin White
Sarah Newton
Sophol Tran
Kim Newman
Chris Bunce
Will Smith
Geoff Claypool
Max Duguay
Ashley Quashigah

The Pylons

We are back from a year off!!! We are looking to have a great time….as usual. Who knows…..we might even have a playoff game for the first time. Let’s have some fun in Lindsay’s memory!!!!

Ian Kruger (C)
Ian Barclay
Danae Walsh
Jeff Knisley
Tara Trottier
Jake Trottier
Blaise Trottier
Tessa Knisley

Triple Crown

Triple Crown is comprised of family and friends celebrating three special people: Lindsey Kimmett, David Gensorek and Matthew Gensorek! We celebrate their lives and the lives of others who have touched our team members. Team Triple Crown stands behind Children’s Wish in partnering through the Kimmett Cup for the children and their families. We want to contribute in making every wish come true!

Gerald Gensorek (C)
Jodi Sawyer
Sarah Gensorek-Lylyk
Seth Gensorek-Lylyk
Travis Lylyk
Jefferson Sawyer
Michele Albach
Louise Belair
Thomas Dueck
Glen Doig

We are Officially Family

Our team story…. This team is made up of some of the biggest hearts – the people that are the first to show up when you need a helping hand, they are the first to donate when you ask for their support, they show up with Kleenex and a tub of ice cream if you need some love, they give the best hugs, they love all animals, they love the FLAMES (sorry team mates from Edmonton…. You are not the one writing this story). Their personalities represent the same things Kimmett Cup stands for – Everyone Plays. It’s a pleasure to get on the ice with them year after year creating memories to last a lifetime!

Some of us only get on skates once a year, some play many times a week. We have a wide range of skills on this team – some of us like to get in the action, rubbing elbows with the other teams while some like perfecting their cherry picking skills. The last thing you need to know about our team is that this year one of our team mates is too busy creating life…. No big deal… so she will be our biggest fan on the sidelines! We are all very excited to meet the newest Kimmett baby!

Jocelyn Kimmett (C)
Leslie Kimmett
Sue Milledge Fawkes
Spencer Fawkes
Clay Colvin
Christine Colvin
Garrett Biasini
Aaron Biasini
Rick Erven

Winners of All Games

Winner of All Games! An extravagant claim, to be sure. Still, no one would have doubted Lindsay’s sincerity when she proclaimed it after winning a game. In the fun division, everyone is a winner so well be able to make this boast with the same confidence Lindsay did.

Joe MacLellan (C)
Shelley MacLellan
Brandon Belland
Elisha Jackson
Rayan Bhayana
Landon Kauffman

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